Trojan Horse Construction Kit

Circuit Construction Kit 3.20 University of Colorado 

Circuit Construction Kit (AC+DC) was developed as an user-friendly simulation software that allows users to build circuits with resistors, batteries, light bulbs, and switches.

Circuit Construction Kit (AC+DC) is a Java-based simulation that adds capacitors, inductors, and AC voltage sources.

. Free download of Circuit Construction Kit 3.20, size 0 b.


Crossword Construction Kit 4.0b Insight Software Solutions 

Crossword Construction Kit is a great tool for educators, students, publishers, corporate trainers and puzzle enthusiasts to quickly produce professional looking puzzles. Just enter the words and clues, select a puzzle shape and page layout, and press a button to generate the puzzle.Design your own puzzle page layout -- drop, place and size the. Free download of Crossword Construction Kit 4.0b, size 4.94 Mb.

Word Search Construction Kit 4.0d Insight Software Solutions 

Word Search Construction Kit is a great tool for educators, students, publishers, corporate trainers and puzzle enthusiasts to quickly produce professional looking puzzles. Just enter the words, select a puzzle shape and page layout, and press a button to generate the puzzle.Design your own puzzle page layout -- drop, place and size the puzzle,. Free download of Word Search Construction Kit 4.0d, size 6.29 Mb.

Easy HTML Construction Kit 7.49 Hermetic Systems 

Easy HTML Construction Kit provides an easy way to create the HTML code for lists and tables, and to convert data in textfiles (such as archives of mailing lists) to lists, tables and full HTML documents. It comprises six separate utility programs, as follows: 1. HTML Template -- This creates a new HTML document.2. Text to HTML -- This automates. Free download of Easy HTML Construction Kit 7.49, size 1.84 Mb.

Trojanhorsecrypticctc Removal Tool 1.0 Security Stronghold 

With this program you can find and fully remove trojan horse cryptic ctc and all problems associated with trojan horse cryptic ctc virus. Fast, easy, and handy, this removal tool protects your computer against trojan horse cryptic ctc that does harm to your computer and breaks your privacy.. Freeware download of Trojanhorsecrypticctc Removal Tool 1.0, size 23.44 Mb.

Gene Construction Kit Textco, Inc. 

Gene Construction Kit is a biosoftware that graphically manipulates DNA.

- flexible formatting & manipulation
DNA can be represented and manipulated in either graphical or sequence/text modes - with any formatting or sequence manipulation changes made in one view, automatically being applied to the selection. Free download of Gene Construction Kit, size 7.97 Mb.

PC Tools AntiVirus 2 PC Tools 

PC Tools AntiVirus is a full anti-virus package designed to protect your computer from virus, worm and Trojan horse threats and infections by: scanning your computer system for these types of infections and quarantining or deleting them, and providing your computer system with real-time background protection, preventing threats from infecting your. Free download of PC Tools AntiVirus 2, size 8.40 Mb.

MySecurityCenter Antivirus 2006 7.1.501 MySecurityCenter 

The latest version of MySecurityCenter Antivirus is easier to use than ever, and continues to provide protection, detection, and elimination of thousands of computer viruses, worms, and Trojan horse programs.Improved User Interface - New menus, buttons, and icons make protecting your PCs quick and easy.File Quarantine - Allows users to isolate and. Free download of MySecurityCenter Antivirus 2006 7.1.501, size 29.25 Mb.

Auto Startup Detective 1.0 Ikitek 

Auto Startup Detective is a tool which helps you to manage efficiently what programs run at Windows startup. Unlike other similar programs, it also detects trojan horse viruses. Not only the programs at StartUp folders are the ones which are started by Windows. There are many others on the registry and Win.ini file, and most of them are usually not. Free download of Auto Startup Detective 1.0, size 550.91 Kb.

Tauscan 1.5 Agnitum, Ltd. 

Tauscan is a powerful Trojan Horse scanner capable of detecting and removing every known type of backdoor virus that may have infected your system. It offers a unique combination of a high performance detection and removal engine coupled with a user-friendly interface, innovative features such as right-click scan, drag & drop scan and offers. Free download of Tauscan 1.5, size 2.11 Mb.

