Vietnam War Games

War Games Construction Kit 1.20 Excession Software Ltd. 

This major update contains network play fixes, joystick support, and all keys made re-definable. The War Games Construction Kit is a 3D interactive arcade game, play single player or networked. Enjoy flying airplanes, driving tanks, firing artillery and parachuting behind enemy lines. Build your own worlds and scenarios using the World Builder.. Freeware download of War Games Construction Kit 1.20, size 17.57 Mb.


Back Alley 1.0 Thanos Cardgames 

This is a suite of two plain trick taking games, played in the US army, dating back to WW-II and Vietnam War. In Vietnam War Back Alley (or Back Alley Bridge), there are four players in fixed partnerships. It is used a standard 52 card pack with two distinguishable jokers, big and little, which are the highest trumps.. Freeware download of Back Alley 1.0, size 2.92 Mb.

Gunship III - Combat Flight Simulator - FREE 3.5.6 Phanovatives 


Immerse yourself into the mist of the Vietnam war as an US helicopter or a fighter pilot.

Not like other flight sim games for mobile devices, in Gunship-III the cockpit is highly simulated with ultra-realistic 3D cockpit, full function dashboard, realistic sound effects and all moving. Freeware download of Gunship III - Combat Flight Simulator - FREE 3.5.6, size 189.79 Mb.

3D War of Tank 1.11 JIE ZHANG 

(War of Tanks) is a company launched by the DrillStudio war games. More than one 3D fighting vehicles and tanks for players to choose from, the screen is equipped unity3d engine, completely true, fierce fighting, is a very delicate tank combat mobile game!. Freeware download of 3D War of Tank 1.11, size 54.00 Mb.

Chili Shooter: A Gentleman's Game 1.1.0 Treebrain Labs 

It's the early 1970's, and the Vietnam War has ended. Foreign chili supply has reached an all time low, causing the value of hot sauce to sky rocket.

As a result, a new type of high stakes target practice develops as a sport, where friends balance a bottle of chili sauce on their head and take turns trying to shoot it at close range. The. Free download of Chili Shooter: A Gentleman's Game 1.1.0, size 13.21 Mb.

Gunship III - Combat Flight Simulator - Vietnam People's Airforce 3.5.7 Phanovatives 

This game is an expansion pack of the Gunship-III Vietnam War series.

Features flyable MIG-17PF, MIG-19 (J-6), MIG-21PFL Fishbed and MIG-21M, players could play against others USAF players online.

For more info about the Gunship-III Vietnam War Aircombat series, visit developer's page or at

Offline. Free download of Gunship III - Combat Flight Simulator - Vietnam People's Airforce 3.5.7, size 189.79 Mb.

Pacific Liberation Force 1.0 Team6 game studios 

If you are a fan of action war games, Pacific Liberation Force is an action game that you will enjoy a lot. You will have to be a pilot of an advanced war helicopter with a wide arsenal. Your enemies will try to eliminate you using many different weapons like tanks, bombs, submachine-guns, etc., and you will have to kill and destroy them first, or. Freeware download of Pacific Liberation Force 1.0, size 0 b.

OpenRPG 1.7.1 

OpenRPG is an Internet application that allows people to play Role Playing Games and some miniature based war games in real-time over the Internet. OpenRPG helps facilitate character tracking, miniature battles, and adventure building.. Freeware download of OpenRPG 1.7.1, size 1.44 Mb.

Open Ocean Combat 1.0 Openoceancombat 

Ocean Open Combat is simulation software designed to give NROTC instructors or midshipmen the capability to administer small or large scale and complex war games including submarines, ships, and aircraft.

Open Ocean Combat 1.0 License - GNU General Public License version 2.0 (GPLv2). Freeware download of Open Ocean Combat 1.0, size 0 b.

Empire:Space 1.0 Empirespace 

An economic/warfare/political space simulation in the vein of the oldtrade war games with hints of total war series. Players become involved in apersistent world were they vie for supreme dominance over all other players ontheir server.

Empire:Space 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Empire:Space 1.0, size 0 b.

