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jRouter alpha jrouter.sourceforge.net 

jRouter is a Web-based Linux router management system. It's designed to be a simple all-in-one router setup and management utility. Allows configuration of network interfaces, dhcpd, iptables, port forwarding, IP/MAC address filters.. Freeware download of jRouter alpha, size 23.43 Kb.


FreePos 1.0 Freepos 

FreePos is a multiuser Point of Sale ( Point-of-Sale or POS ) app written in Visual Basic and PHP for web-based Linux use. Currently available modules are inventory, backoffice, cash reconciliation, Purchases. English and Spanish TPV ( Punto de Venta )

FreePos 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of FreePos 1.0, size 0 b.

AdRem sfConsole 5 AdRem Software 

Web-enabled, protocol-independent solution for fast remote and local access to the NetWare console protected with ultra-strong encryption and eDirectory authentication. Remote access the console is possible via the web, firewall, Linux machines, NetWare Remote Manager, ConsoleOne and NWAdmin. Users can restrict access to individual screens and. Free download of AdRem sfConsole 5, size 6.40 Mb.

Luxand FaceSDK 7.2 Luxand Development 

Add facial recognition and biometric identification features to your applications. FaceSDK is a multi-platform library enabling Microsoft Visual C++, C#, Objective C, VB, Java and Delphi developers implement fast and precise face recognition and identification in their applications. Working in 32-bit and 64-bit systems, FaceSDK is used to build. Free download of Luxand FaceSDK 7.2, size 513.23 Mb.

W3MAIL - fast and small web-mail client 1.0 True Audio Software 

W3MAIL - Fast and small web-mail client written in PHP5. It provides easy webmail access to IMAP accounts and has very few requirements to install. Features multi-language support, simple contacts manager, MIME attachments, displays HTML messages. W3MAIL supports leading open-source database engines, PostgreSQL and MySQL. Translations: English,. Freeware download of W3MAIL - fast and small web-mail client 1.0, size 602.11 Kb.

XUpload Pro 3.0 SibSoft Ltd. 

XUpload Pro is an advanced AJAX upload progress bar indicator for web based file uploads written on Perl. XUpload lets you to accept file uploads on your website and shows upload progress bar which is showing upload progress in real-time. Upload progress bar could be shown in popup window or right on the upload page. It also shows upload progress. Free download of XUpload Pro 3.0, size 14.34 Kb.

123-Web-Messenger-Linux-Server-Software 2.2 TopCMM Software Corp. 

123 Web Messenger is a web (browser) based instant messaging software, it creates an unique IM network only for your own website, fully integrated your existing user database and enables 1 to 1 chat function to your website users.Its powerful facebook messenger style web chat bar feature enpowers your website with Facebook style Web Messenger. The. Free download of 123-Web-Messenger-Linux-Server-Software 2.2, size 48.23 Mb.

Host Chance Best Web Hosting Toolbar Host Chance Web Hosting 

1- Free Online Webmaster Tools : URL Masking and Shortening & Favicon Generator & Get Website rank & Density Analyzer & Advanced Proxy & Domain Check and Whois & Website Logo Creator & Email marketing & Free Website Scripts and More ..... 2- Updated Reviews and Discount Coupons of The International Web Hosting. Freeware download of Host Chance Best Web Hosting Toolbar, size 996.15 Kb.

WEB-DAV Linux File System(davfs) savannah.nongnu.org 

++ moved ++ moved ++ moved ++ The davfs2 project is now hosted at http://savannah.nongnu.org/projects/davfs2 ++ moved ++ moved ++ moved ++ davfs is a Linux file system driver that allows you to mount a WebDAV server as a disk drive.. Freeware download of WEB-DAV Linux File System(davfs), size 407.66 Kb.

Domain Alert 1.0 Linux Hosting Web Server 

If you own a website this software is a Must Have! Don't let your customers tell you your website is down or crashed! Be the FIRST to know the INSTANT it happens with this easy to use Website Down Alert software. You can download this Software for free from one of the best Linux Web Hosting HostingWebServer.com. Freeware download of Domain Alert 1.0, size 429.92 Kb.