War Games Construction Kit 1.20 Excession Software Ltd. 

This major update contains network play fixes, joystick support, and all keys made re-definable. The War Games Construction Kit is a 3D interactive arcade game, play single player or networked. Enjoy flying airplanes, driving tanks, firing artillery and parachuting behind enemy lines. Build your own worlds and scenarios using the World Builder.. Freeware download of War Games Construction Kit 1.20, size 17.57 Mb.

AntiViral Toolkit Pro 3.0.132 KasperskyLab Ltd. / Swiss edition installer by Metropolitan Network BBS Inc. 

Complete prevention, detection, and elimination of thousands of computer viruses and trojan horse programs. Virus scans recursively within ZIP, ARJ, RAR, LHA, LZH, ZIP2EXE, RARSFX, ARJSFX, and LHASFX archives, and additionally, PKLITE, EXEPACK, DIET, LZEXE, COMPACK, and COM2COM runtime compression. Also, virus scans within FX-LOCK, CPAV, and. Free download of AntiViral Toolkit Pro 3.0.132, size 0 b.

DNA construction kit 1.0 

Simplify and speed up design processes of multimedia projects using this framework application. You may create nearly any file format out of ONE draft or create your own screenpainter application using the construction kit.. Freeware download of DNA construction kit 1.0, size 4.56 Mb.

JCCKit 1.0 

Chart construction kit for the Java(TM) platform. A small (<100Kb) library and framework for scientific charts and plots. It runs under JDK(TM) 1.1 and PersonalJava(TM) platforms. Renderers for Graphics context, Graphics2D context, and SVG exist.. Freeware download of JCCKit 1.0, size 1.25 Mb.

MMOSDK 1.0 Mmosdk 

Distributed massive multiplayer online game server construction kit.

MMOSDK 1.0 License - Apache License V2.0. Freeware download of MMOSDK 1.0, size 0 b.

GNAGCK 1.0 Gnagck 

GNAGCK (GNAGCK is Not AGCK), in homage to Mike Livesay's Arcade Game Construction Kit (AGCK) for the C64, aims to recreate the unique environment for tile based game development. Written in Java and for Java platforms. Create games quickly and easily.

GNAGCK 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of GNAGCK 1.0, size 0 b.

Namespace: SuperWikia Alpha IDE Builder 1.0 Namespace 

Namespace is a codesmith construction kit for SuperWikia Alpha which increases project proficiency. Its developer U/I builds entire source codes from SuperWikia Alpha's header libraries and has a custom header editor for custom namespace building.

Namespace: SuperWikia Alpha IDE Builder 1.0 License - Python Software Foundation. Freeware download of Namespace: SuperWikia Alpha IDE Builder 1.0, size 0 b.

PythonCard 0.8:2 Pythoncard 

PythonCard is a GUI construction kit for building cross-platform desktop applications on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux, using the Python language.

The PythonCard motto is "Simple things should be simple and complex things should be possible."

PythonCard is for you if you want to develop graphical applications. Freeware download of PythonCard 0.8:2, size 3.15 Mb.

3D Builder Brix 1.1 Mobile Game Garage 

3D Builder Brix is like having your favorite LEGO or Mega Bloks model building and construction kit in your pocket!

With a fun and easy to use 3D interface, 3D BuilderBrix lets you choose from over 70 different pieces in 16 different colors to build whatever your imagination dreams up. No more looking for that lost piece under the sofa;. Free download of 3D Builder Brix 1.1, size 15.41 Mb.

Chameleon Calculator 1.6.5 Tod LLC 

Chameleon Calculator is a full featured calculator construction kit and a powerful calculator. Design a calculator just the way you want it. Customize the font, colors, functions, sizes, buttons, and more. Share your calculators, or download more for free from

Create a calculator with the buttons in just the right order, or. Free download of Chameleon Calculator 1.6.5, size 2.20 Mb.