Uninstall Altavista Toolbar

FirstButton 1.54 Liquidity Lighthouse 

FirstButton offers these samples to demonstrate the ease of installing a Brand Button on the IE Standard Toolbar. The Toolbar position is preset by the company whose brand is being promoted. No information is gathered by the FirstButton Installer, and none will be requested. Each FirstButton is customized for a company's brand. The Installer is. Freeware download of FirstButton 1.54, size 178.18 Kb.


IconMP3 1 2 Zards software 

IconMP3 is a small mp3 player that minimises to the system tray to save desk space. When minimised there is a right click menu with all the common player controls and also shows the song currently playing so there is no need to maximise the the player to control it. IconMP3 supports the latest ID tags for mp3 songs.
Small. Freeware download of IconMP3 1 2, size 43.37 Mb.

Oasis of Palms Screensaver 1.0 ScreensaversList.com 

Oases are one of the most beautiful natural sights in the world. From ancient times, they have been synonymous with peace, rest and beauty. This screensaver offers users a view of an oasis at dusk with a nice animated effect of moving water, coupled with good sound effects (although they sound the same as those in almost any other screensaver by. Freeware download of Oasis of Palms Screensaver 1.0, size 2.41 Mb.

Eden Screensaver 1.0 ScreensaversList.com 

In Christian and Jewish traditions, Eden is viewed as a place of beauty, peace and tranquility. This screensaver tries to convey those feelings. It features a good photograph of a mountain scenery with a stream showing a realistic animated effect of moving water. This effect is nicely complemented with a sound effect that conveys a relaxing. Freeware download of Eden Screensaver 1.0, size 1.61 Mb.

Mega Balloon Screensaver 1.0 ArtGameStudio 

Whether you have flown in a balloon or not, this screensaver may have much to show you. It features a beautiful photograph of a desert landscape with a giant balloon in the background. The entire scenery reflects on the surface of a small lake, which features a good animated effect simulating the ripple caused by the passing wind.

The. Freeware download of Mega Balloon Screensaver 1.0, size 1.17 Mb.

Amazing City Screensaver 1.0 ScreensaversList.com 

Urban views are a popular subject for photographers and spectators alike. This screensaver shows night views of several cities around the world. For example, you can see a view of Eiffel Tower in Paria, St. Louis' Gateway Arch, and so on. Water is present on all images, and all the water elements feature an animated effect that is bearably. Freeware download of Amazing City Screensaver 1.0, size 3.29 Mb.

Forest Gumption Screensaver 1.0 ScreensaversList.com 

This free screensaver shows a lovely scene of a forest in the middle of a mountainous landscape, complete with a good animated effect in the water and pleasant sound effects. Also, it has a control panel which lets you customize several of the program's features. For example, you can set up the animation's speed and quality, as well as. Freeware download of Forest Gumption Screensaver 1.0, size 3.00 Mb.

Allure Sunset Screensaver 1.0 ScreensaversList.com 

Sunset is maybe the most peaceful hour of the day. It marks the transition from day to night and the beginning of rest and leisure. This screensaver allows you to convey all those feelings to your desktop. It features a nice photo of a sunset at the beach, complete with a reasonably realistic effect of moving sea waves and a set of sound effects.. Freeware download of Allure Sunset Screensaver 1.0, size 2.50 Mb.

Alpine Fresh Screensaver 1.0 ScreensaversList.com 

The Alps form one of the most important mountain ranges in Europe, crossing several countries like Austria, Switzerland, Germany, France and Italy. It is famous not only for its high mountains, like the Mont Blanck, but also due to its beautiful sceneries. This screensaver takes advantage of this, featuring a splendid image of the mountains,. Freeware download of Alpine Fresh Screensaver 1.0, size 1.12 Mb.

Groowe Search Toolbar 2 Groowe 

Search Google, Yahoo, MSN, Altavista and other search engines directly from your browser's toolbar. Toolbar is customized for each search engine included in the list so with each engine you will have unique experience. You will be able to perform all kind of searches that some engine supports, for example image search, audio search, video search. Freeware download of Groowe Search Toolbar 2, size 535.55 Kb.