Linux GPS navigation system for the car alpha.0.2 Linuxcar 

This is the project to create a GPS car navigator. This is something more than a typical "moving map" that you can do with Ozi, fmaps, Gnomad and others. The project aim is made route calculation, but not in a static way, as is doing by some web sites

Linux GPS navigation system for the car alpha.0.2 License - GNU General Public. Freeware download of Linux GPS navigation system for the car alpha.0.2, size 438.76 Kb.

Easycom OLE DB Aura Equipements 

Easycom OLE DB combines the connectivity standards OLE DB and ADO, with the power of the System i-AS/400, and its database. Easycom OLE DB is compatible with all the development tools and applications that use OLE DB and ADO as a standard connection to databases. n addition to the standard methods of OLE DB protocol, Easycom OLE DB provides a set. Free download of Easycom OLE DB, size 8.00 Mb.

NuSphere PhpED NuSphere Corp. 

NuSphere PhpED includes advanced features of PhpED 6.1, such as code folding, true unicode editor, fast SFTP, SSH terminal, database client, embedded mozilla browser, inline error analysis for PHP and validation for HTML and so much more options to be discovered.. Free download of NuSphere PhpED, size 107.89 Mb.

META FLY 8 Build 8007 Visual Integrity 

Windows Metafiles (WMF) and Enhanced Metafiles (EMF) are the standard, native Windows print, display and clipboard formats. Unfortunately, they don+oOeCOaot travel well. If you want to use them on the Web, UNIX, Linux, the Mac or in specialized applications, you+oOeCOaoll need to convert them. META FLY is the bridge. Use it to convert WMF and EMF. Free download of META FLY 8 Build 8007, size 4.93 Mb.

ServersCheck STARTER Edition 7.15.9 ServersCheck 

A software for systems monitoring, reporting and alerting

ServersCheck Standard Edition is an application for monitoring, reporting and alerting on network and systems availability.

The standard version can be used for free with up to 5 devices, which is adequate for personal use.

ServersCheck Standard can monitor. Free download of ServersCheck STARTER Edition 7.15.9, size 58.50 Mb.

Nihuo Web Log Analyzer for Linux 4 6 Nihuo Software 

Nihuo Web Log Analyzer is a powerful Linux application that turns your web logs into a professional sales and prospecting tool. By telling you where your web site visitors come from, which pages are most popular, and which search engine phrases brought visitors to your web site, you can make your site a more effective sales machine. With many. Free download of Nihuo Web Log Analyzer for Linux 4 6, size 84.33 Mb.

Desktop Web Analytics - For Piwik 1.0.1 desktop web analytics 

Now you can view your Piwik statistics directly on your desktop (you must install Piwik on your server first)
Desktop Web Analytics use Adobe AIR (Flex 3 here) technology and it's available on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

So when you've installed Desktop Web Analytics, the demo of "Piwik" is operationnel and. Freeware download of Desktop Web Analytics - For Piwik 1.0.1, size 3.02 Mb.

EditiX XML Editor (for Linux/Unix) 2008 SP5 JAPISoft 

EditiX is a powerful and easy to use XML editor and XSLT debugger for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X designed to help web authors and application programmers take advantage of the latest XML and XML-related technologies such as XSLT / FO, DocBook and XSD Schema. EditiX provides users with an extensive range of XML functionality within a refined IDE. Free download of EditiX XML Editor (for Linux/Unix) 2008 SP5, size 13.10 Mb.

Quartus II Web Edition 11.0 Altera Corporation 

Quartus II Web Edition FPGA design software includes everything you need to design for the following Altera® FPGA and CPLD families:

- Cyclone®, Cyclone II, Cyclone III, Cyclone IV, and Arria® GX FPGAs
- All MAX® CPLDs
- Arria II GX FPGAs: EP2AGX45
- Stratix® III FPGAs: EP3SE50,. Freeware download of Quartus II Web Edition 11.0, size 2.77 Kb.

max the web... Toolbar 6 5 max the web... 

max the web Community Toolbar is a nicely designed toolbar made in such a way to satisfy any needs from any user. With accurate search engines and highly customization options makes from this toolbar the perfect option for any user, not depending of the level of knowledge of the user.. Freeware download of max the web... Toolbar 6 5, size 0 b.