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SeaGreen Mac 1.0.12 Iconico 

Are you tired of outsourcing your database needs? Sick of paying high monthly fees just to let someone else host your form data? Well, look no further! SeaGreen software is the first application that allows you to create a web-based form and the database you need for collecting your form data. SeaGreen's wizard-like interface takes you from form. Free download of SeaGreen Mac 1.0.12, size 41.28 Mb.


php-file-delete 1.0 Php-file-delete 

Php Global File Delete - with friendly web interface form allows search criteria to be entered. Recursively deletes from the designated root directory, including files outside of the Apache file system such as MS Window drives.

Fast! Searches over 10,000 file names in less than 15 secs. , User defined directory that may be out of the. Freeware download of php-file-delete 1.0, size 0 b.

SpeedySloth 2.3 RadioAm Ltd. 

SpeedySloth - facilitates the process of filling out Web-based forms. You simply type in your entries in as many fields as needed, and click it or a specific field to automatically enter it to the Web-based form when required. SpeedySloth supports Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher, Netscape Navigator 4.0 or higher, Opera x.x. and any other software.. Free download of SpeedySloth 2.3, size 256.00 Kb.

bratsproc 1.0 bratsproc.sourceforge.net 

bratsproc - a php dynamic html environment that manages SQL database recordsin a web browser. Form data is contained in supplied tables, and allows the user to create menus, forms (even header/body), searches, lookups, reports.. Freeware download of bratsproc 1.0, size 24.41 Kb.

Articles Script 4 Softbiz Solutions 

Softbiz Article Directory Script (Article directory Script) is a great way to post articles on the web in form of a really professional web site. Members can also post articles. Articles Script also contains a full discussion board and rating system. You can manage authors as well. Full LIVE online demo. Free download of Articles Script 4, size 1.28 Mb.

DHCP lease parser 0.9 lease-parser.sourceforge.net 

lease-parser is a simple daemon that records the lease state changes of an ISCDHCP server to a database for historical reference. The data can be searchedvia a web search form that is provided with the tool.. Freeware download of DHCP lease parser 0.9, size 165.09 Kb.

Runsite Application Framework 1.0 Rsappframework 

The framework, for Microsoft Sql Server, is designed to manage users, groups, and permissions for objects defined within the scope of an application. It also consists of a .NET API for integrating the framework into Web or Form Applications.

Runsite Application Framework 1.0 License - GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (LGPL). Freeware download of Runsite Application Framework 1.0, size 0 b.

Nile Project Management 1.0 Nile 

Nile is a project management and flow charting tool that combines traditional tools like Gantt charts with fluid object diagrams and structural trees, all in a rich user interface. Nile will be available in both desktop and web-based form.

Nile Project Management 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Nile Project Management 1.0, size 0 b.

Omnistar Form Builder 3.1 Omnistar Interactive 

Omnistar Form Builder is a powerful web site form builder program developed by Omnistar Interactive. It was developed to give businesses and organizations the ability to effectively build web site Form Builder without doing any programming. Prior to the development of this dynamic solution, Omnistar Interactive did an extensive needs analysis to. Free download of Omnistar Form Builder 3.1, size 5.00 Kb.

DBConvert FormWizard for MySQL 1.0.0 DMSoft Technologies 

DBConvert FormWizard for MySQL is an efficient and helpful PHP Web Form Creator which allows you to build simple and clean WEB Interface for your local or remote MySQL databases. You can easily create forms (Single Forms, Continuous Forms, Datasheet/Table Forms) and their elements for Web Interface. Form Wizard for MySQL supports the following. Free download of DBConvert FormWizard for MySQL 1.0.0, size 2.52 Mb.

Slimjet Web Browser FlashPeak Inc 

Slimjet is a fast, smart and powerful web browser based on the Blink engine. It is built on top of the Chromium open source project, on which Google chrome is also based. Slimjet integrates a lot of powerful and convenient features to help users maximize their online productivity. Slimjet users can get more work done in much less time, all without. Freeware download of Slimjet Web Browser, size 42.08 Mb.

Form Spam Blocking Script 1 softSWOT 

The Form Spam Blocking Script will block form submissions that include user defined blocked words, effectively stopping all form spam including automated scripts and user submitted data. It is designed to run with any Form1 based form processing code including Form1 Builder Software, Form1 Builder Goldmine and Form1 Builder MYSQL. It may also run. Freeware download of Form Spam Blocking Script 1, size 1.02 Kb.

