Using Which Language Ace Money Is Developed

accounting 4 all 1.0 

ICEBERGO Accounting aims at providing the world with state-of-the-art user friendly accounting applications, which are exclusively designed and developed in MicrosoftA® Access and deployed using MicrosoftA® Access Runtime.

Accounting, Billing, Inventory, Stock Re-order, Taxes. Freeware download of accounting 4 all 1.0, size 0 b.


Quiky 1.0 BSL s.r.o. 

Quiky (Quick Wiki) is a simple, easy to use and clever personal offline wiki for your iPhone and iPod Touch.

Each wiki consists of several pages with contents, which can be formatted using markup language (similar to Wikipedia's).

Quiky offers automatic "distraction free" layout, when editing page in landscape mode,. Freeware download of Quiky 1.0, size 209.72 Kb.

Vortex Library 1.1.11 Advanced Software Production Line, S.L. 

Vortex Library is an implementation of the RFC 3080 / RFC 3081 standard definitions, known as the BEEP Core protocol, implemented on top of the TCP/IP stack, using C language. It comes with a complete XML-RPC over BEEP RFC 3529 support, complete support for TUNNEL profile (which allows to perform proxy operations for every BEEP profile developed),. Free download of Vortex Library 1.1.11, size 2.73 Mb.

ShortTalks 2.30 B38 1.0 Shortcode 

ShortTalks is a program running on Windows, using which you can exchange text messages (chat) with other persons through your mobile phone connected to the computer or through Internet. Transition of text messages is doing by means of SMS (Short Message Systems) or email service. Of course, your partners must have a mobile phone and/or an email. Free download of ShortTalks 2.30 B38 1.0, size 2.99 Mb.

Open Dice Language 1.5 

ODL is a language for describing dice rolls and applications using that language.. Freeware download of Open Dice Language 1.5, size 493.95 Kb.

CCPlanner 1.0 Ccplanner 

The main goals of this project are:
1) To create an easy to use framework in which new algorithms can be developed and tested.

2) To provide a common test bed in which existing algorithms can be compared on common ground.

3) To allow planners to share partial solutions in hope that by using several techniques a larger. Freeware download of CCPlanner 1.0, size 0 b.

GoldLoad 1.0 Benthic Software 

Goldload allows you to import and export delimited and fixed-width ascii files to and from Oracle using any language capable of calling ActiveX Automation Objects (often called OLE Automation Servers or just Automation Objects.) GoldLoad consists of two Automation Objects; the Import object and the Export object. The objects are heavily optimized. Free download of GoldLoad 1.0, size 985.66 Kb.

Twebst Automation Studio 2.0 Codecentrix Software 

-Professional IE web automation using the language of your choice: C#, VB.Net, VBA/Excel, JScript, VBScript
-Record web actions and auto generate IE macros with powerful Twebst Web Macro Recorder.

-Fill out web forms automatically. Auto. Free download of Twebst Automation Studio 2.0, size 2.72 Mb.

Flip_Themes_Package_float_cartoons 1.0 

Undeniable, cartoons always bring us enjoy and laughs, no matter how old we are, or which language we use. There are many classical cartoon characters that nearly everybody knows, such as Mickey, Donald, Hello Kitty, etc.. The cartoon images we can see everywhere in our life, bags, clothes, shoes, cups, computers and books. This Float Cartoons. Freeware download of Flip_Themes_Package_float_cartoons 1.0, size 5.05 Mb.

A2E Text Building System 0.4.2 

Build texts and documents bottom-up from building blocks using a language similar (and compatible with) that of GNU Make, in such a way that variants (e.g. translations) can be generated by overwriting parts of the text with minimal redundancy.. Freeware download of A2E Text Building System 0.4.2, size 172.35 Kb.

Crow's Nest 0.1 

Crow's nest is a web based Unix(-like) server monitoring tool using interpreted language scripts as it's tests.. Freeware download of Crow's Nest 0.1, size 24.00 Kb.

EPAL Editor 1.0 

The EPAL Editor allows users to specify complex EPAL privacy policies using natural language constructs through a GUI interface.. Freeware download of EPAL Editor 1.0, size 163.94 Kb.

OntoMap 1.0 

The OntoMap Architecture is about using Natural Language to execute users requests, implemented as software components. Natural language requests are converted to an interlingua. This allows the use of different human languages to describe the requests.. Freeware download of OntoMap 1.0, size 45.95 Kb.

phpFidoNode 1.3.5 

phpFidoNode is a project intended to implement the basic Fidonet software functionality by using PHP language. Now, the main part of the project is phfito - PHP Fidonet Tosser written by Alex Kocharin.. Freeware download of phpFidoNode 1.3.5, size 174.74 Kb.

PlainXML 2.5 

Lightweight XML processor; XML-POJO mapping via Java5 annotations or DTD; Preprocessing of XML documents using expression language; Binary XML; RMI friendly XML; JSON format support; XML marshall/unmarshall; HTML as XML parser; Swing XML Viewer. Freeware download of PlainXML 2.5, size 464.34 Kb.

pwig wrapper and interface generator 0.6.2 

PWIG is a SWIG extension that allows new language modules to be developed on Python.Includes a PWIG wrapper generator for SWI-Prolog and Logtalk.. Freeware download of pwig wrapper and interface generator 0.6.2, size 624.11 Kb.

RubikCube2x2 java package 0.1 

This package has been created in order to control, solve and manage a 2x2rubik cube using java language. Its methods can mix and solve the cube, and allow the user to change the cube information in any time. There are two ways to solve the cube.. Freeware download of RubikCube2x2 java package 0.1, size 51.76 Kb.

Text encoder/decoder 1.0 

TextCodec can encode texts using simple algorithm and then decode them by using statistical language data.. Freeware download of Text encoder/decoder 1.0, size 302.72 Kb.

Distribitedbean 1.0 Distribitedbean 

Simple implementation of RMI technique using Java language. This implementation of RMI provides following advantage over other. 1. Provides XML Deployment of Remote Objects. 2. Dynamic loading of stub code to client machine.

Distribitedbean 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Distribitedbean 1.0, size 0 b.

arabic text under graphic mode 1.0 Arabictextunder 

this project to display arabic text under graphic mode , using c++ language

arabic text under graphic mode 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of arabic text under graphic mode 1.0, size 0 b.