Voice Operated Home Appliances Control

SpeechVibe 2.0.4 Conceptual Speech Technologies, LLC 

Affordable speech recognition program that fully replaces a mouse and keyboard for even the most difficult task. It offers universal mouse-control through automated hot-spots and a mouse-grid to perform more complex operations like drag-and-drops. Further allows dictation anywhere with unprecedented formatting flexibility and a quick alternate. Free download of SpeechVibe 2.0.4, size 86.07 Mb.


Speereo Voice Operated Organizer.Sapie. 3.11 Titan Information Service 

Multiple Pocket PCOCOs Best Software Finalist, Sapie has become even smarter and handy by now!Sapie is trained to provide brand new means of personal time management - voice interaction with a user. Talk to Sapie as if you were having a real-life dialogue with your secretary.This technology exceeds any possible expectations you might have, loading. Free download of Speereo Voice Operated Organizer.Sapie. 3.11, size 8.42 Mb.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Standard 11 5 Nuance Communications Inc 

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Home speech recognition software lets you interact with your PC just by talking! It understands what you say and how you say it. Speak words and they appear on the screen — three times faster than typing. Tell your PC what to do and it does it. Use your favorite applications to create documents and email, surf the. Free download of Dragon NaturallySpeaking Standard 11 5, size 31.74 Kb.

Enerwave Home 1.0 Enerwave Home Automation 

Enerwave Home

Description+++ IMPORTANT NOTE +++
While leaving feedback is important and valuable information. If you have a problem using this app, please contact us at tech@enerwaveautomation.com so we can help you (and other users) and make Enerwave Home a better app.

Enerwave. Freeware download of Enerwave Home 1.0, size 7.65 Mb.

Home Automation control 1.0 Robbie Dickson 

This motion controller works with the Firgelli Auto Relay board you must buy. Then you can connect motors or actuators to control with this app.. Freeware download of Home Automation control 1.0, size 1.05 Mb.


Call Control for BroadWorks allows you to originate calls from your Windows Phone through your BroadSoft BroadWorks powered desk phone and enables easy control of Remote Office, BroadWorks Anywhere, DND and Call Forwarding settings while on the move. If used with an account that is a member of a Call Center, joining/unjoining and control of the. Free download of Call Control, size 1.05 Mb.

StoryHarp 1 3 Kurtz-Fernhout Software 

The StoryHarp Audioventure Authoring System adds the dimension of voice to interactive fiction development, harking back to the great story-telling traditions of old. The StoryHarp player uses speech, sounds and music to talk to you -- and you play the "audioventure" simply by talking back! Once the audioventure starts, you can turn off. Freeware download of StoryHarp 1 3, size 10.35 Mb.

VoxOx 2. 6. 2004 TelCentris 

VoxOx a service that strives to unify all of your communication channels voice, video, IM, text, social media, e-mail, fax and content sharing into a single, intuitive interface, giving you full control of your interconnected lifestyle. VoxOx enables you to manage all of your connections and contacts holistically, requires you to give up nothing. Freeware download of VoxOx 2. 6. 2004, size 28.78 Mb.

VoxOx for Mac 2. 6. 2004 TelCentris 

VoxOx a service that strives to unify all of your communication channels voice, video, IM, text, social media, e-mail, fax and content sharing into a single, intuitive interface, giving you full control of your interconnected lifestyle. VoxOx enables you to manage all of your connections and contacts holistically, requires you to give up nothing. Freeware download of VoxOx for Mac 2. 6. 2004, size 49.60 Mb.

VRS Recording System for Linux 5 43 NCH Software 

Professional Multi-Channel Audio and Telephone Recorder Software
* Telephone line recording (call recording)
* Remote audio monitoring
* Radio communication recording
* Other specialized voice recording applications
VRS is a professional digital audio recording application for Windows or Linux PCs. This multichannel. Free download of VRS Recording System for Linux 5 43, size 838.66 Kb.