Forms To Go for Mac OS X 4. 5. 2004 Bebosoft, Inc. 

Forms To Go is a desktop application for generating (form mail) scripts in PHP, ASP, and Perl to process your web based HTML forms. Forms To Go does not create forms; it processes them. It is the perfect tool for non-programmers, designers, and developers to quickly and easily solve many form processing tasks without requiring programming. Free download of Forms To Go for Mac OS X 4. 5. 2004, size 16.67 Mb.

Karrigell 3.1.2001 Pierre Quentel 

Karrigell is a flexible Python web framework, with a clear and intuitive syntax. It is independent from any database, ORM or templating engine, and lets the programmer choose between a variety of coding styles. It applies to web programming what Python applies to programming : simple, clear, easy to code and to maintain. To achieve this, Karrigell. Freeware download of Karrigell 3.1.2001, size 4.09 Mb.

tmWorks R-View 1.8.1 tmWorks Dev Team 

tmWorks R-View is a full featured web based database administration and database driven application building tool for the JDBC enabled databases.With its web based intuitive interface, you can create or modify database, table, index, procedure, function and many other database administration task via almost all browsers.Visually rich and intuitive. Free download of tmWorks R-View 1.8.1, size 5.24 Mb.

LiveForm 2008 1.1.12 Indigy 

LiveForm is a Rapid .NET Web Application development engine which fasten your development based on Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies. LiveForm is seamless integration tool embedded into Sharepoint Development environment. It makes new possiblities to develop application based on SharePoint. LiveForm is the most powerful dynamic. Free download of LiveForm 2008 1.1.12, size 3.92 Mb.

Hide My Ass! Web Proxy 1.2.2006 HideMyAss! 

Use our free proxy to surf anonymously online, hide your IP address, secure your internet connection, hide your internet history, and protect your online identity. With unencrypted web browsing every website you visit will be accessible by your internet service provider and anyone else spying on your network. Use our free web proxy to hide from. Freeware download of Hide My Ass! Web Proxy 1.2.2006, size 52.22 Kb.

Kontrolio 1.3 Adelin Ungureanu 

Kontrolio is a simple, yet handy application that allows you to control your PC remotely using a web interface, which you can access from any device that provides a HTML compliant browser.

The desktop application runs on your PC and generates a computer ID that you have to enter in the web interface form. Once connected, you will be able. Free download of Kontrolio 1.3, size 0 b.

Chapura TurboPasswords 5.0.1 Chapura, Inc. 

If you are a one of a kind person who tends to forget his passwords then this software is a must for you. Chapura TurboPasswords, as the names says, stores all your passwords and sensitive data which you can access using only a single password. All your passwords are protected using 128-bit Blowfish encryption. It also includes 11 predefined. Free download of Chapura TurboPasswords 5.0.1, size 0 b.

PocketMirror for Outlook 4. 3. 2002 Chapura, Inc. 

The Outlook synchronization software bundled with over 25 million Palm OS handhelds.

Using PocketMirror Standard synchronization software, you can keep personal information accurate and up-to-date in both Outlook and your Palm OS handheld.

And you only have to update information in one place. Synchronize just the. Free download of PocketMirror for Outlook 4. 3. 2002, size 15.64 Mb.

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Surrey based offset lithographic company. Offer in house design printing and finishing, also design for web. Products services, map and online enquiry form. Flash required to view site.

Brown Brothers

Printers offering design, print, web site design, colour copying, advertising gifts, wedding stationery and office products. Portfolio, news, services, enquiry form. Located in Irvine, Scotland.

Sheer Hopody

Band based in Devon. Photos, e-mail contact, and enquiry form.

York Mystery Plays

Annual dramatic event held in July: includes history of the plays and an enquiry form.

Saturn Sails Ltd.

UK sailmaker including racing and cruising sails, storm jibs, and covers and other accessories. Online enquiry form available. Used sales with prices.

Planet Wine Ltd

Fine wine and Champagne merchant in Sale, Manchester. Priced stock list with recommendations and enquiry form.

Buried Village

Volcanic devastation at Rotorua Buried Village is revealed in site excavations and displays. Costs plus booking/enquiry form on-line.