Voice Acting

Blackwell Unbound 1.0 Big Fish Games, Inc 

The year is 1973. The sound of a lone saxophone drifts over the Roosevelt Island promenade, while a series of accidents plague a midtown construction site. It`s everyday life in New York, as far as the citizens are concerned. The people of Manhattan take no notice of these events. Embittered medium Lauren Blackwell and her spirit guide Joey Mallone. Free download of Blackwell Unbound 1.0, size 160.90 Mb.


The Blackwell Legacy 1.0 Big Fish Games, Inc 

Play the role of Rosangela, a medium, in The Blackwell Legacy. She must assist tormented spirits by investigating supernatural mysteries with the aid of her spiritual guide Joey Mallone. The duo's first case will involve a series of suicides at a local university. Something unnatural has forced these students to kill themselves, and only you can. Free download of The Blackwell Legacy 1.0, size 188.26 Mb.

EM Voices 3.5 Bias 

FREE. Australia's top voice over casting app with demos.

Professional voice casting just got a whole lot easier. Download this free app to get an exclusive selection of Australia's leading voice over artists in your pocket at all times wherever you happen to be.

EM Voices represents the highest calibre voice artists in. Freeware download of EM Voices 3.5, size 7.03 Mb.

Mafia II 2.0 2K Czech 

Mafia II is a third-person shooter from the same writing team of Mafia. In the game you play Vido, who returns to the States from the war and soon finds that crime is well payed. He associates with a gang and starts from the lowest ranks of the organization. I won't spoil much more than that for you.

The game has an open-world. Free download of Mafia II 2.0, size 0 b.

The Last Remnant 1 5 SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. 

The Last Remnant is a role-playing game with a solid story, numerous characters from diverse backgrounds, and an intricately designed battle system. The PC version of the game presents new additional features and improved gameplay.
Battles can now be played out with twice the speed for faster and smoother game progression. Unlike the Xbox 360. Free download of The Last Remnant 1 5, size 0 b.

Age of Oracles: Tara's Journey 32.0 Jolly Bear Games 

Age of Oracles: Tara's Journey is a very interesting and well-done hidden object game. You are Tara who must travel the land looking for instructions from dwellers of the tarot deck. The goals vary from chapter to chapter. In the first chapter, you will have to return the objects in your inventory to the black and white scene. As you put the. Free download of Age of Oracles: Tara's Journey 32.0, size 0 b.

Crashday [Honosítás] 1.0 ValuSoft 

Crashday is racing game very similar to Nadeo's TrackMania, offering the possibility of creating your own tracks, performing stunts, and racing at very high speeds. However, the race modes lack coherency and the combat and stunt are not really good. The stunt modes include tracks filled with ramps, loops, and jumps, but the tracks are rather. Free download of Crashday [Honosítás] 1.0, size 0 b.

Echo: Secret of the Lost Cavern 2 82 Kheops Studio 

Echo: Secret of the Lost Cavern is a fantastic adventure game set in The Lascaux Caves in the prehistoric era. In this game you play a young hunter named Arok who gets stuck in these caves, while trying to escape a bear. The whole game involves picking up items that are placed in your inventory and must be later used to achieve certain goals, like. Free download of Echo: Secret of the Lost Cavern 2 82, size 43.21 Mb.

Postcards from Anozira 3 2 Himalaya Studios 

The Mayor of Anozira needs your help to drive tourists to the town! Explore the vast desert land and learn about the local stops and interesting wilderness areas as you use your Hidden Object skills to attract new people to the area and help local business survive. Explore the exotic world of the Wild West and discover a host of unusual treasures.. Free download of Postcards from Anozira 3 2, size 102.82 Mb.

Visual3D.NET 9. 9. 2001 Realmware Corporation 

Visual3D Game Engine's All-in-One Development Tool enables live world building for C#/XNA-powered 3D games, multi-user training simulations, GIS/CAD visualizations, and online virtual worlds.
Visual3D accelerates development with built-in Terrain, Entity, Mission, Visual Scripting, Particle FX, IronPython, Conversation, Road, Decal, and. Free download of Visual3D.NET 9. 9. 2001, size 373.40 Mb.

