Web Pages Monitor Mac

Bulk Web Site Monitor 2.1 Vsisystems.com 

Bulk Web Site Monitor 2.1 checks multiple web sites if they are working - By: homepage. Freeware download of Bulk Web Site Monitor 2.1, size 1.43 Mb.


BBS Monitor 1.0 InfoArmor Working Group 

Monitor interested forum topics and web pages, automatically Detect any changes of these pages, push new content to your desktop. You get to see all new topics and reply only seconds after they are started or posted, no need to press F5 or REFRESH your browser window any more!

BBS Monitor is a powerful web page monitor & tracing. Free download of BBS Monitor 1.0, size 1.10 Mb.

UpdatePatrol- Automatic Web Page Watcher 3.2 Bitberry Software 

Silently watch web pages, blogs and text files for updates ... Watch pages with changes highlighted in the built-in browser ... Receive alerts by email, desktop popup or sound ... Check web pages for changes as often as you like .. Easily import your existing bookmarks ... Improves your productivity by working silently and unattended ... Dynamic. Free download of UpdatePatrol- Automatic Web Page Watcher 3.2, size 2.68 Mb.

W3capture 1.01.4 Ondesoft 

W3capture is an easy-to-use web pages capture and HTML to PDF converter which can take full size screenshots of web pages into PDF or save them as full sized images in a variety of formats, including: .PNG, .JPEG, .BMP, and .SVG. By the way, This PDF generator can also convert an unlimited number of different web pages or local HTML/HTM or TXT. Free download of W3capture 1.01.4, size 38.06 Mb.

Neural Science Web Page Table 1 1 Neural Science 

Web Page Table Extractor allows quick and easy extraction of tables from web pages without the hassle of copying, pasting and reformatting of the data. The information can be modified then exported to a new html document, a standardized csv file (comma separated values) or basic text. CSV files can be utilized in spreadsheets or as databases to. Free download of Neural Science Web Page Table 1 1, size 4.37 Mb.

SurfSaver 6 askSam Systems 

SurfSaver - The Filing Cabinet for your Web PagesSave and search Web pages instantly! SurfSaver lets you save, organize, and search the information you gather on the Internet. Never lose another Web page.We all know about the "here today, gone tomorrow" nature of the Internet. SurfSaver makes a PERMANENT copy of the important facts and. Free download of SurfSaver 6, size 6.31 Mb.

PhotoThumb 3 Jarle Aasland 

Create high-quality photo thumbnails and web pages. PhotoThumb is a powerful and easy-to-use thumbnail creator and image viewer for Windows.Including many useful features, like a fast, high-quality image viewer, EXIF support, FTP uploading, CSS support, overlay text, sharpening, slideshow, batch renaming, file encryption, a familiar Explorer-like. Free download of PhotoThumb 3, size 1.64 Mb.

ContentSaver 2 macropool GmbH 

ContentSaver archives researched Web pages that could vanish from the Web or undergo major changes at any time, so that you will have a permanent record. Directly in Internet Explorer, you can save complete Web pages, selections, single images, links, or several linked documents. ContentSaver has a Microsoft Outlook®-like user interface and adds. Free download of ContentSaver 2, size 7.76 Mb.

WinMHT 1.4 Spidersoft Pty Ltd 

Use WinMHT to save collections of one or more Web pages, along with their associated images, sounds, scripts and other page elements, all in the one convenient Web archive file (.MHT).Creating Web archives is easy. Simply browse a Web page in WinMHT and click a button. You can also use WinMHT's advanced Web browser to view the archive's contents,. Free download of WinMHT 1.4, size 689.15 Kb.

HtmlSS v3.2 T. Meyer 

HtmlSS will turn your pictures into web pages fast! It is easy to use and allows you to easily view, edit, and publish your images to Html/Web pages. Add a captions for each picture and choose from plenty of options to customize the look of your web pages. HtmlSS will also create thumbnails, local slide shows, 3 different formats of web pages,. Free download of HtmlSS v3.2, size 2.66 Mb.

IMMonitor 2.3 IMFirewall Software 

Web Surfing Monitor, Monitor all web surfing activities.Chat Monitor, Monitor and archive all instance message conversations in your LAN, include AIM, ICQ, MSN, YAHOO.Email Record, Save all email messages automatically.Easy to deploy, One computer to monitor the whole lan.Remote Access, Web UI, support remote access.Free version can monitor 3. Free download of IMMonitor 2.3, size 3.47 Mb.

