Web Based Service Call Management Software

Service Call Management 1.4.00 Itchysfaccess Software Development 

Service Call Management is a handy software that was created in order to be used by small to mid size organizations, or the single tradesman to simplify the management and tracking of your business service call outs and accounting services.

The ideal alternative to manually controlling your business service call-outs, accounting and. Free download of Service Call Management 1.4.00, size 0 b.


Web-based Membership Manager 1.0 Business Database Builder 

Our web-based Membership Subscription Management software is Microsoft Access 2010 web-based powerful and flexible membership subscription and club members' management database software. It designs for small to mid size club, magazine, union membership management purpose. This software will help you manage your club member information, subscription. Freeware download of Web-based Membership Manager 1.0, size 93.00 Kb.

Likno eLearning LMS 3.5.5 Likno Software 

A web-based e-Learning management system (LMS) to easily create and manage courses, lessons, surveys, tests, schedules, reports, progress, grades, and more!
With a simple user interface, Likno eLearning LMS is a powerful, object-oriented, Ajax powered, Unicode, LDAP and SCORM supporting, multilingual eLearning platform.
Many educational. Free download of Likno eLearning LMS 3.5.5, size 346.03 Kb.

BC Call Center 5.0 BC Call Center 

The Web Based BC Call Center gives you the tools needed to quickly set up a coherent support platform, saving you and your business time and money, decrease your response times and increase the efficiency of your client service operations. Features include historical records, archiving, call ownership and assignments, statistical and call activity. Free download of BC Call Center 5.0, size 2.31 Mb.

Lightweight Service Desk 1.0 Lsd 

Lightweight Service Desk is a web based service desk application written in PHP and using a PostgreSQL database to handle incident, problem, change, release & configuration management for small to medium enterprises.

Lightweight Service Desk 1.0 License - MIT License. Freeware download of Lightweight Service Desk 1.0, size 0 b.

itop - ITSM & CMDB OpenSource combodo.com 

IT Operations Portal: a complete open source, ITIL, web based service management tool including a fully customizable CMDB, a helpdesk system and a document management tool. iTop also offers mass import tools and web services to integrate with your IT. Freeware download of itop - ITSM & CMDB OpenSource, size 3.83 Mb.

itop - ITSM & CMDB OpenSource 2.0.905 Itop 

IT Operations Portal: a complete open source, ITIL, web based service management tool including a fully customizable CMDB, a helpdesk system and a document management tool. iTop also offers mass import tools and web services to integrate with your IT

Fully configurable CMDB, HelpDesk and Incident Management, Service and Contract. Freeware download of itop - ITSM & CMDB OpenSource 2.0.905, size 6.06 Mb.

Green Solution Group 1.0 Billy Leverett 

Green Solution is a leading, web-based, service management product designed by experienced Green Industry professionals, for landscape and lawn care professionals. The Green Solution product provides end-to-end features encompassing all aspects of running a successful landscaping or lawn care company in the most efficient way possible.. Freeware download of Green Solution Group 1.0, size 1.15 Mb.

QuickDrop 1.0 Carousel Digital 

QuickDrop is a filing app for your web based Office Utopia system. It brings people and their documents together into one workspace, enabling high levels of management and collaboration.

Office Utopia offers a complete web based service and solution to construct a custom, managed corporate filing system which is structured to your. Freeware download of QuickDrop 1.0, size 3.67 Mb.

logonmypc 3.6 logonmypc.com 

LogOnMyPC is the next level Web-based service that allows you to remote control your office PC or network from any Internet-connected computer include wireless PDA even if both sides behind firewall. You don't need open any port on your office firewall,integrate your exist network security. Access to your PC and network resource(email,. Free download of logonmypc 3.6, size 640.00 Kb.

Certero PowerStudio 2 1 Certero 

PowerStudio® is a comprehensive, enterprise-wide web based PC Power Management Solution. A complete solution that has no dependencies on third party products (i.e. Microsoft SCCM). By applying centralised computer power policies organisations can reduce their carbon footprint and save thousands on Electricity bills. PowerStudio®. Freeware download of Certero PowerStudio 2 1, size 14.02 Mb.

Music Retailer Management 0.01 libellous.sourceforge.net 

A simple web based accounts and management system for retailers and distributors of music and related products.. Freeware download of Music Retailer Management 0.01, size 8.70 Kb.

ssCRM 1.0 Sscrm 

A completely web based Customer Relationship Management solution specialized for IT Services Companies. The modules are:Call CenterCampaignsSurvey Customer Data Manager

ssCRM 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of ssCRM 1.0, size 0 b.

MetadataPortal Metadata Management 1.0 Metadataportal 

MetadataPortal Metadata Management software is a web based Opensource Metadata Management Solution for Enterprise Integration. For more details please have a look at the blog entry at http://www.metadataportal.com/blog/

MetadataPortal Metadata Management 1.0 License - Affero GNU Public License ; GNU General Public License version 3.0. Freeware download of MetadataPortal Metadata Management 1.0, size 0 b.

JiJi Active Directory Reports 2.5.0 JiJiTechnologies 

Active Directory Web Based Reports enables Active Directory computer Reports in Web, Active Directory OU Reports, Web Active Directory User Reports, Active Directory Group Reports, Active Directory NTFS Reports, Active Directory Passwords Reports, Active Directory user logon Reports, Active Directory GPO Reports, Active Directory users, Active. Free download of JiJi Active Directory Reports 2.5.0, size 3.25 Mb.

Autocar Web Link Direct 1.3 Aculocity 

Autocar Solutions provides a web-based service - called Autocar Web-Link Direct [EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE]- that puts you in touch with Autocar technical services. Its a new way of looking at an old idea customer service. Its sole purpose is to immediately resolve equipment issues. Your information sets in motion a team of highly skilled professionals. Freeware download of Autocar Web Link Direct 1.3, size 1.68 Mb.

CBayScribe Dictation 1.0.1 MModal Global Services Pvt. Ltd. 

CBayScribe Dictation is a free voice recording application developed by
CBaySystems, the world's leading player in transcription services.

Users get the added advantage of using our web based patient document
management system or choosing from an array of options for delivery back into their existing systems.

For. Freeware download of CBayScribe Dictation 1.0.1, size 2.62 Mb.

NetSpot Console 4. 10. 2003 Canon Inc. 

NetSpot Console is a web-based installation and management utility capable of installing and managing Canon networked systems on most customer networks. Through NetSpot Console, network administrators are provided a convenient, platform-independent utility to install and manage Canon devices from anywhere within the enterprise. In addition to basic. Freeware download of NetSpot Console 4. 10. 2003, size 0 b.

ArrayPipeline 1.30 arraypipeline.sourceforge.net 

ArrayPipeLine is a web-based Laboratory Information Management system, using MySQL, Perl CGI and R. It enables high-throughput analysis of microarray data, providing automation of data handling, and rapid creation and implementation of analysis pipelines. Freeware download of ArrayPipeline 1.30, size 123.55 Kb.

iteraplan 3.0.0 iteraplan.de 

iteraplan is a web-based Enterprise Architecture Management tool for IT landscape modelling and visualization. You can document, analyse, plan and control your IT landscape in accordance to business goals. Test the feasibility & effects of business ideas. Freeware download of iteraplan 3.0.0, size 93.03 Mb.