Usb Hid Com

USB HID Terminal 1.0 Arun Sharma 

USB HID Terminal is a simple, small and useful application that can help the user receives and send data from an USB port under the HID class.

Now, you can use this simple USB HID communication tool to send and receive the data you need.

. Freeware download of USB HID Terminal 1.0, size 0 b.


HIDSharp 1.5 James F. Bellinger 

HIDSharp is a lightweight C# library designed to allow the use of USB HID devices with VB6 and MS Access programs.

HIDSharp is COM enabled and can be used on multiple platforms. It adds support for USB HID devices to your applications.

. Free download of HIDSharp 1.5, size 0 b.

USB HID Logger 1.5.1 build 215 AGG Software 

USB HID (human interface device) is a class of USB devices for interacting with people. Initially, this class included such devices as keyboards, mice, gamepads. The detailed specification of the HID interface made it possible to produce devices that do not interact with people directly, but use the HID interface to transmit data. If a USB device. Free download of USB HID Logger 1.5.1 build 215, size 15.36 Mb.

FlexiHub 5.0 Electronic Team, Inc. 

FlexiHub is a must-have tool for remote operations with USB and COM devices. Create a centralized control center for all networked peripherals and share local devices over Ethernet or the Internet in a couple of clicks. You can redirect traffic from USB and COM devices to both real and virtual machines, cloud-based or powered by any popular. Free download of FlexiHub 5.0, size 9.33 Mb.

generichid rc 

Build your own USB HID device. GUI and firmware to produce USB HID device, ie joystick, gamepad, CNC Pendant. Supports pots, buttons, switches, LEDs, LCDs, encoders. Linux and win32.. Freeware download of generichid rc, size 38.18 Mb.

HidLibrary.NET 1.0 Hidlibrary 

This library written in C# provides access to USB HID devices from the .NET Environment. It uses the system-supplied functions in hid.dll.Features include sending/receiving input/output/feature reports and detection of plugging/unplugging.

HidLibrary.NET 1.0 License - GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (LGPL). Freeware download of HidLibrary.NET 1.0, size 0 b.

Ultraship U-2 Driver 1.0 Ultrashipdriver 

Middle level device drivers for the Ultraship U-2, a USB HID scale, no brand or company name available. Includes basic test scripts, drivers, example implementations and documentation. The output of this driver will insert it into applications.

Ultraship U-2 Driver 1.0 License - BSD License. Freeware download of Ultraship U-2 Driver 1.0, size 0 b.

UPS Assistant Alexey V.Voronin @ Dreamy 

UPS Assistant is intended for monitoring of status of the Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), connected to a computer through USB- or COM-port and supporting the Megatec/Centralion protocol (Ippon, Mustek, Sven, Inelt, ...). Features UPS Assistant - * monitoring of status of the UPS, connected to a computer through USB- or COM-port; * logging. Free download of UPS Assistant, size 0 b.

Sim Recovery Data recovery usb drive recommends highly advance quality Sim Recovery application provides facility to retrieve mistakenly formatted and accidentally damaged data stored in sim card. Sim Recovery program is helpful to restore phone book contact details, erased dial call details, deleted send and received text messages from mobile phone sim. Free download of Sim Recovery, size 2.44 Mb.

EZ-USB HID Firmware 0.8.1 

Firmware for Cypress' EZ-USB (AN2131) device that lets you use keyboards, mice etc. as USB compliant Human Interface Devices.. Freeware download of EZ-USB HID Firmware 0.8.1, size 120.94 Kb.

RoboGEO 3.0 TimTech Computer 

Tag photos with latitude, longitude, and altitude information. RoboGEO stamps this information onto the actual image or writes it to the JPG's EXIF headers, allowing you to permanently geocode and link your photos with the GPS coordinates. All writing to the EXIF and IPTC headers is lossless and all of the existing comments are preserved. Now you. Free download of RoboGEO 3.0, size 5.37 Mb.

Hercules Lighter 1.0.1 de SpijkertjesFabriek 

Hercules Lighter lights up the light on your "hercules DJ control mp3" when working met Native Instruments TRAKTOR. Translates traktor outgoing midi signals to working usb-hid messages for your DJ controller, thus giving you finally the much wanted feedback.. Freeware download of Hercules Lighter 1.0.1, size 3.92 Mb.

KTA-223 Tester 1.0 OCEAN CONTROLS 

This is the control interface for the KTA-223 device.

The KTA-223 is a USB or RS485 controlled IO module for interfacing PCs to real world applications, such as controlling lights and sprinkler systems, reading sensors and monitoring switches and other digital signals. The Relays are capable of switching up to 5A at 250VAC, 10A at. Freeware download of KTA-223 Tester 1.0, size 2.95 Mb.

Martis Lite .0.29 T17 1.0 Stefan Ascher 

The Martis application was designed to be is a software program that lets you create and edit GPS vector maps visually with the focus on Garmin devices and maps. A special attention was given ease of use. If you ever worked with a vector graphics program you'll be familiar with creating Maps in a minimum of time. You just have to draw some lines. Freeware download of Martis Lite .0.29 T17 1.0, size 8.28 Mb.

SmartSniff for COM, LPT, USB. 4.0.8 Softicbiz 

The best tool for doing LPT, COM and USB port's data transfer logging. Using this tool you can simply do monitoring and spying data transffered through ports. This is useful for people who want to research any additional HW connected to port like mobile phones. Be twice faster than your rivals!. Free download of SmartSniff for COM, LPT, USB. 4.0.8, size 2.89 Mb.

Simple HID Library 0.0.1 Alpha mrtn 

Simple HID Library is a reliable library designed to facilitate communications with any HID USB device. Uses P/Invoke internally, no mixed mode assemblies or unmanged code.

This project aims to make it simple to communicate with a HID USB device. This library will use the HidD/HidP API. All "report parsing" is done, you will. Free download of Simple HID Library 0.0.1 Alpha, size 0 b. USB Scale Reader Beta Christopher Workman USB Scale Reader is a lightweight application that can automatically detect weight information from the scale.

The application runs in the system tray and displays any detected weight change. Hard coded scales are detected upon start, but you can also set the vendor and product ID manually, in order to add support. Freeware download of USB Scale Reader Beta, size 0 b.

USB Monitoring Control HHD Software 

USB Monitoring Control ActiveX Component (USBMC) - USB Devices Data Sniffing Control Com Library. Monitor USB Device From Your Application. USB Devices Connection Monitoring Component. The library lets you enumerate all installed usb devices, attach a monitor object to receive transferred data and control packets. The Monitor object can be attached. Free download of USB Monitoring Control, size 2.74 Mb.

HsTcp2Com (Professional Edition) 2.0 Hillstone Software 

HsTcp2Com is a communications application for Windows which allows to forward / bridge data between serial ports (RS232, bluetooth, IrDA, USB) represented as COM ports and TCP/IP connections or UDP/IP links. In the simplest scenario it is an COM port to TCP/IP converter, but it can bridge data between any combination of COM and UDP or TCP ports,. Free download of HsTcp2Com (Professional Edition) 2.0, size 419.43 Kb.

@SwIt Printfil 5.25 aSwIt Srl: Mail, Print for DOS, Windows 

Printfil allows printing from DOS, Unix, Linux, host programs to any Windows printer, including USB, GDI, network printers, IP, fax printers and PDF writers, without changes to the original applications.

Printfil can capture data sent to one or more parallel ports (PRN: , LPT1:-LPT9:), serial (COM1:-COM9:), or disk files, and. Free download of @SwIt Printfil 5.25, size 2.68 Mb.