Ancient Quest of Saqqarah 1.19 Codeminion 

Restore the ruined temples in an ancient tournament of divine puzzles! Take part in the Ancient Quest of Saqqarah and descend deep below the sands to the magical underground oasis filled with puzzles, treasures and mysteries! It's up to you to fulfill an ancient Egyptian prophecy and stop evil god Seth from breaking out of his arcane tomb prison.. Free download of Ancient Quest of Saqqarah 1.19, size 26.55 Mb.

Play Freddi Fish 3:stolen conch shell BostonHiTech.com 

While this children's game is quite appealing, the trial's time limit may put off potential players. Freddi Fish 3: The Case of the Stolen Conch Shell stars a female fish and her friend Luther. Young children will find the mouse-based navigation easy to figure out, though some of the puzzles take a little thinking. The cursor changes when it's. Freeware download of Play Freddi Fish 3:stolen conch shell, size 2.04 Mb.

2013: Infected Wars 1.1.2 Action Mobile Games 

Originally $6.99! Are you ready to experience the most challenging action horror shooter in the App Store? Features the first ever full multiplayer co-op campaign for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. Fight zombies and epic bosses with your friends through post-apocalyptic environments.

? Co-Op Multiplayer ? 4 Character Classes to Level. Freeware download of 2013: Infected Wars 1.1.2, size 633.34 Mb.

BananaNinja 1.5 Skyreader Media Inc. 

Discover the next generation of storytelling with Skyreader Medias immersive and interactive childrens e-books.

Can Banana Ninja survive the food fight of his life? Read how Banana Ninja teams up with Cinnamon? Sumo save the stock at Pats Corner Grocery from the evil Rat Boss. But when Banana Ninja and Cinnamon Sumo stumble into the. Free download of BananaNinja 1.5, size 156.24 Mb.

Bar Crawl: A Night to Forget 1.0 Krishna Velury 

MonoAxe Games presents Bar Crawl: A Night to Forget.

Stand your ground in a bar fight for as long as possible! Try not to get knocked out!

Drunkenly fight your way through a bar using a control scheme that combines the puzzle style of Puzzles and Dragons, with the erratic movement and hilarity of Twitch Plays Pokemon. The. Freeware download of Bar Crawl: A Night to Forget 1.0, size 58.93 Mb.

Charly the Vet 1.0 1st-day 

"I would definitely recommend this app to parents who have children who love animals or dream of becoming a vet when they grow up!" 5/5 The iPhone Mum.

"The game is packed full of knowledge, which it delivers in brilliant ways." 4,5/5 OneUpGaming

Welcome to the amazing world of Charly The Vet! Charly loves. Free download of Charly the Vet 1.0, size 427.82 Mb.

Charly the Vet Lite 1.0 1st-day 

"I would definitely recommend this app to parents who have children who love animals or dream of becoming a vet when they grow up!" 5/5 The iPhone Mum.

"The game is packed full of knowledge, which it delivers in brilliant ways." 4,5/5 OneUpGaming

Welcome to the amazing world of Charly The Vet! Charly loves. Freeware download of Charly the Vet Lite 1.0, size 427.82 Mb.

Charm Princess+MOVIE + Storybook 1.2 Kasim Qureshi 

A magical princess. A kung-fu Monkey. An evil villain. -- The perfect combination for any story!

Each page features an INTERACTIVE MOVIE which brings the story to lifeliterally!

We have all heard princess stories before but have you ever wondered what it takes to become a princess?

Join Princess Chloe as she. Free download of Charm Princess+MOVIE + Storybook 1.2, size 120.59 Mb.

Emissary of War 1.1 Cedar Hill Games Inc. 

The emissary's journey is almost complete! Only a single treaty remains to be brokered and then home to a hard-earned rest. As long as nothing goes wrong
Hack and slash your way through legions of mercenaries and monsters that want you dead, as you fight to uncover he secret plot against your dominion.

- Action RPG style. Freeware download of Emissary of War 1.1, size 45.19 Mb.

Eternal Legacy HD 1.0.0 Gameloft 

Enter a huge world made of cinematic environments in this intense role-playing game, a worthy heir of its Japanese predecessors, now optimized for your iPad!

- An absorbing story implying heavy responsibilities: As Astrian, you must save Algoad from destruction and restore the living bond between. Free download of Eternal Legacy HD 1.0.0, size 636.49 Mb.

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