Usb Pc Connection

LCD240128A Uploader 1.0 ARKEL 

With LCD240128A Uploader software and a PC connection you can upload your pictures and logos. You can easily make your device configuration, you can write subtitle and determine floor texts.
Just select the image you want to upload, select the slot and just upload it to the LCD Screen.. Freeware download of LCD240128A Uploader 1.0, size 2.45 Mb.


WinProx StandAlone 2 2 Fermax 

PC connection Kit is used for maintenance service in Private Systems. For maintenance service. PC management of card activation-deactivation and information transmission to READER. Includes: WINPROX software and PC-READER connection cable. The standalone version is the one that can be downloaded from the site.. Free download of WinProx StandAlone 2 2, size 32.02 Mb.

USB Monitoring Control HHD Software 

USB Monitoring Control ActiveX Component (USBMC) - USB Devices Data Sniffing Control Com Library. Monitor USB Device From Your Application. USB Devices Connection Monitoring Component. The library lets you enumerate all installed usb devices, attach a monitor object to receive transferred data and control packets. The Monitor object can be attached. Free download of USB Monitoring Control, size 2.74 Mb.

PcProtec 0.3.1 TSP Tecnologia 

- You can block the USB for connection of Pendrive avoiding not authorized copies of archives or viruses that could come from the outside.
- Block the ripping of Cds and Dvds with Windows Explorer, protecting your informations
- Set the programs that cannot be executed during the work time indicating to the PcProtec which you plan and. Free download of PcProtec 0.3.1, size 2.05 Kb.


Looking for a low cost alternative to get the most out of Hitec’s programmable digital servos? The HPP-21 Digital Programmer and Servo Tester allows you to access all the programable features right from your PC.

- PC Programmer for Hitec Digital Servos
- PC Based Digital Servo Programmer and Tester
. Freeware download of HPP-21 1.0, size 1.89 Mb.

USB PC lock 1.1 FENERIS tech 

Use any USB device as key for your PC. Protect your privacy with our new generation software.. Free download of USB PC lock 1.1, size 356.51 Kb.

OPC-5000E 5.0 Research Electronics Intl 

The OPC-5000E software combined with the USB port provides the ability to store and compare multiple Peak Traces from previous sweeps, adjacent rooms, and real-time OSCOR data. This high resolution data is easily manipulated for analysis.

The OPC-5000E brings significant updates including a high-speed USB port for PC connection,. Freeware download of OPC-5000E 5.0, size 15.44 Mb.

Windows Based Mobile Forensic Tool Drive Recovery Software 

Pocket PC forensic application is more powerful investigation tool used to extract all detailed information of windows based Pocket PC and PDA mobile device. Pocket pc analyzer tool displays database records information, operating system registry information etc and detect signal quality and battery status of cell phone that connected through USB. Free download of Windows Based Mobile Forensic Tool, size 1.23 Mb.

APO Usb Autorun 1. 6. 2002 

APO USB Autorun is an amazing software, which can be used to run any software as soon as they are linked to the system through USB drive. This software is very easy to use, and the APO USB Autorun automatically detects and extracts the file from the USB drive as CDs are auto run using autorun.inf.

APO is a “relevance. Freeware download of APO Usb Autorun 1. 6. 2002, size 1.33 Mb.

HIDSharp 1.5 James F. Bellinger 

HIDSharp is a lightweight C# library designed to allow the use of USB HID devices with VB6 and MS Access programs.

HIDSharp is COM enabled and can be used on multiple platforms. It adds support for USB HID devices to your applications.

. Free download of HIDSharp 1.5, size 0 b.

Exiland Backup Free 4.6 Exiland Software 

Exiland Backup Free is a free and powerful file backup software, that allows you to make backups of your important files. It is extremely easy, small and fast, taking just a little of system resources. It is an ideal backup solution for desktop and laptop computers, for your business or personal use. The program save backups to any storage. Freeware download of Exiland Backup Free 4.6, size 5.25 Mb.

