Virtual Library Multimedia

Shark Virtual Library beta1.2 Shark-vlibrary 

Shark Virtual Library (shark-vlibrary) allows to share trougth an web java application educational, cultural and other types of documents (e-books, researches, articles, sounds...) it is specially designed for educational purposes and institutios,
Three kinds of users can manage and use the documents what are saved in diffrerent sections that. Freeware download of Shark Virtual Library beta1.2, size 8.68 Mb.


Hansgrohe USA Virtual Library App 1.8 ePaperFlip 

Hansgrohe USA's Virtual Library contains digital versions of the latest Hansgrohe and Axor brand literature - explore and learn about our award-winning fixtures for bath and kitchen.
Literature may be viewed vertical (single pages) or horizontal (2-page spreads). WiFi connection is recommended for downloading the app.
iOS 5.1 and above. Freeware download of Hansgrohe USA Virtual Library App 1.8, size 2.83 Mb.

Virtual Server Deployment Manager 1.3.0 Microsoft 

Based on the concept of templates, Virtual Server Deployment Manager manages the virtual library (templates and ISO images) in a simple and productive way. A "must have" tool for Virtual Server customers that manage large number of machines or need to frequently recreate images based on a master image (template).

Using this. Free download of Virtual Server Deployment Manager 1.3.0, size 0 b.

Tabularium 1.0 Tabularium 

A web platform to host a virtual library for public and free books.

Tabularium 1.0 License - Affero GNU Public License. Freeware download of Tabularium 1.0, size 0 b.

eVirtualLibrary 1.0 Evirtuallibrary 

e-Virtual Library is a simplified file-based content management software. With in this program users may arrange content as flexible as they want.

eVirtualLibrary 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of eVirtualLibrary 1.0, size 0 b.

AAP Journals 4.2 Highwire Press, Inc 

New from the American Academy of Pediatrics, AAP Journals is the app that will change how you stay current in pediatrics. Now you can access a virtual library of authoritative resourcesall straight from your mobile device.

AAP members and current subscribers can access full-text articles, recent issues, content published ahead of print,. Freeware download of AAP Journals 4.2, size 24.22 Mb.

SketchUp to Ogre Exporter 1.2.0beta9 Sketchuptoogre 

This is a Ruby script for Google SketchUp which can export 3D scenes to the Ogre 3D rendering engine. It is released under the LGPL.
Development is sponsorized by ASA-Lab at the Virtual Reality & Multimedia Park.

SketchUp to Ogre Exporter 1.2.0beta9 License - GNU Library or Lesser General Public License version 3.0 (LGPLv3). Freeware download of SketchUp to Ogre Exporter 1.2.0beta9, size 27.38 Kb.

PocketBible Laridian Reading Plans 1.0 Laridian 

The PocketBible Laridian Reading Plans (LRP) 1.0 is a software plug-in for PocketBible for Windows, an application that allows readers to study their Bibles, study notes etc., and to keep them collected in a virtual library. This plug-in is from a PocketBible collection of bible study material and it provides readers with various schedules for use. Freeware download of PocketBible Laridian Reading Plans 1.0, size 0 b.

Visual Bibliotecas 9 5 FloresSoft S.A. 

Visual libraries it is a program for management of libraries as well as the lending(borrowing) of the books. Management of Documentation and Files. Scanning documents. The program can be adapted to the needs of the user.
- Control of books, author and publisher as well as the status of the same (borrowed or not) and. Freeware download of Visual Bibliotecas 9 5, size 16.60 Mb.

Yakoo Manager 0.2 beta 1.5 Herbaux Mathias 

Yakoo Manager is a software divx. This software lets you make a virtual library of all your Movies / Divx on your computer or on your storage devices (USB key, external hard drive ...).


* Gestion de divx
* Gestion de films
* Bibliothdoduque de divx
* Ajout automatique de films

A-Media Scanner AMMTools 

A-Media Scanner will help you to catalog your multimedia library and create music and video Web pages. This software gathers properties of audio and video files from media clip collection, generates XML catalog index and exports this data as HTML pages, playlists, XML or other custom defined documents.A-Media Scanner gathers information such as. Free download of A-Media Scanner, size 836.61 Kb.

Simple DirectMedia Layer for Windows 1.2.14 SDL 

Simple DirectMedia Layer is a cross-platform multimedia library designed to provide low level access to audio, keyboard, mouse, joystick, 3D hardware via OpenGL, and 2D video framebuffer. It is used by MPEG playback software, emulators, and many popular games, including the award winning Linux port of "Civilization: Call To Power."
. Free download of Simple DirectMedia Layer for Windows 1.2.14, size 0 b.

Virtual Library for Moodle 0.1.0 

It is a block for Moodle that provides the functionalities (catalog, search, read, etc.) of a library in a virtual environment. -- Bloque para Moodle que provee las funcionalidades (catalogar, buscar, leer, etc.) de una biblioteca en un entorno virtual.. Freeware download of Virtual Library for Moodle 0.1.0, size 306.07 Kb.

Monte Media Library 0.6.4 Werner Randelshofer 

The Monte Media Library was developed as an Open Source and accessible a Java library for processing media data.

Supported media formats include still images, video, audio and meta-data. This library has some overlap in functionality with the Java Media Framework (JMF).

For some codecs, the Monte Media Library provides. Free download of Monte Media Library 0.6.4, size 0 b.

Retro Reader Library Birdco Computer Services 

A pleasant way to enjoy reading or listening to books at home or from most any mobile media device.Quickly and easily build a library of thousands of books you can read, search, or listen to. Great for students and for anyone who would like to get a little more literature into their life.. Free download of Retro Reader Library, size 57.67 Mb.

FRSLibrary 2. 3. 2000 Fourth Ray Software 

FRSLibrary helps you manage your multimedia items. Haven't you always wanted to organize your CD's, books, DVD's, etc.? FRSLibrary can help you with any of the following: know what you own; watch that movie or read that book you forgot you had; maintain a list of possessions for insurance purposes; build a wish list for Christmas or your birthday;. Free download of FRSLibrary 2. 3. 2000, size 3.23 Mb.

Virtual Library about HCI/CMC 1.0 

Library about HCI/CMC is a meta-project using those two fields's research to implement an optimum information display and management.. Freeware download of Virtual Library about HCI/CMC 1.0, size 20.85 Kb.

ffplay_win New alkra 

ffplay_win was developed as a small and accessible FFmpeg based media player library for Windows.

Now you can make use of the ffplay_win Open Source library to further improve your development process.

. Freeware download of ffplay_win New, size 0 b.

.netshrink 2.5 PELock Software 

.netshrink is an executable compressor and DLL binder for .NET applications. It uses LZMA compression library and can decrease your file size even by 50%. With .netshrink you can also bind multiple DLL libraries to the output file so you can redistribute your application as a standalone file. It can also protect your files with a password. Password. Free download of .netshrink 2.5, size 901.77 Kb.

Album Express 4.0 Fookes Software 

Album Express is a great Windows tool for creating slick, professional-looking picture albums for home, friends and the Web. Its wizard-like interface and built-in templates make it easy to present your pictures in style: you can produce a slide show, create an index, catalog your pictures, and build a fully searchable image database -- all with. Free download of Album Express 4.0, size 2.47 Mb.