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SAT Words College Vocabulary Software 1.4 Pathos Learning, Inc 

SAT Words College: This vocabulary software covers high-frequency SAT vocabulary words with engaging backgrounds and constant interactive learning situations. Studying these words improves performance on any verbal standardized test, including the ACT and GRE. Full scoring and tracking of all user responses is included. Engaging direct vocabulary. Free download of SAT Words College Vocabulary Software 1.4, size 35.76 Mb.


SAT Words College 1 Pathos Learning 

The SAT Words College prepares you (or your students) for the verbal SAT. With engaging graphics and sound, this program takes the learner through a variety of learning and quizzing scenarios with complete data tracking and high classroom usability. It teaches 360 SAT words (with high potential recurrence) in all with 10-word groups taught in 15 to. Free download of SAT Words College 1, size 13.21 Mb.

English Vocabulary Builder for SAT 3600 Words 3. 2. 2018 Pacific Lava English 

It is a powerful Software not only for studends but also for parents and tutors. For students, it is an open and interactive product to add new words, write own notes for each word, or update explanations and examples. Besides, it traces all test and review activities and offers reports to let students, parents, and even tutors know how the course. Free download of English Vocabulary Builder for SAT 3600 Words 3. 2. 2018, size 1.38 Mb.

ABC Cards - Word Family Writing HD 1.0 Hien Ton 

** Featuring 73 Word Families and over 630 Vocabulary Words


Kids learn to read early by using Word Families (as known as Analogy Phonics) by finding commonality (i.e. short a sounds or long e. Free download of ABC Cards - Word Family Writing HD 1.0, size 8.60 Mb.

ABC Cards - Word Family Writing HD Free Lite 1.0 Hien Ton 

** Featuring 73 Word Families and over 630 Vocabulary Words


Kids learn to read early by using Word Families (as known as Analogy Phonics) by finding commonality (i.e. short a sounds or long e. Freeware download of ABC Cards - Word Family Writing HD Free Lite 1.0, size 8.81 Mb.

Vocabulary for GRE ACT SAT AP CLEP GED 1.3 Pathos Learning, Inc 

The SAT Word Mage brings to you or your students a fun means of learning vocabulary! Few vocabulary resources for elementary secondary and college students provide the in-depth study of vocabulary for English literacy and fluency through vocabulary activities that promote real vocabulary retention. This one does. Improve literacy by teaching. Free download of Vocabulary for GRE ACT SAT AP CLEP GED 1.3, size 33.59 Mb.

Vocaboly 2.1 Vocaboly Software 

Vocaboly is a learning software for English vocabulary, especially for TOEFL, GMAT, GRE, SAT test takers, through many learning methods, including test and game, memorizing will be much easier and more efficient, above all it's fun.Main Features[Big Vocabulary]Vocaboly contains five books: "VOA Special English", "TOEFL",. Free download of Vocaboly 2.1, size 3.22 Mb.

SAT GRE Crash Course 1.0 Sheppard Software 

SAT GRE Crash Course teaches 840 frequently appearing SAT and GRE words. It features a study level and five different learning levels. The five learning levels allow the student to attack the words from different angles allowing more complete learning. A special 'Crash Course' rapid learning plan is also included.

The 840 vocabulary. Free download of SAT GRE Crash Course 1.0, size 883.71 Kb.

Vocabulary Stretch 2.0 Merit Software 

Vocabulary Stretch is easy-to-use vocabulary-building software that helps students recognize words in different contexts and understand where many English words come from. The software enriches vocabulary by providing challenging activities such as matching words to ideas and completing crossword puzzles. After an assessment, students work on. Free download of Vocabulary Stretch 2.0, size 6.00 Mb.

Vocabulary Highlighter 0.3 Son Nguyen 

Highlights all words that were added into a list. Use this add-on to study languages or be informed of the information you are interested in.

How to use:
- Select a single word or a group of words on a web page.
- Right click, choose Vocabulary Highlighter > Add. A dialog will appear. Add a note if you want, choose OK.

