Vb Puzzle Program

XWord Portable 0.5.4 wackymorningdj 

XWord is a crossword puzzle program designed to be highly configurable. It supports a variety of formats: puz, xpf, jpz, and ipuz. Includes support for rebus puzzles, "trick" puzzles, diagramless puzzles, scrambled/locked puzzles, and a timer.. Freeware download of XWord Portable 0.5.4, size 3.15 Mb.


Talking Word Puzzles 1 7 APH 

Talking Word Puzzles is an accessible word puzzle program. It lets you create and solve hidden word and crossword puzzles and provides fun, high quality speech feedback and an animated character while navigating through the puzzle grids and when the student successfully solves one of the words in the puzzle. The program also provides advanced. Free download of Talking Word Puzzles 1 7, size 51.57 Mb.

Puzzler Pro 1.0 Thomas Doyle 

'Puzzler Pro' is a family friendly puzzle program. Over 20 interesting images are included. The easy to use interface uses only five simple icon based controls. Left and Right arrow icons are used to switch images. The Refresh circular arrow icon is used to shuffle the current puzzle for another try. Tap on the thumbnail image at the bottom center. Freeware download of Puzzler Pro 1.0, size 38.69 Mb.

Bible Jig Saw bib261 1 Bible Jig saw puzzles 

Bibble Labs, Inc. Business Contacts & Company Information JigSaw. Jigsaw's Online Business Directory offers company & business contact information at VP, Director and Manager Level with complete contact info including ... Jigsaw puzzle program. Free Online Jigsaw Puzzles. Online jigsaw puzzles with different levels. Bible Coloring Pages. Freeware download of Bible Jig Saw bib261 1, size 41.94 Kb.

Coach Booking System alpha coachbs.sourceforge.net 

This will allow a coach operator to be able to book out coaches to shows and other events. To be able to do all the business need for that company. This will be a vb 6 program. I want it to be able to do the books coach plans and be able to plan the coach. Freeware download of Coach Booking System alpha, size 47.65 Kb.

DeleteDupes 1.0 deletedupes.sourceforge.net 

DeleteDupes does what the name suggests. It recursively searches thru a given directory, compares files throughout the tree, and deletes the duplicates. This is a VB.NET program.. Freeware download of DeleteDupes 1.0, size 267.08 Kb.

beWISE Freeware 4.0 Edelwise Inc 

beWISE provides a very easy-to-use interface for sharing data between your applications, allowing them to exchange information in real-time. Simply share variables among all your VB.NET, VB6 and C programs as if they where global variables of a single program. With beWISE you can make your VB.NET, VB6 and C programs work together like a team. Your. Freeware download of beWISE Freeware 4.0, size 7.60 Mb.

Visual Basic 6 Samples 1.0 Vb6sp 

Learn from Samples ! http://number1.com.nu/viewforum.php?f=82

Learn VB from Samples, VB Templates, Program Source File included in package

Visual Basic 6 Samples 1.0 License - GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3). Freeware download of Visual Basic 6 Samples 1.0, size 16.72 Kb.

VB RezQ ThunderPeek 

VB RezQ is dedicated software for the Visual Basic platform, and is capable of rewriting a program by recreating source files from the data encapsulated within the compiled file. The application can provide an accurate framework on which the user can easily rebuild the VB application and it can identify all the source files, and recover the project. Free download of VB RezQ, size 2.31 Mb.

VB.Net to C# Converter VBConversions 

VBConversions VB.Net to C# Converter is a state of the art conversion program which rewrites your VB.Net project in C#. Variable names, comments, and inline comments are preserved. Converts the 101 Microsoft VB.Net Samples Succesfully. Free Download.The VB.Net to C# Converter even converts some of the most difficult features other programs don't. Free download of VB.Net to C# Converter, size 2.05 Mb.

