Watchman Nee

Web Watchman 9.0 Multiicon 

<span class="tx">Web Watchman is an easy to use yet powerful tool that can block website access and the use of unwanted executables to other then authorised personnel.

Web Watchman software works according to the order settings of the authorised person. It is very useful tools for all the offices as well as home. It has. Free download of Web Watchman 9.0, size 0 b.


WatchMan (GNU GPL) 0.45 

WatchMan is a process killer daemon. Is intented for killing process which may become a problem due to several reasons, like taking too much time in user or kernel mode, using too much CPU or memory, etc.
NOTE: This version of WatchMan is looking for process taking too much time only.
What's new:

* Added signal handling for. Freeware download of WatchMan (GNU GPL) 0.45, size 52.43 Kb.

Watchman 6.1 Anfibia 

Watchman is now the tool of choice for protecting your system in a reliable way. With a simple interface, Watchman delivers file protection, application usage logging, and access control management. Simple and productive: Stops unwanted applications, Protects system settings, Protects documents from tampering, Monitors application usage, Sends. Free download of Watchman 6.1, size 1.05 Mb.

Disk Watchman 1.8 MetaProducts Corporation 

Disk Watchman is an application that monitors your hard, removable and mapped network drive resources. It displays free and used disk space on real-time basis. You will be able to see and/or notified by E-mail/ICQ/SMS/sound when your free disk space falls short certain values. DW contains rapid tools to find disk space reserves (backup, temporary. Free download of Disk Watchman 1.8, size 1.09 Mb.

WATCHMAN - a php fontend to Motion 1.0 Watchman 

WATCHMAN - a PHP based interface to the great webcam monitoring program Motion

WATCHMAN - a php fontend to Motion 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of WATCHMAN - a php fontend to Motion 1.0, size 0 b.

CoSOFT 2006 2.0.9 BTU 

The new BENZING software CoSOFT 2006 is especially designed for companies providing security personnel services:

It supports the watchman patrol clocks:

- BENZING Cogard model 3000
- BENZING Cogard model 3000 GSM
- all earlier Cogard models (such as Cogard 1000, Cogard 800 etc.)

Some new. Free download of CoSOFT 2006 2.0.9, size 2.24 Mb.

Northeast ACARS 1.0 Northeastacars 

Northeast Virtual Airlines ACARS, Flight reporting system for NEE pilots using FS9/FSX

Northeast ACARS 1.0 License - GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3). Freeware download of Northeast ACARS 1.0, size 0 b.

Abithea 2.0.6 Abithea 

Depuis 1998, notre groupe, enracine dans la vie economique et associative en Seine-et-Marne, Val de Marne, Essonne et Seine Saint Denis, est constitue de 24 agences (65 collaborateurs) beneficiant d'une excellente notoriete, nee de la qualite de nos services.

Avec notre application iPhone vous avez un outil complet de recherche et de. Freeware download of Abithea 2.0.6, size 5.35 Mb.

Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell 4.0 Fee Tan 

Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell, nee Stevenson (29 September 1810 12 November 1865), often referred to simply as Mrs. Gaskell, was an English novelist and short story writer during the Victorian era. She is perhaps best known for her biography of Charlotte Bronte. Her novels offer a detailed portrait of the lives of many strata of society, including the. Free download of Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell 4.0, size 18.04 Mb.

Gregory Capra Coaching Sportif 4.5 BeMyApp Media 

Bienvenue sur Gregory Capra Sport !

L'entreprise est nee de ma volonte de reconcilier un large public avec son corps. Depuis 2006 je structure la prise en charge sur le plan sportif et alimentaire de centaines de personnes qui font confiance ? mon equipe et ? moi-meme.
Soucieux de conserver chez eux un niveau de motivation eleve,. Freeware download of Gregory Capra Coaching Sportif 4.5, size 5.45 Mb.

