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Slickscreen Slickscreen.com 

Slickscreen is a new and exciting software tool that allows you to browse, record, annotate and share the web like never before.

Choose between a 1, 2 or 4 panel non-overlapping display to maximize your screen real estate.
Share your screen like expensive web conferencing software.
Drag and drop links from one panel to. Freeware download of Slickscreen, size 61.69 Mb.


OfficeOne PowerPoint Web Browser 1 2 OfficeOne 

PowerPoint Web Browser Assistant addin assists you in inserting live web pages on slides on your presentation. It uses Microsoft Internet Explorer to display the web pages. Since Internet Explorer can display PDF files too, you can use this addin to insert PDF files on slides. In addition to PDF files, Java code can be inserted into PowerPoint. Freeware download of OfficeOne PowerPoint Web Browser 1 2, size 29.84 Mb.

Rusty Meeting 1.0 Rusty Spigot 

Rusty Meeting is a free program for web conferencing.. Freeware download of Rusty Meeting 1.0, size 390.14 Kb.

WebESC 9.16 Drazen Beljan 

WebESC is a utility to help you validate the web links and much more. It is very fast. You can verify links existence, and changes in sizes of remote files. You can compare your site stored locally on your disk to your web site, i.e. can verify if all the files are succesfully uploaded or changed by a hacker. If you have links to other sites you. Free download of WebESC 9.16, size 0 b.

FTP4Shell Sergei V. Lepitko 

FTP client integrated in your Windows Explorer. Using it you can maintain your web pages, download digital images, music, video or transfer files between your PC and FTP servers. Main features: explorer like easy to use user interface, typical file operations with remote files/folders as with local file objects, recursive deletion, selective. Free download of FTP4Shell, size 505.24 Kb.

Oneeko 2.01 Genomni inc. 

Oneeko features a completely different approach to screen sharing. It is highly intuitive and gives you complete control and confidence in the screen sharing process. Oneeko's unique "looking glass" runs just like a typical Windows application. Anything that is placed within it's boundaries will get transmitted live in your guest's. Freeware download of Oneeko 2.01, size 2.26 Mb.

Djuggler Enterprise 2.0.7 Digital Architects 

Data Juggler automates repetitive Web & data tasks without programming code.The easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface enables you to create automation scripts for combining data from databases, flat files, XML, HTML, Excel, Access, etc.When you configured your script it can be simply deployed as a Windows executable.Typical application examples:. Free download of Djuggler Enterprise 2.0.7, size 3.16 Mb.

FTP2Web 1.0 Element-IT Software 

FTP2Web is an ASP.NET application intended for creation of the automated file exchange solutions via Microsoft FTP service in the Internet and Intranet environments. The application provides a high-level model of shared FTP resource organizing, based on the management of logical folders and access to them of users and groups. It offers advanced. Free download of FTP2Web 1.0, size 1.04 Mb.

Photo Retouch Software 6.0 Help Desk 

Photo retouch software loads RAW formats images acquired from Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Fuji, Sony, Panasonic or Minolta web camera. Download Graphics retouching freeware version to preserve EXIF and IPTC information when saving to jpg file format. Web photo album tool facilitate user to easily navigate through files using image browser and previews.. Free download of Photo Retouch Software 6.0, size 11.32 Mb.

The House Of Cards Deluxe Zylom Games 

If you are looking for an exciting and thrilling card and board game, then, this is the right choice for you! The House of Cards Deluxe, developed by Zylom Games, comprises a selection of classic and favorite card games, new games and variations of old ones. You can play and enjoy, for example, Vertical, Klondike, Freecell, Golf, Sultan of Turkey,. Free download of The House Of Cards Deluxe, size 0 b.

ShowMyScreen EDAPT Information Technologies GmbH 

With ShowMyScreen you can show your PC screen Live on the internet. Use it to give live product demos, web cast or show your latest photos to friends.

Guests have the possibility to view the pictures on your own web site.

Aweb browser is just you need.. Free download of ShowMyScreen, size 76.19 Mb.

