Web Service Contract Design And Versioning For Soa

Open Calais Submission Tool 1.0 Open Calais 

There is plenty of detail in the OpenCalais Web Service documentation for those who want to roll up their sleeves and write code to analyze text. But many folks are just interested in analyzing text without developing a first-hand understanding of the plumbing that underlies the analysis. The OpenCalais Submission Tool is designed for those users.. Freeware download of Open Calais Submission Tool 1.0, size 1.84 Mb.


JBlitz Direct 1.0 Clan Productions Limited 

Heavy load testing for your website, web service or web enabled application.
JBlitz Direct 4.2 load tests your web software by simulating multiple concurrent virtual users whilst validating each response received. Fully featured and including a full Java API for customizing HTTP queries, verifying downloads and integrating with 3rd party. Free download of JBlitz Direct 1.0, size 0 b.

PHP Authentication 1 3 Binary Solutions 

You need a PHP authentication library for your new AJAX web site? Look no further. PHP Authentication is a web service accessed via POST requests, producing XML or JSON output. It supports the following operations: register, unregister, verify account, log in, log out, request login data, get current user name, get user name, set private data, get. Free download of PHP Authentication 1 3, size 632.83 Kb.

Cataquavice Framework 1.0 cataquavice.sourceforge.net 

A openArchitectureWare based Generator for deriving a WS-Agreement document from a formal description of a (Web-)Service and its associated assertions (SLO) to Quality Of Service (QoS). You can use predefined QoS parameters as well as introduce new ones.. Freeware download of Cataquavice Framework 1.0, size 122.24 Mb.

eBPM rc gmebpm.sourceforge.net 

An Enterprise Best Practice Management (eBPM) web service. Using this web service users can build structured best practices, and manage those best practises across the enterprise.. Freeware download of eBPM rc, size 1.74 Mb.

Eclipse WSDL2Java plugin 1.1.rc2.0.2 wsdl2javawizard.sourceforge.net 

short: Import a web service into your Eclipse project. long: This project provides an eclipse import wizard which generates the java client stubs to invoke a Web Service. (Add Web Reference). Freeware download of Eclipse WSDL2Java plugin 1.1.rc2.0.2, size 1.07 Mb.

FaTBloG - FallingTetriminoeBlockGame 0.5.0 fatblog.sourceforge.net 

FaTBloG - Falling Tetriminoe Block Game is a Tetris-Clone written using the Java Programming Language deployable as a standalone application or as a web service using Java Web Start.. Freeware download of FaTBloG - FallingTetriminoeBlockGame 0.5.0, size 64.43 Kb.

Hevea application servers 20 hevea.sourceforge.net 

Hevea is a dotnet (C#) Web/HTTP/Web service & FTP application server. Included in your application, it provides you remote access & data transfer facilities, avoiding any integration/deployment issues you would have by using an external server like IIS.. Freeware download of Hevea application servers 20, size 823.92 Kb.

Kwok Information Server 1.0 kwoksys.com 

Kwok Information Server is an open source IT management system, providing IT asset tracking (hardware inventory and software license), issue tracking (helpdesk), service contract management, vendor contact management, and knowledge base.. Freeware download of Kwok Information Server 1.0, size 94.41 Mb.

MathTran - Translation of math content 0.1.0 mathtran.org 

This project will provide translation of mathematical content, from TeX to MathML and vice-versa, and to graphics formats, as a web service. TeX, running as a daemon, is used for mathematical typography.. Freeware download of MathTran - Translation of math content 0.1.0, size 2.34 Kb.

MIMOSA Tech-CDE Web Service 0.11.beta mimosatechcdews.sourceforge.net 

A C# .NET Implementation of the Machinery Information Management Open Systems Alliance (MIMOSA) Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) Tech-CDE Web Service specification. This project should be used with the MIMOSA WS API project. (mimosaeaiwebser). Freeware download of MIMOSA Tech-CDE Web Service 0.11.beta, size 2.31 Mb.

mod_dnsblacklist 1.0 lucaercoli.it 

mod_dnsblacklist is a Lighttpd module that use DNSBL in order to block spam relay via web forms, preventing URL injection, block http DDoS attacks from bots and generally protecting your web service denying access to a known bad IP address.. Freeware download of mod_dnsblacklist 1.0, size 15.05 Kb.

PAGC-Public Address GeoCoder rc.rc.0.2 pagcgeo.org 

PAGC is a command line and web service C library for performing postal address geocoding. A postal address geocoder takes a sufficiently detailed postal addresses and produces a digital map that displays the spatial location of those addresses.. Freeware download of PAGC-Public Address GeoCoder rc.rc.0.2, size 1.04 Mb.

phpRPMBuilder 0.02 clearrivertech.com 

phpRPMBuilder is a web service that will server the novice/newbie audience, and give them an easy way to take small applications that only have tarred releases and build a simple spec file and resulting rpm file. All this is done thru a web page.. Freeware download of phpRPMBuilder 0.02, size 20.06 Kb.

PoliMaR 0.2.0 polimar.sourceforge.net 

PoliMaR (Policy Matchmaker and Ranker) is a framework that permits a Semantic Web Service matchmaking and ranking based on Non-Functional Properties (NFPs).. Freeware download of PoliMaR 0.2.0, size 6.40 Mb.

StrongKey CryptoEngine 6 cryptoengine.org 

StrongKey CryptoEngine is a web-service to encrypt and decrypt files. It generates and escrows keys with a key-management appliance; encrypts the file in the W3C XMLEncryption standard; and optionally, transfers the file to a public storage cloud.. Freeware download of StrongKey CryptoEngine 6, size 27.26 Mb.

Taxonomic Search Engine 0.1 taxonomicsearch.sourceforge.net 

TSE is a test bed for a web service approach to federating taxonomic name databases. Put in English, it takes your query and talks to a number of different databases, asking each one whether they contain that name.. Freeware download of Taxonomic Search Engine 0.1, size 1.75 Mb.

uEngine BPM 1.0 uengine.sourceforge.net 

A BPM (Business Process Management) / Workflow based on Web Services and CBD-concept, which provides most features of commercial one - Process Designer, EIP, Web service tools and OLAP based Process Analyzer.. Freeware download of uEngine BPM 1.0, size 178.19 Mb.

VoxAPIClient 1.0.3 voxbone-client.sourceforge.net 

This project aims to provide Web Service clients wrapper for the Voxbone API (VoxAPI). Freeware download of VoxAPIClient 1.0.3, size 74.36 Kb.

w1fi 0.9 w1fi.sourceforge.net 

Development of user interfaces (clients) for the w1-fi web service.w1-fi is a web content system for cell phones with user accounts, localization in maps, upload of images/videos, and selling products through online payment gateways like paypal.. Freeware download of w1fi 0.9, size 365.51 Kb.