VBConversions VB.Net to C# and J# Converters 1.11 VBConversions 

Save Money with our Package Deal: VBConversions VB.Net to C# Converter and VB.Net to J# Converter. The VB.Net to C# Converter is a stand alone program which converts VB.Net 2003 and 2005 projects to C#.The VB.Net to J# converter is a Visual Studio 2003 add-in which converts VB.Net 2003 programs to J# conveniently within Visual Studio.Buy them both. Free download of VBConversions VB.Net to C# and J# Converters 1.11, size 3.77 Mb.

Sudoku-7 1.02 style-7 

The program "Sudoku-7" offers you the following possibilities: *play sudoku puzzle choosing seven levels of difficulty, save and load a game; *change the appearance of the table: *scale and skin (there are seven inbuilt skins and one external skin); *create your own skins by a tool "Skin maker"; *modify the appearance of the. Free download of Sudoku-7 1.02, size 1.60 Mb.

David Kakabadze - Puzzle Games 1.3 Chaganava Studio 

Explore David Kakabadze's masterpieces and play puzzle games. Entertainment and education, both in one program. David Kakabadze's (1889-1952) creative life was a hard one even full of contradictions which were shown in his great desire to develop the national traditions and to raise them to the new quality on the one hand and in the desire to. Free download of David Kakabadze - Puzzle Games 1.3, size 8.72 Mb.

Niko Pirosmani - Puzzle Games 4.3 Chaganava Studio 

Explore Pirosmani's masterpieces and play puzzle games. Entertainment an knowledge, both in one program. 12 ready puzzle games on painting images. Also, you may cut any image and create your own games.. Free download of Niko Pirosmani - Puzzle Games 4.3, size 9.18 Mb.

Visual Open Project Add-In 1.01 VisualSoft 

This program quickly and conveniently will allow You to work with a collection of Your VB projects. With the help of the given program you easily can organize access to most frequently projects used by You. And also, it is possible quickly to see properties of any project not opening it in the development environment.. Freeware download of Visual Open Project Add-In 1.01, size 607.23 Kb.

SadMan Software: Sudoku SadMan Software 

SadMan Software: Sudoku is a program that will solve any Sudoku puzzle.

This program is intended to give you the right numbers that you must place into each box. You can enter a sudoku puzzle, and order the program to solve it. Doing this, you will spoil the fun of playing the game, but that will be very useful if your work is to. Free download of SadMan Software: Sudoku, size 1.75 Mb.

Foo Buddy 3 3 Play Buddy 

Foo Buddy is a PopFu auto; a balloon-popping puzzle solving program developed for the benefit of the players of Pogo's Pop Fu™. This specialized Pop Fu bot uses efficient Pop Fu strategy to solve each puzzle quickly. Furthermore, this Pop Fu cheat navigates crates, shoots throwing stars, autoplays, and shows / plays hints! As if this. Free download of Foo Buddy 3 3, size 1.14 Mb.

Mindgames Sudoku 1.0 Ihsan Ul Haque 

The purpose of this program is to solve or create a SuDoKu puzzle. It is assumed that the user is already familiar with the concept and rules of this game. More than 20,000 sample puzzles are provided.
This program is based on rather simple but very successful algorithm. This algorithm may not be an optimum way of solving a puzzle. Once you. Freeware download of Mindgames Sudoku 1.0, size 55.62 Mb.

p3x20 1.0 Ihsan 

This program will generate a 20 word puzzle for you to solve at your leisure. All words are 3-letter long, four letters are provided as hint, hint letters can be random, all same, or user defined, overlapping letters in words must be same, a word cannot be made twice. You can use three standard or your own dictionary.. Freeware download of p3x20 1.0, size 33.56 Mb.

p5x36 2.0 Ihsan 

This program will generate a 36 word puzzle for you to solve at your leisure. All words are 5-letter long, six letters are provided as hint, letters can be random, all same, or user defined, overlapping letters in words must be same, a word cannot be made twice. You can use three standard or your own dictionary.. Freeware download of p5x36 2.0, size 45.10 Mb.