Trace Port Comm C

C# Flex 1.4 

A port to C# of a lexical analyzer tool called JFlex. Produces Java or C# source code files for scanning an input stream and producing a sequence of tokens. Compatible with CUP (Constructor of Useful Parsers).. Freeware download of C# Flex 1.4, size 220.86 Kb.


Port Knocking Door 1.0 

A Port Knocking C-based server & client. Closed ports, strong encryption (ARC4 & BlowFish), Daemon mode, compresed sequence, MD5 digest log check, user passwords and user privelege system, action triggers... GPL license.. Freeware download of Port Knocking Door 1.0, size 302.88 Kb.

ClickSaverSharp 002 

ClickSaverSharp is a partial port from C to managed C++ of the ClickSaver program, a program used to automate minor tasks in the MMORPG Anarchy Online. ClickSaverSharp adds support for interop with .NET components.. Freeware download of ClickSaverSharp 002, size 491.38 Kb.

Space Trader for Windows 201 

Space Trader for Windows. A port to C# (.NET) of the popular game for Palm.. Freeware download of Space Trader for Windows 201, size 418.72 Kb.

Mallet.Net 1.0 Malletnet 

Mallet is a high-quality Machine Learning environment for NLP purposes created by Andrew McCallum at UMass. However it is only available for Java. Mallet.Net is a straight port to C#.Net to allow C# users the same high-quality environment.

Mallet.Net 1.0 License - Common Public License 1.0. Freeware download of Mallet.Net 1.0, size 0 b.

JB port to C# (JB2CSharp) 0.1 

JB2CSharp is a port of the Java-Bison/Flex software developed by the Serl project at the University of Colorado, Boulder. Parsers and lexers will be able to use C# actions. The open source .NET project Mono has requested the port, and here it is.. Freeware download of JB port to C# (JB2CSharp) 0.1, size 247.69 Kb.

RS232 logger ActiveX AGG Software 

RS232 logger ActiveX is an ActiveX component that uses Advanced Serial Data Logger to get either data from an RS232 or COM port or already processed and converted data besides the standard export tools in Advanced Serial Data Logger.
RS232 logger ActiveX can be used to extend functionality of Advanced Serial Data Logger and/or as one more. Free download of RS232 logger ActiveX, size 70.77 Mb.

BKTraceRoute 3.0.0 Bill Koukoutsis 

The BKTraceRoute v3.0 .NET class collection contains TraceRoute and associated utility classes for tracing the route to one or more remote hosts either synchronously or asynchronously. The current version includes: 1. Both synchronous (blocking) and asynchronous (non-blocking) methods for tracing routes to remote hosts. 2. Fully commented class. Free download of BKTraceRoute 3.0.0, size 618.66 Kb.

wxWidgets 2. 9. 2002 Julian Smart 

wxWidgets was developed to provide a cheap and flexible way to maximize investment in GUI application development.

As open source software, wxWidgets has benefited from comments, ideas, bug fixes, enhancements and the sheer enthusiasm of users.

This gives wxWidgets a certain advantage over its commercial competitors (and. Freeware download of wxWidgets 2. 9. 2002, size 12.31 Mb.

OpenSource Emailer Replace pine alpha.20040323 

NOTE: Development has been aborted. Please see the re-alpine project for a better alternative.oserp - stands for OpenSource Emailer Replaces Pine. First goal - replace pine with an open souce work-alike using perl. Second - add an SQL backend to Mail::Box, and thus to oserp. Third - Port to C++, using GNU MailUtils as the backend.. Freeware download of OpenSource Emailer Replace pine alpha.20040323, size 27.35 Kb.

Windows Std Serial Comm Lib for C/C++ 4.2 MarshallSoft Computing 

Serial communication component C/C++ library (DLL) for serial port (RS-232. RS-422, RS-485) communications. Features of the Windows Serial Communications Library (WSC4C) include: Uses the standard Windows API to communicate with any device connected to a serial port. Includes 32 functions plus modem control, ANSI emulation, ASCII/XMODEM/YMODEM. Free download of Windows Std Serial Comm Lib for C/C++ 4.2, size 582.66 Kb.

Free PacketTrap Switch Port Mapper 2.3.2011 PacketTrap Networks, Inc. 

Free PacketTrap (homepage Switch Port Mapper helps network engineers discover the devices connected to each port on a switch quickly, thus eliminating the need to manually trace network cables. The tool provides device visibility like IP address, MAC address, VLAN, port name and availability, as well as the capability to enable or disable an. Freeware download of Free PacketTrap Switch Port Mapper 2.3.2011, size 9.99 Mb.

Virtual Serial Port ActiveX 8.0 Eltima Software 

Virtual Serial Port ActiveX Control is an advanced component which enables your application with the ability to create and unlimited number of virtual serial port pairs. Your application will be able to crate, delete and fully control virtual serial ports. As virtual ports look and behave like real ones, other applications will not be able to see. Free download of Virtual Serial Port ActiveX 8.0, size 3.98 Mb.

Comm Echo Serial Port Tool 

Comm Echo is a free debug tool for serial port (RS232), TCP/IP and UDP port communication. It works like an echo wall for serial port, TCP/IP sever, TCP/IP client and UDP. It displays all received data in Text, Hex or Decimal format. It lists all available serial port on computer automatically.. Freeware download of Comm Echo, size 45.06 Kb.


COMM Extender enables 16-Bit Serial Communication Software (DOS or Win16) that read serial ports to run in Windows environment.
COMM Extender, Legacy serial communication DOS Program run in Windows

With COMM Extender it's now easy to run old and new DOS serial communication software in modern Windows environment. With ease. Free download of ADONTEC - COMM Extender (TEST), size 76.15 Mb.

FOP C# Port 

This project is a port of the Apache Java-based XSL-FO formatter FOP to C#. The purpose is to support the growth and adoption of the XSL-FO standard and to make FOPs capabilities embeddable in managed code applications for the .NET CLR -- since Apache's. Freeware download of FOP C# Port, size 165.68 Kb.

Serial Port Programming in C++ 0.6.0rc1 

A collection of C++ classes which allow the serial port on POSIX systems to be accessed like an iostream object. Special functions are provided for setting various parameters of the serial port such as the baud rate, character size, flow control and. Freeware download of Serial Port Programming in C++ 0.6.0rc1, size 351.03 Kb.

Apophysis C++ port 1.0 Apophysiscport 

This is an attempt to port Apophysis into C++ with a focus on trying to reduce render time. - development is currently inactive due to lack of time to work on it.

Apophysis C++ port 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Apophysis C++ port 1.0, size 0 b.

C++-CLI Migration Tool 1.0 Microsoft 

This tool helps developers port their VC++ 2003 Managed Extensions code to the new VC++ 2005 C++/CLI syntax. While this tool is a good basis to start the porting process, it is not a complete tool.

Users will need to do manual modification to the tool's output to successfully compile the resulting code. Also, developers will almost. Free download of C++-CLI Migration Tool 1.0, size 0 b.

TRACE-DOG for Windows 3.0.0 Beta Big Angry Dog 

TRACE-DOG is a lightweight and portable C++ code tracing and logging API. It comprises a library of macros which, when placed inline with your code, will generate a trace file of the execution path, data values, and other diagnostic information.. Freeware download of TRACE-DOG for Windows 3.0.0 Beta, size 262.14 Kb.