Web2Pic Pro 1.2.5 Anloer Software 

Web2Pic Pro can help you save complete web pages as images.This is a utility which allows you to save complete web pages as images. You only need to enter a URL into the Address box, click the Start button, and Web2Pic Pro will capture full size web pages for you. Web2Pic Pro can generate a thumbnail for your web page. If you want to save a batch. Free download of Web2Pic Pro 1.2.5, size 1.01 Mb.

IE Translator 2.3.5 Sarm Software 

Translate Web pages with a single click! Sarmsoft IE Translator empowers your Web browser with a translation toolbar that enables you to browse Web sites in foreign languages without speaking a word. Automatically translating between English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Greek, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean,. Free download of IE Translator 2.3.5, size 715.14 Kb.

WebshotX 6.24 Hi6000 Software 

WebshotX is a program to create screenshots of web pages.- Capture whole web page as a single image.- Save captured images as BMP/JPG/PNG.- Easy to learn and use.. Free download of WebshotX 6.24, size 613.18 Kb.

Web Transaction Monitor for IPHost NM 3.0.4556 IPHostMonitor 

Distributed Web Transaction Monitor is a tool for end-to-end monitoring of web applications and e-commerce web sites. Web Transaction Monitor simulates the steps of activity of a real user of web application or e-commerce site customer. Remote Network Agents enable monitoring of resources in multiple separate networks. With this tool you can check. Free download of Web Transaction Monitor for IPHost NM 3.0.4556, size 30.75 Mb.

HTMLSqueeze Free SoftTester.com 

It's a command line utility to compress / optimize web pages.The power behind HTMLSqueeze is that if you are building a web site on a local intranet, perhaps using ASP (Active Server Pages) you can pass the URL into HTMLSqueeze along with a parameter, determining the type of compression; then if you add calls for each page in your web site to a. Freeware download of HTMLSqueeze Free, size 1.22 Mb.

HTML Password Lock 5.0 MTop Software Inc. 

Password protect html pages, web pages and whole web site. Based on strong algorithms, it will thoroughly encrypt your entire page so that no one can getting in unless he know the correct password. And the encrypted web page can work anywhere even without a web server. You can select to protect your web pages with one password, or define users with. Free download of HTML Password Lock 5.0, size 818.18 Kb.

DBForms from MS Access to PHP+MySQL 2. 1. 2001 DMSoft Technologies 

This program allows you to convert MS Access forms to web pages and Microsoft Access tables to MySQL database. With this program you can also convert forms (Single Form, Continuous Forms, Datasheet), and their elements to web pages and filling form fields with data from the fields of your Access tables. The program support AJAX technology and works. Free download of DBForms from MS Access to PHP+MySQL 2. 1. 2001, size 13.67 Mb.

HTML Stripper 3.0 GTL 

If you often save webpages for archiving purposes on your computer, you probably know the problem: Web pages do not display correctly, if you open them from your harddisk. Java scripts cannot be executed, banners (iframes) cannot be loaded and the mouse effects (onmouseover) do not work. HTML stripper helps: It allows you to remove all the HTML. Freeware download of HTML Stripper 3.0, size 2.81 Mb.

CacheBack 2. 7. 2004 Digital Investigations Group 

Rebuild cached web pages and examine Internet histories for Internet Explorer. View cached web pages AND pictures in a single consolidated thumbnail gallery making it easy to zero in on artifacts of interest. Import pictures and movies directly from local hard disks using our GrabMedia data mining tool. Categorize, Group, Bookmark and/or Exclude. Free download of CacheBack 2. 7. 2004, size 33.41 Mb.

Web Pages Monitor Mac Web Results

The WDVL: Designing Attractive Web Pages

Before you can design avant-garde Web pages, you have to know what the rules are before you try to break, bend or amend them.

Web Pages That Suck

Learn good web page design by looking at bad web pages.

Personal Web Pages

A directory of web pages created by students, faculty, and staff at the university.

MeURLin: URL-based Classification of Web Pages

Project that attempts to classify web pages based solely on their URL. A functional demo is included.

School Librarian Web Pages

Collection of web pages created or maintained by school librarians. Includes information about school libraries for personal and professional use.

Web Media Applets

Navigation menu applets and other useful applets that allow to display informations in a more attractive way than classic web pages.

Web Screen Saver

Put your web pages on a screen saver.