Qlinx 2.1.31 Qlinx Networks BV 

Qlinx is een online uitnodigingssysteem tussen (flex)medewerkers met hun opdrachtgever(s).Met deze app ontvang je pushberichten met nieuwe uitnodigingen waarop direct online gereageerd kan worden met 'JA' of 'NEE'. Door deze online verbinding communiceer je razendsnel met je opdrachtgever en op het moment dat het jou uitkomt. Wanneer je niet. Freeware download of Qlinx 2.1.31, size 3.15 Mb.

Raad de Naam 2.0 KenisInternet 

In het gezellige familiespel Raad de Naam moet je zoveel mogelijk namen raden van bekende mensen. Het spel is op twee manieren te spelen namelijk door het stellen van gesloten vragen waar alleen ja / of nee mogelijk op is of door iemand anders hints te laten geven over de persoon die op je telefoon staat.

Hoe speel je het spel?
Vul. Freeware download of Raad de Naam 2.0, size 19.71 Mb.

Raadselkat 1.0.3 Chamin Hardeman 

Hoi, ik ben De Raadselkat.
Ik woon al jaren onder de brug. Het is dan ook mijn brug. Zo zie ik dat. Soms zit ik op de brug in het zonnetje. Soms wil er iemand passeren. Maar dat kan ik niet zomaar toestaan. Nee. Je moet het wachtwoord weten.... Free download of Raadselkat 1.0.3, size 41.21 Mb.

Radio Salve 1.01 Ludovic Lecerf 

Radio Salve Regina est nee le 1er Octobre 1993. Par son nom (qui evoque la celebre priere mariale mais aussi lhymne corse traditionnel le ? Dio vi salvi Regin* ) elle veut, dans sa tres modeste realite
saffirmer ? la fois catholique, mariale, Corse, et proche de ceux qui lecoutent. Elle est ? la disposition de levangelisation en Corse, pour le. Freeware download of Radio Salve 1.01, size 6.29 Mb.

RCM Press Office 1.0 Omnys 

Rassegna stampa delle pubblicazioni dei brand Everline, Nee Make UP, Everline SPA. Freeware download of RCM Press Office 1.0, size 11.32 Mb.

La Petite Poucette TouchyBooks, S.L. 

** La Petite Poucette est la plus petite fille du monde !**

Elle est nee dans une fleur et elle decouvrira la nature qui est pleine de surprises et d?aventures. Poucette, une petite fille tres, tres petite, est emportee par une vilaine grenouille qui veut la marier ? son fils.
Elle arrivera finalement ? s?echapper de ce malheureux. Free download of La Petite Poucette, size 31.46 Mb.

Prosto Disk Cleaner 2.2 Prosto Software 

If you had never thought of yourself as of a space hog, cleaned your e-mail folders on a regular basis, moved pictures and files to DVD and deleted the copies from the hard disk, uninstalled the unnecessary programs as soon as they were no longer needed, and did other things to keep your PC clean and running fast. Have you still wondered why has. Free download of Prosto Disk Cleaner 2.2, size 1.78 Mb.

Emberwind 1 2 Timetrap 

Help free the city of Grendale from the evil CandleFinger and his gremlin hordes. The grand city of Grendale is under siege by mischievous hordes of gremlins and only a stubby gnome watchman named Kindle Elderwood can answer the call for a hero. Sail through the clouds on your ancient snow owl and deploy your cane of justice to save the kingdom. Free download of Emberwind 1 2, size 36.91 Mb.

GEEKS Portal System 1.4 Geeksportal 

GEEKS Portal System is a website portal system that allows for any admin to install and setup a web based portal system from online, customize the site looks and all the options and have an instant website filled with features most Geeks commonly need.

GEEKS Portal System 1.4 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of GEEKS Portal System 1.4, size 0 b.

Watchman Pro 4.0 enthwavemedia 

FREE Fully Functional Software Will Monitor Your Websites 24/7, Telling You Instantly If Your Sites Are Down

It Can Also Monitor Any Web Pages On Any Websites To Notify You Of Updates

The ad-free version is for your personal use only and should not be distributed.

There are NO refunds for this, so please download. Free download of Watchman Pro 4.0, size 671.09 Kb.