Remove Toolbar Buddy 6.1 Scorpio Software 

Remove Toolbar Buddy heals Internet Explorer by removing toolbars, deleting toolbar buttons, menus, browser helper objects.
Remove Toolbar Buddy removes all kinds of Internet Explorer add-ons.
Remove Toolbar Buddy backs up and restores Internet Explorer browser configuration.
Remove Toolbar Buddy helps when you can't uninstall. Free download of Remove Toolbar Buddy 6.1, size 4.86 Mb.

Groowe Toolbar for Firefox 1.6.5 Groowe 

Search Google, Yahoo, MSN, Altavista and other search engines directly from your browser's toolbar. Toolbar is customized for each search engine included in the list so with each engine you will have unique experience. You will be able to perform all kind of searches that some engine supports, for example image search, audio search, Video Search. Freeware download of Groowe Toolbar for Firefox 1.6.5, size 115.34 Kb.

Zoekbank Toolbar 1.1 Zoekbank.nl 

Zoekbank Toolbar is a Web Directory toolbar that features all the major Dutch national search engines: search engines: Zoekbank.nl, Zoekhulp, Ilse, Kobala, Zoeken.nl, and worldwide search engines are also included: Goolge, Altavista, Yahoo, MSN, WiseNut, Lycos.. Free download of Zoekbank Toolbar 1.1, size 304.09 Kb.

febooti ieZoom toolbar 1.3 febooti software 

Internet Explorer toolbar - browsers / webmasters tool to zoom in and zoom out internet pages, zoom web sites. Pick colors using html color names (x11, Netscape v.3, safe colors), access web color charts for web safe html color codes (HEX color codes, rgb color codes) and html color names. Resize browser window using presets. Define keyboard. Free download of febooti ieZoom toolbar 1.3, size 532.48 Kb.

DreamJob.com.au Job Search Toolbar 1.01 DreamJob.com.au 

Job Search Toolbar that allows you to search thousands of jobs.Search Term HighlightingEasy Uninstall, no spy ware!. Freeware download of DreamJob.com.au Job Search Toolbar 1.01, size 263.59 Kb.

Christian Music Radio Toolbar 2.0 Christian Music Toolbar 

Christian Music Toolbar - 100% FREE - listen to Christian radio directly from browser. Listen and change stations as you browse the internet. Installs and uninstalls in seconds. Has a number of genres of Christian Music, over a 100 great stations to choose from, a google search box, and a favourites section. Listen to the Best Christian Music. Freeware download of Christian Music Radio Toolbar 2.0, size 1.50 Mb.

QuickStores-Toolbar 1.2 AB-Tools.com 

Free toolbar for a fast search on eBay, Amazon&Shopping.

Using the multilingual price comparison portal QuickStores you can compare the prices of the most important online shopping platforms fast and easily.

Features of QuickStores-Toolbar at a glance:
- Fast search on eBay, Amazon&Shopping.
- You can also. Freeware download of QuickStores-Toolbar 1.2, size 866.01 Kb.

Trellian Toolbar 1 5 Trellian Limited 

Trellian Toolbar is a comprehensive application that includes multiple tools and can be disabled or enabled at any time. It allows you to obtain search results from multiple search engines such as Altavista, Fast, Google, Inktomi, MSN, Teoma, among many others. What is more, with the PPC Meta Search, you can search in three PPC search engines at a. Freeware download of Trellian Toolbar 1 5, size 1.38 Mb.

HamLinks Toolbar HamLinks 

HamLinks is a free ham radio toolbar that extends your (Internet Explorer or Firefox) web browser to give ham radio operators quick access to great ham radio content. It's completely free, easy to install (and uninstall) and can be configured by the user. No registrations, spyware, spam or other hooks.. Freeware download of HamLinks Toolbar, size 2.15 Mb.

OTS Software Toolbar OTS Software 

OTS Software toolbar will allow you to be among the first to be notified when OTS Software release new games. The toolbar does not contain any spyware, adware, or anything that would harm your computer, and you can uninstall it at any time.

- Links to all OTS Software games
- News about upcoming games
- Play. Freeware download of OTS Software Toolbar, size 0 b.