RAPIDTeacher 1.00 rapidteacher.com 

RAPIDTeacher is a handy application which helps you to memorize words, phrases or formulas, technical terms, dates of events or anything else in an easy and comfortable way while working on PC. The words are popping up on the screen in set intervals. Focus on your work and learn at the same time. Build your own vocabulary whenever you come across a. Free download of RAPIDTeacher 1.00, size 13.25 Mb.

10th Grade English Vocabulary 2.0 Wasabi Ventures, LLC 

10th Grade English Vocabulary

Enjoy this packet of 10th Grade English Vocabulary Flashcards created by the mad scientists at TestSoup. Hopefully you'll learn a thing or two.

Step into the TestSoup time machine for few seconds now. Imagine that you've now gone through the set of flashcards a few times. If you did, you would. Freeware download of 10th Grade English Vocabulary 2.0, size 943.72 Kb.

Quiz-Buddy 4 Sierra Vista Software 

Quiz-Buddy is an award-winning Windows program that helps students in learning and test-preparation activities. Quiz-Buddy is designed to improve student results in SAT, PSAT, GRE, GMAT and other standardized tests. It can also be used for vocabulary-building, learning foreign languages and can be integrated into a curriculum that requires. Free download of Quiz-Buddy 4, size 2.41 Mb.

Brainisaurus 1.0 BeBop Games, LLC 

Brainisaurus is an amazing word game that will provide you with nonstop entertainment while helping you to power up your vocabulary. The gameplay is simple and fun: you are given clues to help you solve words. Once you've solved the words, you will be given a Word Quotient (WQ) score. Think of WQ as the word skills equivalent of IQ. Get higher. Free download of Brainisaurus 1.0, size 24.12 Mb.

Wordtrainer 3.0 Markus Kil+as 

Wordtrainer is a computer program developed to make it possible to learn words fast and easy. You write the words in the program and than you can practise them many times. The program can also be used by teachers to print lists to the students. The words are saved in specially lists so you can practise them many times, which is good if you for. Free download of Wordtrainer 3.0, size 2.12 Mb.

Easy Words, Spanish 1.2 Pinch Village 

Brand new to Spanish? Brushing up? Think you've mastered it? Try Easy Words in Spanish!

Easy Words is an easy way to measure and expand your knowledge of basic Spanish. It allows you to play simple word puzzles anytime, anywhere, at your own pace, and amass hundreds of basic words in your vocabulary.

Easy Words uses a simple. Free download of Easy Words, Spanish 1.2, size 104.86 Kb.

Hangman HD + Multiplayer Bluetooth 1.2 Renato Pessanha 

Hangman HD is a very popular word guessing game specially designed for your iPad. It is also an educational application where you can improve your vocabulary.
Play alone or with a friend via bluetooth.

Features of this application:

- A large numbers of words in its database, divided in many categories like "SAT. Free download of Hangman HD + Multiplayer Bluetooth 1.2, size 4.61 Mb.

ABBYY Lingvo 12 ABBYY Software Ltd 

ABBYY Lingvo offers the easiest way to translate words from Russian to English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Turkish, Ukrainian, Latin and the other way around. It provides comprehensive collection of dictionaries, advanced search capabilities, easy-to-use interface and can be installed on desktop PC, laptop, PDA and. Free download of ABBYY Lingvo 12, size 362.00 Mb.

English Vocabulary & Word Builder Quiz 1.0 Sylvester Renner 

English is clearly the most widely spoken language in the world and in todays shrinking world it is increasingly important that you become very fluent with and conversant with the English language.

This app will help you do just that by helping you to learn, master, improve competence / fluency and become more and more confident with. Free download of English Vocabulary & Word Builder Quiz 1.0, size 25.48 Mb.

Learn Italian - Transportation 1.0 Pinewood Applications 

Learn Italian Transport

A Classic app for the kids based on everyday modes of transport. This will help them learn and recognize their early Italian words and also teach them how to read, spell and how to improve their speech.

This is a collection of 72 Flashcards that have easily recognised day to day things such as. Free download of Learn Italian - Transportation 1.0, size 27.68 Mb.