Hidden Recorder Oleansoft 

Oleansoft Hidden Recorder is an invisible and easy-to-use PC activity monitoring tool that captures snapshots from the webcam and screenshots of the active application window or the entire desktop at the predefined time intervals varying from 5 seconds to 1 hour and saves the recorded images to a specified directory on the hard drive. The images. Free download of Hidden Recorder, size 608.17 Kb.

HalfPhoto - Limited Time Offer 1.0 Alan Dragomirecky 

HalfPhoto - an indispensable utility for taking pictures of your home construction or renovation project. HalPhoto is great for aligning photos taken at different times of landscapes, buildings or any other types of photography. Also lets you align your iPhone/iPad camera with an existing photo by superimposing it on your screen, so that you can. Free download of HalfPhoto - Limited Time Offer 1.0, size 1.68 Mb.

Raspberry Pi Geek 3.7.2 Linux New Media USA, LLC 

Raspberry Pi Geek is a magazine for the open hardware community, featuring the amazing $35 Raspberry Pi computer. Rasp Pi has gained a cult following around the world as a platform for programming, gaming, and home automation. The power and simplicity of the Raspberry Pi evokes the excitement of an earlier generation, when hackers worked close to. Freeware download of Raspberry Pi Geek 3.7.2, size 50.96 Mb.

Flashcards - Professions KLAP Edutainment Pvt Ltd 

Children learn about different professions with this wonderful app. Kids get to learn at their own pace with real life pictures of different professionals. A clear voice over teaches the child to associate the words to the pictures. Children will not only learn about community helpers like teacher, doctor, firefighter, etc, but also about other. Free download of Flashcards - Professions, size 12.58 Mb.

Oni: Light Control untitled network 

Release notes

Walk into your living room, play some nice music, and simply say "Set lights to Dusk". Or, place your phone near one of your wall paintings and watch the lights fade to the colors of your artwork.

Oni: Light Control allows you to set the color of the lights in your home* from your phone. Create. Free download of Oni: Light Control, size 8.39 Mb.

Vocal commands for Microsoft Xbox One Brain-Sys Srl 

"Voice commands for Microsoft Xbox One" is a list of available voice commands for Microsoft Kinect Xbox One. The commands are grouped by genre for easy access. The application also use speech synthesizer for read selected command.
The list of commands is publicly available on the official website:

Minutes of Meeting Recorder 4.2 XemiComputers Ltd. 

This program allows you to take minutes of meetings by recording discussion and writing standard summaries. The audio recorder built in the program saves each new recording as a separate section and offers real-time OGG audio compression and voice operated recording mode. It also features transcription playback mode, audio editor for making. Free download of Minutes of Meeting Recorder 4.2, size 3.40 Mb.

Dream Match Tennis 1.04 Bimboosoft 

Dream Match Tennis is the most realistic 3D tennis game.You can play REAL tennis at your home computer.Control the ball and win the match!*Game Features, - 2 game modes, Challenge and Exhibition.- 3 court surfaces, Hard, Grass and Clay court.- 4 characters, - Supports keyboard and joypad, It is strongly recommended to use joypad.- Supports PLAYER. Free download of Dream Match Tennis 1.04, size 21.39 Mb.

Ariane Controls Aces 1 7 Ariane Controls 

The Ariane Evaluation Software is an easy tool that helps evaluating the reliability of the powerline communication with PLM-1-based transceivers. It includes a basic configuration tool to compute configuration strings for the PLM-1. Thanks to its low cost high performance technology, Ariane Controls offers solutions for a wide variety of. Freeware download of Ariane Controls Aces 1 7, size 1.13 Mb.

PC Lock Station 2009 1.0.0001 LPS Software & IT Solutions 

PC Lock Station is software that allows you to monitor and limit the activities that a user can perform when you use a PC. It has application in many fields.
Their use in the work environment increases the productivity performance of workers to reduce the periods of activity in non-productive tasks outside the strict labor.

In. Free download of PC Lock Station 2009 1.0.0001, size 9.19 Mb.