Usb Copy Lock And Play Audio In Any Players

USB Copy Protection 5.51 kakasoft 

USB Copy Protection is a one-stop-solution program to prevent all your files in a USB flash drive or other types of mobile storage devices from unauthorized copy and distribution. It can COPY PROTECT a wide range of file formats such as EXE, DOC, XLS, PPT, PDF, TXT, FLASH, CAD, PSD and other video, audio, image formats. With the adoption of the. Free download of USB Copy Protection 5.51, size 6.08 Mb.

USB System Lock 1 8 Wong Ho Wang - HoWangSoft 

USB System Lock (USL) is the solution to lock your system by a USB drive. USL can work on MP3 Player(with USB port), thumb-size USB storage, card reader...etc. A computer that locked by USL can unlock by the USB drive which contain the correct key only.. Freeware download of USB System Lock 1 8, size 100.61 Mb.

CATraxx Audio Player 9.35 FNProgramvare 

CATraxx Audio Player is a separate program that will play audio files attached to your CATraxx database. While you can of course play audio files from within CATraxx, the audio player is a great alternative if you simply want to play music and do not need to edit data. You can use this program without having CATraxx installed on the computer. Freeware download of CATraxx Audio Player 9.35, size 6.50 Mb.

Rain Sounds for Sleep and Relaxation 1.2.1 Steven Boynes 

Crisp, clear, ambient rain sounds. Great for creating a natural atmosphere for deep sleep, meditation, or relaxation.

High Quality Crisp, Clear, Ambient Rain Sounds
Play audio in the background so you can lock the screen and save battery life.
Sleep Timer to automatically stop playing audio after you've fallen asleep.

PlayPad Digital Audio Player 1.0 NCH Software 

Play audio, mp3 and music with this playlist software
PlayPad is free digital audio player software for Windows, Pocket PC or Smartphone devices. Playing your music and mp3s on a computer has never been easier. Within minutes you will be able to import your audio, create your playlist and then sit down and listen.

This audio player. Free download of PlayPad Digital Audio Player 1.0, size 283.12 Kb.

Voice Shield Programmer 3 SpikenzieLabs 

Voice Shield Programmer is a useful tool for the users that own a Voice Shield and need to configure their Arduino device to play audio sound bytes. The program allows you to connect to the Voice Shield and to record sounds into a selected slot.

You can use the program to view the connection status and to play the recorder files. It can. Free download of Voice Shield Programmer 3, size 0 b.

NCHcart 1.0 NCH Swift Sound 

Select, cue and play audio on a Windows computer with a sound card.

The NCHcart application was designed to let you easily select, cue and play audio on a Windows computer with a sound card. The software is designed for Radio Station broadcast studio use but can also be used for stage presentations, ground announcements or venue. Free download of NCHcart 1.0, size 325.06 Kb.

All Player 2.0 SteelSoft 

Play audio and video files of all audio and video formats. It is a highly portable multimedia player for various audio and video formats, including AVI,DAT,MP4,MKV,Divx,Xvid,wmv,asf,mp3 and OGG, as well as for DVDs,VCDs. It comes with a sleeker, more media center-focused design and packs plenty of codecs under the hood to play just about any media. Freeware download of All Player 2.0, size 35.30 Mb.

Aiseesoft Free media Player 1.0.26 Aiseesoft Studio 

If you want to watch 4K/HD video on your computer, this free video player will be your best choice. It supports both the SD video, HD video and 4K video resolution. Are you looking for a player that would handles different types of music and video format? Try this free awesome player! You will never disappointed with its wonderful ability. This app. Free download of Aiseesoft Free media Player 1.0.26, size 42.99 Mb.

AlarmWiz 2.1 AcroVista Software 

AlarmWiz is an easy to use reminder program and task scheduler which can play audio (mp3, wav, CD audio), dial Internet connections, send email or pages, perform FTP transfers, launch programs, and more. The program features a flexible scheduler which allows for a wide range of scheduling including hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly alarms as well. Free download of AlarmWiz 2.1, size 1.35 Mb.

