Update New Version For Mac

Banana Accounting 6.0.8 Banana.ch 

After continuous improvements and while paying maximum attention to the suggestions of our users, a new update to version 6.08 is available. As always, version 6 users can download it at no cost. For a number of reasons, it is worth it to start using the new release; among them, the speed in searching the smart fill for accounting files with over. Free download of Banana Accounting 6.0.8, size 22.33 Mb.


R'n'D jue 3 3 Artsoft Entertainment 

In addition to the general update of the R'n'D game engine the new version of "R'n'D jue" presents a nice Sokoban Collection.

This is based on the wide customizing features which have been developed recently while all the integrated games have been produced with the R'n'D Level Editor, which is. Freeware download of R'n'D jue 3 3, size 27.18 Mb.

Map Navigator V2 XML 1 FlashComponents 

The main update for this new version is XML, so you can now load external files without needing to edit the fla file. It can load swf, jpg, gif, png. You can also change other settings via XML. Here is an example of the XML file: Those who already have the older version "map navigator v2" won't pay so much for this version.. Free download of Map Navigator V2 XML 1, size 102.40 Kb.

Version Updater 2.1 Build 4392 Beta trwolfe 

Version Updater is a simple, lightweight command line tool that you can include in your applications in order to automatically update the version number during development.

The program works with .NET languages, C# and Visual Basic. In order to use it, you have to enter some command line arguments, such as the input file path, the. Free download of Version Updater 2.1 Build 4392 Beta, size 0 b.

Shooting Gallery Mac 1.5 EMV Software AS 

Hot classic arcade action for the Mac !

Play this fun game and try to shoot the various targets with the mouse in this fantastic new version of a classic style shooting gallery. Easy to play, hard to master, just click the screen and see how fast and accurate your shooting really is. Find all the bonus combos for big scores and maybe you. Free download of Shooting Gallery Mac 1.5, size 7.27 Mb.

Chatisfaction 1.00 Dirty Bird Interactive Inc. 

*** THIS VERSION REQUIRES iOS 4.1 Update! ***
Now supports iPhone 4 as well as NEWEST iPod and iPad with FaceTime Chat (yes, chat with iPod, iPad 2 and iPhones together!!)

Statuses are now enabled - choose from a list of topics so people know what you want to talk about

Abuse protection. Free download of Chatisfaction 1.00, size 734.00 Kb.

Emergency AUS 1.1.2 Gridstone Pty Ltd 

**UPDATE PENDING NOTICE: Thanks for your interest in EmergencyAUS. Please note a new version will be released mid 2014 which will include all upgrades for free. You may wish to consider holding off purchasing any new subscriptions as refunds will not be provided.**

Australians face disasters every year. When your time comes, how will you. Freeware download of Emergency AUS 1.1.2, size 8.70 Mb.

HVAC Equipment Locator 1.5 Carmel Software Corporation 

PLEASE NOTE: The latest update to this app displays an alert announcing a major new version of this app that will be released later this month. However, the date displayed in the in-app alert is incorrect. We will be releasing the major update on July 23rd, 2014 NOT July 8th, 2014. You can continue to use the app as usual until July 23rd, 2014.

Ximian Evolution for Mac OS X 1.4.6 evolution-osx.sourceforge.net 

Binary package of Ximian (Novell) Evolution (X11 version) for Mac OS X, with native Mac OS X installer.. Freeware download of Ximian Evolution for Mac OS X 1.4.6, size 13.93 Mb.

Falah FireBird Manager 1.0 Falahfbmanager 

NEW version 1.0.6!!! is released. Bugs fixed related to system thread. Database Management Control for FireBird database developed using .NET (C#) .

Create new firebird database, table and field without SQL, Open and execute SQL scripts, Create Procedure, Trigger and View, Insert, Update and Delete data from a table in an instant just. Freeware download of Falah FireBird Manager 1.0, size 0 b.

Lodo (Outdated - check link for new ver) 1.0 Lodophp 

Outdated - check link for new version

Accounting, Invoices, Salary, Projects, Reports

Lodo (Outdated - check link for new ver) 1.0 License - MIT License. Freeware download of Lodo (Outdated - check link for new ver) 1.0, size 0 b.

FXChrome 1.6.4 dkgo 

The Beta Channel lets you test an experimental new version of this add-on before it's released to the general public. Once you install the beta version, you will continue to get updates from this channel.. Freeware download of FXChrome 1.6.4, size 660.60 Kb.

EMA (Electricity Meter Analyzer) c-sharplizards.com 

EMA - Electricity Meter Analyzer, See how and when you use your power, turn this to your advantage and save without reducing power consumption FREE for Personal Use New version with solar generation is now available.. Freeware download of EMA (Electricity Meter Analyzer), size 5.78 Mb.

Church Secretary Pro Edition 2.0 Dennis Baggott and Sons 

A new version is being considered to improve some of the reports, and possible changes to Import procedures. When available, this will be a free version upgrade to registered users. I do not have a firm time frame for the next upgrade, nor have I decided if this will be a minor, incremental release, as I have only received complaints from one. Free download of Church Secretary Pro Edition 2.0, size 15.47 Mb.

AbbStore - Medical Abbreviations, Eponyms & Acronyms 2.2.4 BestApps 

? "AbbStore is the Complete Resource for
Medical Abbreviations, Acronyms and
? "...an impressive and surprisingly useful app"
-theiphoneappreview.com (Rated 9/10)



Now has definitions of
OVER 16,000
Medical. Free download of AbbStore - Medical Abbreviations, Eponyms & Acronyms 2.2.4, size 2.62 Mb.

Bar Dice 1.05 Limit W 

Liars Dice Trainer! Learn to play the game against the Artificial Intelligence or practice to better hone your skills.

Each new version of Bar Dice will include a new game, or new Aspects of an existing game. Future games will include Boss, Ship-Captain-Crew (4-1-24) and Piggy. Each update will also tweak the Artificial Intelligence to. Freeware download of Bar Dice 1.05, size 2.83 Mb.

Christian Praise Songbook and Hymnal 2.1 Rich Sipe 

New Version - iOS7 optimized

The ultimate mobile Christian worship praise songbook and hymnal. This app contains over 6,000 classic hymns lyrics and 350+ praise worship song lyrics.

UNIVERSAL APP - Search all the lyrics and song titles on. Free download of Christian Praise Songbook and Hymnal 2.1, size 38.48 Mb.

Microgetics Font Effects (MFE) 1.1 Microgetics Corporation 

**** New Version 1.1 ****A font effects application designed for users who want control, power, and flexibility, MFE delivers the tools you need to easily create great looking eye-catching logos and animations for the web.The new version now exports PNG files and allows you to set the JPG output quality and more...Comes with 24 high quality. Free download of Microgetics Font Effects (MFE) 1.1, size 3.33 Mb.

FTP Glister 3.3.653 RDSoft inc. 

FTP Glister is the program of new generation, which using the new version of the protocol FTP, and as other protocols, allows at a qualitatively new level to use resources of the data link. FTP Glister - the unique product which can work with such protocols as SSH, in environment Windows and *nix. Constant improvement of the basic characteristics,. Freeware download of FTP Glister 3.3.653, size 840.70 Kb.

E-mail Talker 4 Scorpio Software 

New version of popular email notification software for Hotmail, POP3 accounts. Your favorite speaking animated character reads aloud incoming emails. Features antispam filtering, simultaneous account checking. Lets you listen to your emails, web pages, documents, help files or anything else you copy to the clipboard. E-mail Talker Online Manual. Free download of E-mail Talker 4, size 2.97 Mb.