SIM Card Text Messages Recovery Tool Windows Data Recovery 

SIM card SMS reader software is powerful and advance text message recovery software that recover and restore all lost or deleted inbox, outbox, draft and sent items message with date time and complete sender information (name and number). Mobile SIM card backup manager software easily rescue deleted contact details lost due to corruption or virus. Free download of SIM Card Text Messages Recovery Tool, size 545.26 Kb.

NCR RealPOS Scanner Flash Drive Prep NCR Corporation 

NCR RealPOS Scanner Flash Drive Prep Tool allows you to install configuration files onto your usb disk. The software requires DOTNET framework to work properly and a usb disk with minimum of 1 GB data storage for optimal performance. As soon as you plug your usb in a usb pc port the software will automatically configure it for use.. Freeware download of NCR RealPOS Scanner Flash Drive Prep, size 36.64 Mb.

Mobile Simcard Data Recovery Freeware data recovery 

Mobile phone SIM card is hardware device that store users important contact numbers, name, short message services (SMS), address book, call list and many more. Corruption of SIM card create problem for user as it lost its saved important data. SIM card data recovery software is perfect and advance restoration tool that enable user to recover and. Free download of Mobile Simcard Data Recovery, size 545.26 Kb.

MultiNetwork Manager Pro 8.0.08 GlobeSoft 

Connect anywhere fixed or wireless, quickly and securely, using powerful multi-profiling UI and wizards.The need to connect your computer to different networks is growing as we enjoy the new possibilities of mobile working. Wireless networking is changing the way we work and live our lives. We expect to be able to connect and work from wherever we. Free download of MultiNetwork Manager Pro 8.0.08, size 4.70 Mb.

Stay Connected 4.01 inKline Global, Inc. 

Tired of being cut-off while downloading or writing an email? As seen on ZD TV and PCWorld. Keep connected without ever being cut off. Stay Connected! can help solve all your disconnection problems. With multiple options to choose from, no matter how your ISP tries to disconnect you, you will never be knocked off! Stay Connected! simulates the. Free download of Stay Connected 4.01, size 1.90 Mb.

Vphonet 1.07- 15 Vphonet - LANS HK Ltd. 

Join live voice and video conferences where you can see, hear, chat or send sms. Easy- to-use, small Internet Phone (2.39MB) allows PC-to-PC , PC-to-Phone and Phone-to-PC connection.Vphonet works behind most firewalls and with low bandwith. The software provides good voice and video quality. Vphonet system offers a great solution for voice and. Freeware download of Vphonet 1.07- 15, size 2.51 Mb.

BUFFALO Secure Lock Ware 2 66 BUFFALO INC. 

BUFFALO Secure Lock Ware is BUFFALO’s free solution to the security needs of their external drives users. This Fort-Knox-like simple software performs two security-related tasks – first, it locks and unlocks any BUFFALO USB portable device, and secondly, SLW encrypts and decrypts any file or folder using AES encryption. Freeware download of BUFFALO Secure Lock Ware 2 66, size 3.87 Mb.

MultiNetwork Manager Std 8.0.08 GlobeSoft 

Connect anywhere fixed or wireless, quickly and securely, using powerful multi-profiling UI and wizards.The need to connect your computer to different networks is growing as we enjoy the new possibilities of mobile working. Wireless networking is changing the way we work and live our lives. We expect to be able to connect and work from wherever we. Free download of MultiNetwork Manager Std 8.0.08, size 4.70 Mb.

Echelon LonScanner FX Protocol 4.0 Echelon Corporation 

If you install or maintain control networks, you'll find the LonScanner FX Protocol Analyzer invaluable. It captures, analyzes, characterizes, and displays network packets in a simple format so you can pinpoint network or device faults and identify potential solutions. It's also the first protocol analyzer that works with Echelon's. Free download of Echelon LonScanner FX Protocol 4.0, size 56.96 Mb.

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