Track And Field Score Sheet

Athens 2004 - Track and Field Screensaver 3.0 Scenic Reflections Screensavers 

Download the Free Athens 2004 Track and Field Events Screensaver from Highlights of the medal winning Track and Fielders of Summer Olympics past. Download the Free Athens 2004 Track and Field Events Screensaver today! No spyware, no hidden installs, no spam, no cost, no kidding!. Freeware download of Athens 2004 - Track and Field Screensaver 3.0, size 3.71 Mb.


ChickenSport 1.0.0 infinitysoftware Co.,Ltd 

It is a game which holds track and field by a chicken.

? How to play
Please carry out the tap of the button which runs by turns.

Hurdle Run
Please carry out the tap of the button which runs, and timing should improve a jump button a tap, and please fly a hurdle.

Long jump
Please attach. Freeware download of ChickenSport 1.0.0, size 17.62 Mb.

eTIMER40 Athnetix 

eTIMER40 is a software application that times and measures track and field sporting event and drills. eTIMER is available for Windows 2000/XP.
eTIMER40 works with either a keyboard/mouse or a wireless RF receiver that connects to an available printer port. The RF transmitter provides the user with up to 300 feet of hands free control for. Freeware download of eTIMER40, size 12.24 Mb.

scoresheetDesigner 1.0 Scoresheetdes 

This is a small tool for designing score sheet papers for writing music. The result will be a PDF-File.

scoresheetDesigner 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of scoresheetDesigner 1.0, size 0 b.

Atdor 2.8.0 Roalt Aalmoes 

Atdor is an application that helps you save and manage results for track and field contests.

The application wil use latest available technology to improve the organisation of meetings and delivering better services for participants and spectators.

. Free download of Atdor 2.8.0, size 0 b.

Badminton Scoring 1.03 David McNamara 

When umpiring a game of badminton, do you find yourself losing track of the score, or who is serving from where? Then this is the app for you!

The Badminton Scoring application is designed for use by umpires to assist them in keeping track of the score, players' positions and serving location during games.

It operates in both. Freeware download of Badminton Scoring 1.03, size 314.57 Kb.

EncephalApp - Stroop Test 1.2 Jasmohan Bajaj 

Stroop Test is a test of a users mental speed. A series of runs will be presented to test the users response rate in identifying the color of printed text. The app will track the users score as they progress through numerous rounds of the runs and present them with the results of their test. The user can then compare their score with others, or. Freeware download of EncephalApp - Stroop Test 1.2, size 17.93 Mb.

Hero's Timing 1.0 Ryan Mccrady 

Hero's Timing provides track and field meet management services to area high schools and universities.

This app will allow you to view results from Hero's Timing hosted meets on your phone.. Free download of Hero's Timing 1.0, size 838.86 Kb.

Household Item Jigsaw Puzzles, Trace Household Items and Quiz Games for Kids 1.0 Apptility Software Pvt Ltd 

Household Item game pack app designed for young kids. This packs many activities designed to teach your kid all items commonly found in a household. This has Jigsaw Puzzles, Memory Games, Interactive Color Me, Videos, Stickers and Score Sheet.

Kids earn a sticker when they complete an activity and get to create their own certificate.. Free download of Household Item Jigsaw Puzzles, Trace Household Items and Quiz Games for Kids 1.0, size 62.91 Mb. 1.0.8 IAAF 

The IAAF App is the official Live results, stats and news application for iOS devices from the Home of World Athletics

Offering the best live experience from IAAF track and field athletics and running competitions, including news, features and human interest stories as well as photos and videos which capture all the emotions of. Freeware download of 1.0.8, size 6.61 Mb.

PVI Photo Finish 1.0 PVI Maine LLC 

PVI Photo Finish has been developed for Track and Field, Cross Country and Road Race directors . . . to allow them to time and recap small to medium sized events . . . without multiple stop watches, expensive timing systems or the proverbial popsicle stick handout.

Simply select the event via easy to use spinners and tap the START button. Free download of PVI Photo Finish 1.0, size 2.83 Mb.

Score Book 14.01 All American SportsWare 

Scoring baseball/softball games has entered the 21st Century... Take your portable computer to the game (or enter your score sheet later on your desktop computer) using ScoreBook software! When you're done Scoring, you instantly have all the Stats! -- Easy, graphically friendly scorekeeping Scorekeeping is easy, with the graphic interface. Free download of Score Book 14.01, size 21.62 Mb.

Kung Fu Track and Field 1.0 Applicity Entertainment Corporation 

- A super fun Kung Fu running game that will have you playing for hours! - GameReviews

The year is 1865. You are an excellent Kung Fu student but must prove to your family that you are more than just excellent. You want to prove to them that you are a Kung Fu Expert!

To so so you must enter the Kung Fu Track & Field.

MEET MANAGER for Track & Field 1.0.0001 HY-TEK Sports Software 

MEET MANAGER for Track & Field (TFMM) can run any track meet in the world and run it well. We have over 8,000 track and field clients in 100 countries and our system has been used in the USA Olympic Trials and in tens of thousands of local meets worldwide. HY-TEK's track software's user-friendly features are intuitive and flexible,. Free download of MEET MANAGER for Track & Field 1.0.0001, size 53.78 Mb.

Seltec Track and Field 1.0.0552 Seltec Sports GmbH 

Seltec Track & Field is a comprehensive evaluation program for the stadium, combined events and team competitions. Because of the extremely simple operation, it is very easy for beginners to learn.

It can be used for evaluation for small competitions as well as large competitions. With additional modules such as monitor speakers. Free download of Seltec Track and Field 1.0.0552, size 26.71 Mb.

TrackCentral 1.0 TrackCentral 

TrackCentral is Track & Field and Cross Country team management software that allows middle school, high school, club and college coaches to effectively manage their teams and analyze the performances and progress of their athletes. TrackCentral is a secure web-based application that can be accessed from anywhere by anyone the coach permits,. Free download of TrackCentral 1.0, size 90.44 Mb.

Ultra Score 0.51 Shanghai Polar Vision Co Ltd 

This is a competition management and score system for gymnasium. Its functions include: Competition management, Score display, Advertisement display, Live-video playback, Report after match, etc.

We provide the professional scoring function, which includes all kind of ball games, the track and field, the wrestling, etc. This system has. Free download of Ultra Score 0.51, size 0 b.

MagicScore Maestro 5 + WEB Publishing 5.350. MagicScore Music Software 

MagicScore Maestro 5 + WEB Publishing - professional music notation software with ability to publish "live" sheet music in Internet , offering the most advanced capabilities for working with music and provides you a possibility to imagine music piece as a whole by linking visual representation of the score in the Internet and its. Free download of MagicScore Maestro 5 + WEB Publishing 5.350., size 5.13 Mb.

Track & Field Meet Manager 1.0.0002 Sports-Tek Software 

The MEET MANAGER Start-Up comes equipped to run a basic all-comers track meet. The track and field software features a comprehensive online help resource, a meet results export tool, full data access, extensive reporting, and support for an unlimited number of records and time standards. Plus, reports are brilliantly designed and give you the. Free download of Track & Field Meet Manager 1.0.0002, size 53.78 Mb.

bowlingSTATS 1.0 Stony Village Software 

bowlingSTATS is designed for league bowlers and team captains to accurately keep track of bowling scores for multiple bowlers in multiple leagues. Stats are kept for each league bowler and graphs can be used to view trends and help you become a better bowler. There is also a powerful HTML export that easily allows you to post all results and. Free download of bowlingSTATS 1.0, size 51.00 Mb.