Using Event Logging

Hotel Hero 1.5 HotelDNA 

Hotel Hero
HotelDNA Event logging and Reporting App

Event Logging and Reporting
-Add new events
-Close open events
-Receive notifications from other staff members directly on your iPhone or iPod touch.
-Add Photos to events using your iPhone or iPod touch.
-Review active and closed events.

Don't. Freeware download of Hotel Hero 1.5, size 4.09 Mb.


Log4TSql 0.0.9 

Log4TSql is a a simple framework of tables and routines that can be added to any database on SQL Server 2005 (or greater) that supports simple event logging and exception handling.. Freeware download of Log4TSql 0.0.9, size 28.34 Kb.

Express Agent 2.2 Vale Software 

Express Agent lets you schedule and execute jobs and backups for SQL Express. Schedule other events for SQL Express. Full event logging and email notification. Can add, edit, delete, monitor and schedule jobs on multiple servers. Can export jobs to file and import jobs from a file, this is good for shipping jobs to a client site. Wizard for. Free download of Express Agent 2.2, size 4.08 Mb.

cuftpd 1.3 

cuftpd is an ftp-server written in java. It supports SSL/TLS, comes with local and remote userbase and statistics capabilities (via rmi over ssl),an extensive permission system, event logging and supports "zipscripts" like pzs-ng.. Freeware download of cuftpd 1.3, size 856.88 Kb.

WorkflowSim 1.0 Workflowsim 

WorkflowSim is a workflow simulation tool focusing on comprehensiveness. The tool is written in Java, using event-driven method.

WorkflowSim 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of WorkflowSim 1.0, size 0 b.

Lusca test framework 1.0 Lusca 

Lusca is a test-framework for testing network applications under unix-like operating systems. Provides remote equipment control, automated script execution, event logging and more.

Lusca test framework 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Lusca test framework 1.0, size 0 b.

ActiveX/COM Inspector 1.1.13 oakland software 

The ActiveX/COM Inspector allows you to inspect and execute any ActiveX control. It works with controls and typelibs automatically showing the documentation associated with classes and members. Quickly find out how a control behaves using event logging, a visual design surface, method execution and property inspection. Use it to help understand. Freeware download of ActiveX/COM Inspector 1.1.13, size 265.22 Kb.

Win-Digipet 11. 1. 1962 Firma Digipet 

WIN-DIGIPET is a far-reaching, intelligent and very user-friendly program to control model railroads, using Märklin-Digital / Uhlenbrock/Modeltreno Intellibox components.

- Easy data input and execution- even for the computer novice. WIN-DIGIPET immediately points to the data in error.

- Support of. Free download of Win-Digipet 11. 1. 1962, size 49.29 Mb.

24x7 Scheduler 5.0 Build 382 SoftTree Technologies 

24x7 Scheduler is a useful and reliable enterprise class scheduler for batch and event-driven process automation.

24x7 Scheduler is a quick, effective way to get the job done. It allows new users to build robust automation solutions in minutes. For sophisticated users it offers powerful scripting environment with extensive support for. Free download of 24x7 Scheduler 5.0 Build 382, size 0 b.

WehnTrust 1.2 skape 

WehnTrust is a Host-based Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS) for Windows 2000, XP, and Server 2003. It includes support for exploit mitigations that are designed to make exploitation more difficult by preventing the use of specific exploitation techniques and by making exploitation unreliable.

The following. Freeware download of WehnTrust 1.2, size 450.89 Kb.

MessengerDiscovery 3.1.167 Matt Holwood 

MessengerDiscovery has so many features to play with that we had a hard time finding a way to fit them all here. So here is just a quick taste of some of the things that MessengerDiscovery can do. Remember there is plenty more where this came from so be sure to check out the categories on the left.

<b>Features :</b>

SiteKiosk 6.0.98 PROVISIO, LLC 

This feature-packed package is designed for public access stations and turns any PC into a kiosk. Users can only access sites, applications, and settings you approve through a shell you design. You can command SiteKiosk and extend its functionality via scripts, objects, and ActiveX controls, or simply configure it with wizards. Wizards let you. Free download of SiteKiosk 6.0.98, size 11.47 Mb.

InTouch Lock 3.7 Lovelysoft 

Award-winning software to restrict access to your PC and private data. Allows you to block access to Internet, web sites, files, folders, disks, applications, desktop and more. Block files download, software installations and uninstalls. Prevent users from plugging and using USB Flash devices, memory cards, external HDDs, DVDs and Blu-ray. Free download of InTouch Lock 3.7, size 3.25 Mb.

GFI Backup - Business Edition 3.0 GFI 

GFI Backup - Business Edition provides easy-to-use centralized backup with effortless restore for corporate data such as images, spreadsheets and other documents. It delivers secure web-based management for backing up all data from across the network; provides simple and complete restore from any location using standard Zip archives ? meaning no. Freeware download of GFI Backup - Business Edition 3.0, size 46.29 Mb.

WebTimeSync 6.1 VicTech Software 

The WebTimeSync 6 time synchronizer connects to one of the NIST atomic clock time servers to synchronize your computer's clock. The Version 6.1 release removes the dependency on COMDLG32.OCX (and is now smaller than ever before), adds server health monitoring, detection of Windows XP and 2003 for event logging, and fixes a long-known bug with the. Free download of WebTimeSync 6.1, size 432.13 Kb.

MoreMotion Advanced Suite 3.2 MOR YAZILIM 

MoreMotion Advanced Suite offers Web developers a Component Based Development Environment equipped with numerous unique features. Advanced Designer supplies the developers with all the advantages of XML, which is the most innovative software technology of our time and of the future.Try and see for yourself, how professional applications can be. Free download of MoreMotion Advanced Suite 3.2, size 45.74 Mb.

SannySoft Perl Editor 3.1 SannySoft 

SannySoft Perl Editor 3.1 is a feature-packed Integrated Development Environment for Perl programmers. Why do Perl coders need it? Here is an analogy - you probably have both Notepad and MS Word on your PC. Both are text-editors or word processors. Which tool do you think professional writers prefer? MS Word, of course, because it has far more. Free download of SannySoft Perl Editor 3.1, size 2.43 Mb.

nogoop .NET Component Inspector 1.1.12 nogoop software 

The Component Inspector allows you to inspect and execute any .NET code (application, class, or component). The inspector includes the following: Event Logging - View the events generated as a result of the execution of any object. Examine the all event information related including the stack trace and event object; Visual Design Surface - Examine. Free download of nogoop .NET Component Inspector 1.1.12, size 260.10 Kb.

PDF Automation Server 3.00 Qoppa Software 

PDF Automation Server (PAS) is a unique product that can automate the receiving, processing and routing of PDF documents in your organization.

PAS can receive PDF documents from multiple sources concurrently, including email, ftp servers and local or network folders. Processes can then be defined independently for each document source to. Free download of PDF Automation Server 3.00, size 30.00 Kb.

PDF2AFP Transform Server 3.0 IPDS Printing Solutions Inc 

Transform PDF documents to AFP with enterprise class software in high volume environment. The software allows users to convert PDF to AFP by dropping or uploading PDF files into a hot folder and getting the converted AFP in the output folder. It's a server based product, and you can share the input hot folder and the output folder as a network. Free download of PDF2AFP Transform Server 3.0, size 1.41 Mb.