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Firevector Atmoweld 1.0 Firevector Technologies 

After the installation on your PC, Firevector Atmoweld appears as a 3D Studio Max utility plug-in. All the scenes opened in 3D Studio MAX can be exported to LightWave3D Object File (LWO). There are several types of options that affect the result to be produced by Atmoweld Exporter. In particular before the export you can adjust validation, texture,. Free download of Firevector Atmoweld 1.0, size 3.22 Mb.


GrowFX 1.7 Exlevel 

GrowFX is a system of modeling and animating plants for 3D Studio Max. You can recreate digitally a lifelike 3D model of any plant, from grass and trees to woodland using a refreshingly simple interface and an essential set of parameters that you can set up yourself. GrowFX lets you create broadleaf trees, conifers, palm trees, flowers and many. Free download of GrowFX 1.7, size 1.05 Mb.

Blaze 3D Studio Holomatix Ltd 

Blaze 3D Studio enables you to create stunning photorealistic 3D and deploy it to the Web without a plug-in. Integrate interactive 3D with Macromedia Flash presentations. Import 3D from popular packages such as Maya, 3D Studio Max, LightWave and the 3DS format. 3D features include high dynamic range lighting, animations, skeletons, blend shapes,. Free download of Blaze 3D Studio, size 7.36 Mb.

LynX 3D Viewer Lite Edition 1. 5. 2002 oZone3d 

LynX Lite is a viewer that provides advanced 3D file format features. With LynX Lite, you can view and manipulate 3D models that have been designed with various modeling softwares, such as 3D Studio Max (*.3DS, *.ASE), Maya (*.OBJ) or MilkShape3D (*.TXT) for instance. Its real time 3D technology makes LynX a very useful tool for designers and any. Freeware download of LynX 3D Viewer Lite Edition 1. 5. 2002, size 3.52 Mb.

3D Ripper DX 1. 8. 2001 Roman Lut 

With 3D Ripper DX you can capture all geometry, textures and shaders, rendered during single frame, import captured geometry into 3D Studio Max or Maya, see what exactly has been drawn by each individual draw call; and see renderstate, textures, vertex streams, index stream, vertex declaration, vertex and pixel shaders (including HLSL source code. Freeware download of 3D Ripper DX 1. 8. 2001, size 2.07 Mb.

OpenSceneGraph Max Exporter 1.0.1 

A 3D Studio Max Plugin for exporting models to the native OpenSceneGraph ( format.. Freeware download of OpenSceneGraph Max Exporter 1.0.1, size 192.50 Kb.

Material Layer Interface (MLI) 1.0004 Andreas Stumm 

With the Material Layer Interface (MLI) you can create Material Layers and passes in 3D Studio Max and it’s easy to handle them. Just create the layers and pick the objects. Assign materials to the objects and feel free to use different renderer or render settings for every single layer.
Main features:
- Easily create and. Free download of Material Layer Interface (MLI) 1.0004, size 1.07 Mb.

SquidNet Network Distribution Processor 2.66P51 1.0 SquidNet Software, Inc. 

SquidNet Software's Network Distribution Processor (SquidNet-NDP) allows just about any distributed processing application (Maya, 3D Studio Max, Blender, Lightwave, etc...) with a command-line based interface to evenly distribute job "slices", segments or frames amongst one or more network processors. All these network processors (which. Free download of SquidNet Network Distribution Processor 2.66P51 1.0, size 18.45 Mb.

Scene Manager for 3dsmax 9.102006 

Scene manager is a plugin for Autodesk 3d Studio Max that allows a quick and easy overview and manipulation of complex scenes.. Freeware download of Scene Manager for 3dsmax 9.102006, size 275.09 Kb.

Schematic Material Editor for 3dsmax 9.015 

A generalized schematic material editing system plugin for Autodesk 3d Studio Max. Please use SVN to access source files.. Freeware download of Schematic Material Editor for 3dsmax 9.015, size 1.15 Mb.

Project Society 1.0 Projectsociety 

-Programming language: C, C++-Modelling: 3d Studio Max-OS: win32,maybe linux too-MMORPG-Fantasy world-Not hack'n'slash -Good economic(You don't have to kill monsetrs, if you dont want, you can earn your living for example as a bee-keeper). Freeware download of Project Society 1.0, size 0 b.

MSX Gauntlet 1.0 Msxgauntlet 

MSX Gauntlet is a collection of scripts, plugins and dotNet assemblies for Autodesk 3D Studio Max, a coherent framework with code and doco standards designed to ease the development of higher level tools and to distribute these tools to artists.

MSX Gauntlet 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of MSX Gauntlet 1.0, size 0 b.

ColorCorrect 3.4.105 Cuneyt Ozdas 

ColorCorrect is a 3D Studio Max plug-in which can alter the colors of any (procedural or bitmap) texture so that you can create another variant or fine tune the colors of it.

It eliminates going back and forth between Photoshop and max and also lets artists to use the same map in different parts of the scene to reduces memory. Free download of ColorCorrect 3.4.105, size 0 b.

3D Compass Max 02 Spherical Horizon, LLC 

A 3D compass for the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4+ and iPads. It uses the accelerometer and magnetometer to point north no matter what orientation your device is in - even upside down!

If you have an iPhone 4+ or iPad2+, 3D Compass Max will use the gyroscope for much better responsiveness for silky smooth motion.

Use it to find true. Free download of 3D Compass Max 02, size 2.52 Mb.

XMR Editor Exotypos 

XMR Editor is a tool to create/edit tracks and vehicles. It can be used together with 3D Studio Max. XMR Editor allows prepare tracks and cars and insert into the game.

You can import any 3d model (whole track/car or single object like tree, house, driver body, tire etc) from 3dmax. You can also create your own track without 3d max.

IVCON 1.0 

IVCON can read and write a small variety of 3D graphics file formats, converting from one to the other. Currently supported formats are:3DS - AutoCAD 3D Studio Max binary files; ASE - AutoCAD ASCII export files; BYU - Movie.BYU surface geometry fil. Freeware download of IVCON 1.0, size 105.05 Kb.

Expression Facial Animation System 1.0 

Real time facial animation package based on muscle model of the face. Includes basic scripting language, full API, animation compositing, tools for creating and exporting muscles in 3D studio max.. Freeware download of Expression Facial Animation System 1.0, size 5.68 Mb.

GoeiemOGL 1.0 Goeiemogl 

This .NET 2.0/C# application can load a 3D Studio Max model from file (3DS files) and render it in OpenGL using the TAO/OpenGL library.

GoeiemOGL 1.0 License - BSD License. Freeware download of GoeiemOGL 1.0, size 0 b.

Browz 3D IstraSoft 

This program is a quick 3D model browser for Windows 9x/2K/XP which allows to have a 3D preview of models stored in the following file formats :

- 3DS - 3D Studio binary export format
- ASC - 3D Studio ASCII export format
- DXF - AutoCAD ASCII exchange format
- LWO - LightWave binary export format
- OBJ -. Freeware download of Browz 3D, size 3.52 Mb.

Cut3D 1.025 Vectric Ltd. 

Cut3D is a dedicated toolpath engine for CNC machining 3D models that have been designed using a 3D CAD or Graphics design product such as AutoCAD, Rhino3D, 3D Studio etc. or scanned using a laser or touch probe device. Cut3D's exceptionally easy to use interface leads you step-by-step through the process of loading a model, setting the size,. Free download of Cut3D 1.025, size 10.57 Mb.

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