Electromeet 1. 2. 5426 IDC-Technologies 

Electromeet is Windows®-based software you can install to join live online sessions. Use it for webcasts, webinars, conferencing, eLearning, remote laboratories, product training, remote support, and more. You can join or provide live online sessions in real time.. Free download of Electromeet 1. 2. 5426, size 0 b.

XColorpicker.Net 1.6.0 Monoprog 

Xcess ColorPicker is .NET web server control, It can be used on ASP.NET WebForms for adding visual color selection to your web forms by simply dragging the control from your ToolBox, It can be very useful for customization screens to allow users to specify what colors they would like to see. Real time preview, HTML fore color and back color picker. Free download of XColorpicker.Net 1.6.0, size 115.34 Kb.

Xcess Colorpicker.Net 1.6.0 Xcess Company 

Xcess ColorPicker is .NET web server control, It can be used on ASP.NET WebForms for adding visual color selection to your web forms by simply dragging the control from your ToolBox, It can be very useful for customization screens to allow users to specify what colors they would like to see. Real time preview, HTML fore color and back color picker. Free download of Xcess Colorpicker.Net 1.6.0, size 104.86 Kb.

HardDrive 2.0 Sebastien BUET 

Store+Organize+Edit+Protect+Import+Download+View+Share your files right from your iPhone! Transform your iPhone/iPod touch into a real HardDrive with no extra cable or software!

HardDrive is a complete file storage application that brings you all the missing abilities of the iPhone:
Exchange files between your computer and your. Free download of HardDrive 2.0, size 5.87 Mb.

SurfOffline 1.4.1 Bimesoft 

Most of us get easily irritated, while waiting for some picture or file to be downloaded, especially when you are in a hurry. But all of this can be avoided with a offline browser. With SurfOffline, you can set a desired website to be downloaded and take a coffee break. In a few minutes, all contents of the website will migrate to your hard drive. Free download of SurfOffline 1.4.1, size 1.11 Mb.

CaptureSaver 4.1.0 GoldGingko 

Everyone who surfs the Net comes across information they need to keep. With CaptureSaver you can permanently save selected text, images, and complete Web pages, then edit, mark, organize, and search for information in your offline personal and portable knowledge base. CaptureSaver also lets you save content from other applications such as MS Word. Free download of CaptureSaver 4.1.0, size 4.22 Mb.

Proximat Voyager 1.20 InnovSoft Consulting Limited 

Proximat Voyager is the most exciting and fun way to browse the Internet. If you've never used a Tabbed Browser before, you'll soon find that using a tabbed browser allows you to surf, search and work many times faster than a single window browser. Proximat Voyager is filled with special features such as Popup Window Blocking and Advanced. Free download of Proximat Voyager 1.20, size 6.51 Mb.

Jewel of Atlantis Deluxe Zylom Games 

Discover the sunken city of Atlantis in search of valuable treasures in this action puzzle adventure.

Jewel of Atlantis Deluxe
Go Deluxe for even more fun while playing.
Download Jewel of Atlantis Deluxe and play on your PC any time you want, whether or not you're online.
But that's not all you get! Jewel of. Free download of Jewel of Atlantis Deluxe, size 0 b.

Pastime Puzzles 2.0 Zylom Games 

Pastime Puzzle is a fantastic collection of old-fashioned puzzles available at zylom.com, a collection that takes jigsaw puzzle to a new dimension. This great puzzle collection combines the challenge of classic jigsaw puzzles with the confort of a PC game, where you do not have to worry about losing the pieces. This classic jigsaw puzzle pack. Free download of Pastime Puzzles 2.0, size 0 b.

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USA WorldTel

Web conferencing, automated teleconferencing services, and conference calls.


Web conferencing for business communication includes video conferencing and low cost teleconferencing services for online meetings.


Provider of low-cost web conferencing including video over IP.

Replay Rich Media, LLC

Large group web conferencing service that lets you reach many people with your presentation.

City IS

UK company with its focus on video, audio and web conferencing whilst specialising in videoconferencing.

Tiger Communications

Offers an extensive suite of audio and web conferencing services at industry-leading rates.

Save On Conferences

Conference call service that offers discount prices for teleconferencing, audio, and web conferencing.