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REACH Interface Author 5.0 Applied Human Factors 

This product is the premier on-screen keyboard software available and comes with a vast assortment of assistive technology tools (see the list of features below). It was designed to help a person use a computer more easily and augment their speech if that is needed.

If you have trouble using a standard hardware keyboard but can use a. Freeware download of REACH Interface Author 5.0, size 63.70 Mb.


Hidden Museum Clues II HD 1.1 Playtime gaming Inc 

Retrieve stolen treasure hidden and camouflaged within each of the multi-themed rooms in the Mystery Museum. Using selected tools and a list of clues, search throughout the mystery museum to save its reputation and recover lost items.
Your adventure begins by unlocking the first of many themed rooms. Armed with a clue list, selection of tools. Free download of Hidden Museum Clues II HD 1.1, size 44.04 Mb.

Advanced Smart Tag Tools 1 Microsoft 

This package demonstrates three advanced smart tag development tools for the Microsoft Office Smart Tag List Tool (MOSTL):
· the Smart Tag MOSTL Generator tool, which allows you to build smart tag XML list files;
· the Smart Tag List Builder tool, which allows you to build smart tag XML list files and list update. Free download of Advanced Smart Tag Tools 1, size 0 b.

Whistler's List 1.050526 Whistling Cow 

Whistling Cow Announces the Launch of its Second Productivity Software Tool: Whistler’s List RIVER EDGE, NJ May 26, 2005: Whistling Cow is launching the second in its line of enhanced productivity software tools: “Whistler’s List”. Its first database software application, KronoLog, launched in April, 2005, has received. Freeware download of Whistler's List 1.050526, size 3.36 Mb.

Exchange Assistant (PRC) 1.5.5 Han li 

Live in mainland Chin* Has trouble in exchange between RMB and other currency? Download Exchange Assistant (PRC) right now, it will help you to save money!

1. Real-time information of exchange rate bewteen 16 major currencies and RMB, the information of nearly 20 major banks in the exchange buying/selling.

2. Whether you want. Freeware download of Exchange Assistant (PRC) 1.5.5, size 2.10 Mb.

Mindv online mind mapping tool 1.1.6 Shanghai yingxiang software company ltd. 

MindV is a free online mind mapping tool. MindV is based on cloud computing, it is deployed on the microsoft windows azure platform to provide users with robust services and data security. MindV support for multiple languages.
What mindv can help me do ?
1.MindV is a new document tool: MindV is a new kind of document tools apart from. Freeware download of Mindv online mind mapping tool 1.1.6, size 2.30 Mb.

Wine Cellar 3D 

This software is designed for owners of one or more wine cellars but not only. You can manage your stock bottles, and their location. Detailed statistics in 3D to visualize your data graphically, the number of full bottles, empty, price, rating, and more... Models for quickly choose a preconfigured graphical statistics. The list of bottles can be. Freeware download of Wine Cellar 3D, size 8.78 Mb.

Hostess Half Calculator 1.37 Hood and House Software LP 

Hood & House Software's first app for Jewelers! The HostessHalf Calculator let's you know which items to put at half price on the Hostess Order Form with the tap of a finger.

Enter the basic information for your home show (total customer retail, percent free, bonuses earned, etc...) and then select the items the Hostess wants. With. Free download of Hostess Half Calculator 1.37, size 524.29 Kb.

PatternExplorer for Amibroker 3 70 PatternExplorer 

PatternExplorer for Amibroker is designed to improve your trading performance significantly and to make it much easier than ever before to find profitable trading patterns. You can find your favorite patterns with just a few mouse clicks and in a matter of minutes. Every market and every time frame can be used. It shows up signals automatically.. Free download of PatternExplorer for Amibroker 3 70, size 2.96 Mb.

Erste Market HD 1.5 ERSTE Befektetesi Zrt. 


Az Erste Market alkalmazassal nyomon kovetheti az ertekpapirpiacok alakulasat, veteli-eladasi megbizasokat adhat reszvenyekre, befektetesi jegyekre es allampapirokra, tovabba elolvashatja a legfrissebb hireket, elemzeseinket is!

- Kereskedes a Budapesti Ertektozsden: reszvenyek, certifikatok,. Freeware download of Erste Market HD 1.5, size 3.77 Mb.

PurpleDoor 1.0.1 Phassion Corporation 

Ever wanted to give feedback about an inspection or an agent (without giving away your details)? Or wanted a tip-off about which property inspection to attend (from someone whos already been there)?

If so, youre going to looooove PurpleDoor!

As the ultimate property inspection tool, PurpleDoor will let you rate agents, give. Freeware download of PurpleDoor 1.0.1, size 6.50 Mb.

