Toolbar Generator For All Browsers

GooDelete History 1.0 PPP Infotech Ltd 

Google Toolbar will clear all items in its search history. Use GooDelete History to individually select a history item from the Google Toolbar search history list and delete it. This helps Google Toolbar users to retain useful keywords in the history list. Search the web at ease using any type of keywords and later delete them using GooDelete.. Freeware download of GooDelete History 1.0, size 62.46 Kb.


sharegamescom Toolbar sharegamescom 

sharegamescom Toolbar is a all-in-one fun place for your browser. You can play games right into your browser and also you can navigate through all your applications in case you add them to the toolbar. You can also listen to radio and check your local weather.. Freeware download of sharegamescom Toolbar, size 4.63 Mb.

Ultimate Software Power Search Toolbar Ultimate Software Power Search 

Hand-Picked Links
With the Ultimate Software Power Search Toolbar check out all your favorite places on the Web.
Easily search Google from your browser, contribute and read helpful information with Google Sidewiki, translate web pages in more than 40 languages.
Ultimate Software Power Search Toolbar - Increases your ability to. Freeware download of Ultimate Software Power Search Toolbar, size 2.75 Mb.

VS3 Toolbar VS3 

With the VS3 Toolbar check out all of the favorite places on the Web.

The E-mail Notifier supports the following account types and formats:
-Hotmail (and its subdomains)
-Yahoo (and its subdomains)
. Freeware download of VS3 Toolbar, size 0 b.

AL Islam Toolbar 6 5 AL Islam 

AL Islam Toolbar brings you all the news you need about speeches, events, documentaries, Urdu book and sermons.
With this toolbar you will get the freshest content delivered directly to your browser, receiving notifications instantly.
AL Islam Toolbar is a freeware.. Freeware download of AL Islam Toolbar 6 5, size 2.16 Mb.

Get Paid to Click Toolbar 6 4 Get Paid to Click 

Clicking just for a Living, just got Easier This toolbar download puts all of your favorite "Get Paid to Click" Websites at your fingertips. Over 100 programs. Request new ones to be added any time. Instant Notification of New Programs and scams. Learn How to get referrals' Built in Popup blocker. Chat with other clickers.G-mail,. Freeware download of Get Paid to Click Toolbar 6 4, size 0 b.

PwGen Password Generator 1.4.1 Thomas Hempel 

**** Get the PRO Version of PwGen now. It's only $0.99USD. ****

This application is a simple password generator. For all your password puposes.

Simply select the character sets the passwords should contain from
- uppercase characters
- lowercase characters
- numbers
- special characters

Set the. Freeware download of PwGen Password Generator 1.4.1, size 2.83 Mb.

AutoGrid 8 9 NUMECA International 

AutoGrid is a full automatic hexahedral grid generator for all type of rotating machinery: complex axial, radial, and mixed-flow configurations.

The wizard based interface brings increased flexibility in grid topology. From left to right: user-defined topology, butterfly tip gap mesh, splitter blades, or tandem configuration.. Freeware download of AutoGrid 8 9, size 26.50 Mb.

openElement 1.57.9 BOOMBYTE LTD 

openElement is a complete web authoring solution for creative professionals.

openElement is available free, with no ads or restrictions, so you can take full advantage of its powerful features.

More Productive:
openElement was created by web professionals, for web professionals. When producing websites. Freeware download of openElement 1.57.9, size 63.83 Mb.

Lazer Linez 1.1 WMD Entertainment LLC 

Lazer Linez is a simple to learn puzzle game that will put your brain to the test.

In Lazer Linez, your objective is to connect the laser generator to all the receivers. Complete the puzzle in the least amount of moves to achieve 3 stars. Challenge yourself to beat each level with 3 stars to become a Lazer Linez expert.

Grapheeex Toolbar 6 4 Grapheeex 

With Grapheeex Toolbar you can get freebies from the toolbar by accessing the buttons. The toolbar is free to install on all browsers and also features radio player, facebook and twitter checker. It is safe to install because it comes from a trusted source.. Freeware download of Grapheeex Toolbar 6 4, size 0 b.

Remove Toolbar Buddy 6.1 Scorpio Software 

Remove Toolbar Buddy heals Internet Explorer by removing toolbars, deleting toolbar buttons, menus, browser helper objects.
Remove Toolbar Buddy removes all kinds of Internet Explorer add-ons.
Remove Toolbar Buddy backs up and restores Internet Explorer browser configuration.
Remove Toolbar Buddy helps when you can't uninstall. Free download of Remove Toolbar Buddy 6.1, size 4.86 Mb.

BoogieBot AIR Icon Generator 1.2 BoogieBot 

The easy-to-use and AIR-based BoogieBot AIR Icon Generator lets you create high quality icons with ease.

BoogieBot AIR Icon Generator takes all the tedious work out of the application development process.

You can use the program to create new icons from scratch with the help of the built-in tools or edit existing icons by. Free download of BoogieBot AIR Icon Generator 1.2, size 0 b.

Zoekbank Toolbar 1.1 

Zoekbank Toolbar is a Web Directory toolbar that features all the major Dutch national search engines: search engines:, Zoekhulp, Ilse, Kobala,, and worldwide search engines are also included: Goolge, Altavista, Yahoo, MSN, WiseNut, Lycos.. Free download of Zoekbank Toolbar 1.1, size 304.09 Kb.

telkomkita Toolbar 6 5 telkomkita 

Telkomkita Community Toolbar - Stay connected and get so much more.
Listen to your favorite online radio stations and podcasts, straight from the toolbar.
Check out all of telkomkita's favorite places on the Web.
Receive telkomkita's most important news and announcements instantly.. Freeware download of telkomkita Toolbar 6 5, size 2.16 Mb.

paristamil Toolbar paristamil 

Stay connected and get so much more with the paristamil Community Toolbar!
Check out all of paristamil's favorite places on the Web.
Receive paristamil's most important news and announcements instantly.
Add your favorite apps to your browser with Conduit Engine.. Freeware download of paristamil Toolbar, size 0 b.

Plant Biotechnology Toolbar 6 6 Plant Biotechnology 

Add your favorite apps to your browser with Plant Biotechnology Toolbar . Check out all of your favorite places on the Web. Receive Plant Biotechnology most important news and announcements instantly.

Search the Web and get a wide choice of useful search engines. Plant Biotechnology Community Toolbar stay connected and get so much. Freeware download of Plant Biotechnology Toolbar 6 6, size 2.15 Mb.

CSP LR(1) Parser Generator 0.3 

CSP Canonical LR(1) Parser Generator. Includes lexer and parser generator. Supports all OS. Produces code as standard ANSI C++ w/ minimal STL and usable in commercial or non-commercial purposes.. Freeware download of CSP LR(1) Parser Generator 0.3, size 187.81 Kb.

Create Ringtones 1.0 Create Ringtones 

Create ringtones - learn how to create ringtones for free with the sources in this Internet Explorer toolbar. Quickly receive all the information that you need in order to create, share and download free custom ringtones.. Freeware download of Create Ringtones 1.0, size 1.13 Mb.

DRFT Gaming Toolbar DRFT Gaming 

Get DRFT Gaming freshest content delivered directly to your browser, no matter where you are on the Web.

Add your favorite apps to your browser with DRFT Gaming Toolbar.

Check out all of DRFT Gaming Toolbar favorite places on the Web. Search the Web and get a wide choice of useful search engines.. Freeware download of DRFT Gaming Toolbar, size 2.75 Mb.