Abdio MP3 Converter 6.6 Abdio Software Inc 

Abdio MP3 Converter is a professional software for Convert Audio Files and Play Audio Files. You can Convert MP3 to MP3, MP3 to WAV, MP3 to MP2, MP3 to OGG, MP3 to VOX, MP3 to GSM, MP3 to U-LAW, MP3 to ACM, MP3 to ADPCM, MP3 to G.726, MP3 to G.723, MP3 to G.721, MP2 to MP3, MP2 to WAV, MP2 to MP2, MP2 to OGG, MP2 to VOX, MP2 to GSM, MP2 to U-LAW,. Free download of Abdio MP3 Converter 6.6, size 2.70 Mb.

SE-MediaPlayer 1.7.2 SE-SOFT.COM 

Use SE-MediaPlayer to organize and play audio and video files, CDs, DVDs and flash clips.Main features:* A single player for audio, video, flash files, CDs and DVDs
* Support of all modern multimedia file formats
* Embedded media library with powerful filtering feature
* Built-in codec installer
* Customizable view with lots of. Freeware download of SE-MediaPlayer 1.7.2, size 7.27 Mb.

Tekline Universal Media Player 1.0.2 Tekline Publishing 

Tekline Universal Media Player is an application designed to play more than just videos, it is also able to play audio files and to display picture files.Tekline Universal Media Player is a free software, easy to use and with lots of interesting features.. Freeware download of Tekline Universal Media Player 1.0.2, size 15.67 Mb.

musicbox digital juke box 1.0 

Name "musicbox" System to manage a digital jukebox via web interface: Supports: Music Play Audio CD Play and Rip Music File upload. NEXT: Full file managment. Tools: - Free Pascal, JavaScript unix shell.. Freeware download of musicbox digital juke box 1.0, size 10.47 Kb.

SpotMachine 0.3 

A program to record and sequentially play audio spots in e.g. supermarkets.. Freeware download of SpotMachine 0.3, size 63.42 Kb.

MuLab 5.1.0 MUTOOLS 

MuLab is a handy and reliable program designed to help you create and play audio and MIDI files. It will transform your computer into a complete music studio. MuLab does not overwhelm you with a complex feature set, in which you can get lost.

On the contrary, MuLab is a user-friendly yet rock-solid musical tool designed to create,. Free download of MuLab 5.1.0, size 0 b.

Madame MiamMiam's Music Player 0.3.7 Matthieu Bachelier 

Madame MiamMiam's Music Player is a compact application designed to help you play audio files. It allows you to scan multiple folders for music files and to organize them in playlists.

The interface of the application and the program behavior can be customized by changing the button appearance or by setting keyboard shortcuts. The player. Free download of Madame MiamMiam's Music Player 0.3.7, size 0 b.

SE-MediaPlayer Portable SE-SOFT 

Use SE-MediaPlayer to organize and play audio and video files, CDs, DVDs and flash clips.

Main features:

* A single player for audio, video, flash files, CDs and DVDs
* Support of all modern multimedia file formats
* Embedded media library with powerful filtering feature
* Customizable view with lots of. Free download of SE-MediaPlayer Portable, size 2.75 Mb.

HLDJ 1.6.02 Renegade 

Half-Life DJ lets you play audio files over the voice communication system in any Half-Life or Source-based game. Play your favorite audio clips and keep your audience entertained!


in-game file browser
interactive console interface
quick & easy setup
customizable profiles for. Free download of HLDJ 1.6.02, size 1.85 Mb.

English Conversation For Intermediate Learner 1.0.1 Vu Truong Thanh 

English Conversation is an excellent app for anyone learning English as a second or foreign language.
You will learn over 1,700 Conversations on 40 Topics, improve your Listening Skills, and develop your Speaking Skills.

- Play audio in background
- Loop audio. Free download of English Conversation For Intermediate Learner 1.0.1, size 441.45 Mb.