DWarfproject 1.0 Dwarfproject 

DWarf (Daemons about War-games, Armies-vs-Armies and Rpg using a Free-licence) is a software written in C++ and using SQL database. This is a mmorpg server, RvR oriented and works on multi-platform.

DWarfproject 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of DWarfproject 1.0, size 0 b.

Balloon Defense 3D HD 1.1 IT Top 

Balloon Defense

Balloon Defense is an addictive tower defense game for everyone who likes war games and shooters. If you're fan of bloons td 5 and bloons td battles and you like animals games you'll definitely enjoy this one!

How to play: shoot air balloons near the road to protect your base from enemies.
Features of. Free download of Balloon Defense 3D HD 1.1, size 36.81 Mb.

Grumpy Zombie 3D 1.1 IT Top 

Do you like zombie war games or crazy fighting games? Maybe you love scary boxing games with warrior monsters?
Extremely funny battlefield game! Good for people, who want to practice your accuracy and dexterity. The action takes place in a cemetery, where you must stand up to the last breath and defeat the enemy!

***How To Play:

Guerilla Frontier Jungle Crash - Frontline Army Commando Heroes Battle of 2 Camps 1.0.1 Switchback Media LLC 

It's a war zone in that jungle! The Vietnam War was one of the ugliest and toughest battles in the history of the U.S. armed forces. It changed the way we chose to do battle in future wars.

Unfortunately, you've been dumped into the war zone circa 1971. There is dizzying gun fire, napalm explosions for what seem every 10 seconds and a. Freeware download of Guerilla Frontier Jungle Crash - Frontline Army Commando Heroes Battle of 2 Camps 1.0.1, size 25.06 Mb.

Gunship-II HD 2.0.3 Phanovatives 



Immerse yourself into the mist of the Vietnam war as an US helicopter pilot.
Be part of the new air mobility tactic which helicopters are heavily used to insert troops into battles, transport supplies. Free download of Gunship-II HD 2.0.3, size 92.69 Mb.

Gunship III - Combat Flight Simulator - U.S. Navy 3.5.7 Phanovatives 


This game is an expansion pack of the Gunship-III Vietnam War series.

Features flyable A-1 Skyraider, A-4E Skyhawk and F-4B Phantom II.

Full feature U.S. Navy carrier take-off and landing with deck crew, Surface to Air Missiles for both side, Radar Warning. Free download of Gunship III - Combat Flight Simulator - U.S. Navy 3.5.7, size 189.79 Mb.

Lead Wars 1.8 DemonStudios 

Lead Wars is a turn-based strategy game requiring smart thinking and physical skill. It simulates the real life paper war games played in the days before portable gaming devices which needed only a pencil, some paper and lots of imagination!

Charted #1 Strategy Game in 23 countries!

You control a fleet of planes, tanks and. Free download of Lead Wars 1.8, size 24.33 Mb.

Air Assault Task Force 1.0 Shrapnel Games, Inc. 

While the first military application of a Helicopter took place in 1942, when the German Kriegsmarine began to use Flettner FL-282s as anti-submarine warfare platforms, the helicopter truly came of Age as a battlefield weapon during the Vietnam War. Unlike the Second World War, which saw many battles in or near heavily urbanized areas, with easy. Free download of Air Assault Task Force 1.0, size 223.16 Mb.

Asgard Heroes free war games 0.1 Evolution Vault 

Stranded by your people on a deserted planet, you must rebuild everything and reach the stars in an epic quest for freedom and glory. The planet you are sitting on right now can become your Asgard1 or your tomb... This deep space browser game2 will allow you to carefully plan your defense, trade, spy, create treaties, forge alliances or wage wars.. Freeware download of Asgard Heroes free war games 0.1, size 61.44 Kb.

Kings Online 1.0 

Kings online. This game will attempt to combine games such as Settlers, Blacknova Traders, and medieval war games into a php/mysql turn-based online game. RPG elements may also be included.

Kings Online 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Kings Online 1.0, size 0 b.