Utility Space Control

Software Update Service StandAlone 1.004 starbaL.net 

SUSS (Software Update Services Standalone Tool) is a command-line utility to control and manage your windows clients in your patch management architecture. SUSS gives administrators excellent control on the update status of their windows clients in the enterprise. Administrators can use SUSS to configure, troubleshoot, check, report and force your. Free download of Software Update Service StandAlone 1.004, size 129.02 Kb.


Remote Disk Control 1.0 remotediskctrl.sourceforge.net 

Browser-based utility to control disks on a remote server.. Freeware download of Remote Disk Control 1.0, size 1.91 Kb.

CMDbar 2.20 Pitrinec Software 

CMDbar is a command line utility to control Windows from the keyboard.CMDbar allows you to type the most common commands such as copy and delete, easily launch your favorite programs, navigate the Web, evaluate mathematical expressions, and quickly access and explore your folders.CMDbar supports multi-line aliases and file filtering, has its own. Free download of CMDbar 2.20, size 832.51 Kb.

NetLimiter Lite Locktime Software 

NetLimiter 2 lite is a utility to control and supervise your internet traffic within WIndows. You can use Netlimiter to set a quota or restrict speed for uploads and downloads of an specific program or user. Besides these benefits, it also includes a powerful graphing tool.
It becomes really useful on home, internet stores or if you are. Free download of NetLimiter Lite, size 0 b.

MODEST - MOdifyDEScripTor - 1.0 kmodest.sourceforge.net 

Modest is an LKM piece of code that allows users, running a user-space control application which interacts with kmodest char driver using ioctl() syscalls, to redirect I/O write() or writev() system calls to a second file descriptor at runtime.. Freeware download of MODEST - MOdifyDEScripTor - 1.0, size 666.26 Kb.

Premise Plan/Execute/Monitor 1.1 premise.sourceforge.net 

A framework for bridging the gap between planning, execution, and control, especially with Stanford's whole-body operational space control framework.. Freeware download of Premise Plan/Execute/Monitor 1.1, size 291.60 Kb.

myProFTPdAdmin 1.0 Myproftpdadmin 

myProFTPdAdmin is a PHP-based administration utility to control your ProFTPd FTP-Service. ProFTPd with MySQL-Extension needed.

myProFTPdAdmin 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of myProFTPdAdmin 1.0, size 0 b.

eilin 2.1 Eilin 

eilin is a Linux library and an utility to control settings of EIZO monitors.

eilin 2.1 License - GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3). Freeware download of eilin 2.1, size 48.64 Kb.

SysEye 119 Jkd-syseye 

Utility to control all objects that you see in Windows screen (text, combo boxes, buttons, pictures...). You will be able to enable disabled objects, to hide buttons, to modify menus... Useful utility for programmers who need object's handle.

SysEye 119 License - GNU General Public License version 2.0 (GPLv2). Freeware download of SysEye 119, size 575.18 Kb.

AWACS Simulator 3.1 Inaki Campomanes 

Those who control Air Space control the Battle field.

We have created an intensive strategy/simulation of an AWACS/AEW Airplane, including E-3 Sentry, E-2 HawkEye, and A-50 Mainstay. These aircraft are key to success in modern air conflicts where dozens or even hundred of airplanes try to take what´s called as "air. Free download of AWACS Simulator 3.1, size 201.33 Mb.

BainUltra 1.0 Asystel 

The application Home Design: Create Your Own Sanctuary, offers consumers in the process of renovating or building a bathroom, the opportunity to transform this utility space into a personal sanctuary of relaxation and improved health.
?We discover Bainultra, a company whose mission for over 35 years is to promote a new art of living based on. Freeware download of BainUltra 1.0, size 13.00 Mb.

Icons Control 32 8.01 CD Software Solutions 

Icons Control 32 is an icon management, editing and conversion utility.Icons Control allows you to browse directories of icons, perform simple file management functions, convert images between ICO and BMP format, and print icons. A simple icon editor is also included.. Free download of Icons Control 32 8.01, size 2.98 Mb.

Disk Triage Expert TimeAcct Information Systems 

Disk Triage is the most powerful disk space scanning, analysis and reporting utility on the market. It will provide you with the information you need to better understand and manage the contents of your disk space, with detailed and robust reporting of the current state, comparisons and even trends. This state of the art feature is critical to. Free download of Disk Triage Expert, size 18.45 Mb.

KMremoteControl 1.00 Derman Enterprises Incorporated 

KMremoteControl, the cross-platform program that lets you use one system's keyboard/mouse to operate all the PCs and Macs on your desk:- use your favorite keyboard/mouse for all your work- recover your desk space ... hide the extra keyboards, mice and mouse pads- control your PC using your Mac ... or vice versa- avoid buying that KVM switch- great. Free download of KMremoteControl 1.00, size 2.20 Mb.

Black n' White 1.0 CrociDB 

Black n White is not Vlad's work. It is a game he started working on and lost motivation to. Somehow its been rated a 5 twice. It could be Vlad's hawtness and skill. Space to restart. Up and down to control the helicopter.. Freeware download of Black n' White 1.0, size 1.29 Mb.

Klocks 1.0 Ritchie Lawrence 

The Klocks application was designed to be a small commandline utility for that allows the Num, Caps and Scroll lock keys to be turned on, off or toggled.

Klocks is a tiny standalone Win32 executable. It does not create any temporary files, nor does it write to the registry. There is no installation procedure, just run it. To completely. Freeware download of Klocks 1.0, size 10.48 Kb.

MyVNC 1.0 Fatih Kodak 

MyVNC is a small and simple to use, remote and desktop sharing program, including a client and server. You will see the desktop of a remote computer and control it with your mouse and keyboard, over the local network and internet. It can be used for online presentations too. The Server submits the desktop screen to other clients. Clients must. Freeware download of MyVNC 1.0, size 286.72 Kb.

Space Control : The game 0717 spacecontrol.sourceforge.net 

A basic real time strategy game built from the XNA framework. Direct your fleets, control the universe.. Freeware download of Space Control : The game 0717, size 62.77 Kb.

Livenet 2.8 Joe Innes 

Livenet is a free Web Browser, designed to make surfing the web faster, safer and easier.
* Its Absolutely 100% Free
* No Adds Or Spyware
* Google Search Bar
* Bookmarks
* History
* Home Page Selection
* Full Screen View
* Progress Bar
* Livenet Filter
* System Tray Icon
* Page. Free download of Livenet 2.8, size 1.10 Mb.

Free Virtual Serial Ports HHD Software 

Free Virtual Serial Ports is an user mode driver based software with Virtual COM port rs232 null modem cable emulator.
Virtual COM port created in your Windows OS may be:
Connected to a named pipe.
Connected to a different virtual COM port, establishing a virtual serial bridge and emulating virtual Null-modem cable.
Connected to. Freeware download of Free Virtual Serial Ports, size 5.38 Mb.