Eye In The Sky Screener 3.27 Michael McDonald 

This powerful software package enables you to quickly find, research, and plan the most profitable trades. The advanced filtering capabilities enable you to identify trading opportunities that match your trading style. You can filter on both technical and fundamental criteria. See listing at end of description for more details.

The My. Free download of Eye In The Sky Screener 3.27, size 2.69 Mb.

Neodynamic ImageDraw SDK for .NET 3.0 Neodynamic 

Neodynamic ImageDraw SDK for .NET is the definitive solution for professional imaging tasks, exclusively designed for .NET developers. ImageDraw is a lightweight royalty-free .NET component (.NET DLL Class Library) which lets you to easily add advanced Imaging Effects and Dynamic Image Composition to any .NET Framework-based applications.ImageDraw. Free download of Neodynamic ImageDraw SDK for .NET 3.0, size 5.01 Mb.

Trimble RealWorks 6. 5. 2001 Trimble 

Trimble RealWorks software imports rich data from a Spatial Imaging sensor--e.g. the Trimble GX 3D Scanner or Trimble VX Spatial Station--for transformation into compelling 3D visuals. Trimble RealWorks is ideal for the surveying and geospatial industries. It is powerful enough to support the large datasets collected using 3D scanning techniques.. Freeware download of Trimble RealWorks 6. 5. 2001, size 106.42 Mb.

CUBRID Query Browser 2011 R1.1.0 1 1 CUBRID 

The CUBRID Query Browser (CQB) is a lightweight version of the CUBRID Manager. It is implemented with developers in mind who need a faster solution to execute SQL statements, both standard and prepared, and manage tables more conveniently.

Main features:
-Includes all versions of CUBRID JDBC Driver, thus you can connect to any. Freeware download of CUBRID Query Browser 2011 R1.1.0 1 1, size 44.15 Mb.

Solitaire Devil 1.0 Rood Productions 

Anyone who has ever used MS Windows(TM) has played a game of solitaire (at least once), thus making it one of the most popular games ever played on a PC. For this reason, Tech-Connected of Austin, Texas has created the Solitaire Devil for players of the popular game who want more options; superior scoring features, greater deck variety, the ability. Free download of Solitaire Devil 1.0, size 0 b.

Mindv online mindmapping tool 1.2.0 Shanghai yingxiang software company ltd. 

MindV is a free online mind mapping tool. MindV is based on cloud computing, it is deployed on the microsoft windows azure platform to provide users with robust services and data security. MindV support for multiple languages. What mindv can help me do ? 1.MindV is a new document tool: MindV is a new kind of document tools apart from office suit,. Free download of Mindv online mindmapping tool 1.2.0, size 2.30 Mb.

Code::Blocks for Windows 12.11 Yiannis 

The open source, cross platform, free C++ IDE.

Code::Blocks is a free C++ IDE built to meet the most demanding needs of its users. It is designed to be very extensible and fully configurable.

Finally, an IDE with all the features you need, having a consistent look, feel and operation across platforms.

Built. Freeware download of Code::Blocks for Windows 12.11, size 28.63 Mb.

SCV Cryptomanager 1.63 SCV Tools 

Welcome to SCV Cryptomanager, a multi function crypto calculator tool. SCV Cryptomanager allows you to perform various calculations in many popular cryptographic systems. It supports many ciphering systems, public key cryptography, hash functions, key generation funtions and even a certificate generation tool! Welcome to see complete list of. Free download of SCV Cryptomanager 1.63, size 1.03 Mb.

Euroxx ZTrade 1.5 MetricTrade LTD 

The application supports online trading via EUROXX SECURITIES.
Password is required to use the application.
For more information contact 2106879406-7 or via email at

The ZTrade application provides professionals or simple investors with the easiest and most reliable way to monitor stock exchanges in real time.. Freeware download of Euroxx ZTrade 1.5, size 7.97 Mb.

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History of Civil Rights Laws

Bullet list of major historical civil rights laws and documents with brief description of prohibited discrimination or right enforced.


Features include web-based management tools, flat-rate pricing, and virtual list service.


With brand name watches, knives, cutlery, tools, heart rate monitors.

Wide Angle TV

Focusing on news and corporate video, they operate across the world. The site includes a gallery of images culled from their work, details about equipment and a rate list.

David Queller & Company

Wholesale stockist serving distributors with broad selection of hand, cutting, and precision tools. Site includes list of manufacturer sources and available products.


U.S. Distributor of Beta Tools. Includes product list and dealer locator.

BCT Aviation

Flying school based in Kemble, UK providing training and hire and fly. Information on aircraft used, price (rate per hour) and location.