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CallingID LinkAdvisor CallingID Ltd. 

CallingID uniquely attacks the root cause and source of your web usage exposures. You are exposed to fraud and PC damage whenever you don’t know whose site you are visiting. In other words, you should always know who you are providing information to and buying from.

CallingID focuses on showing you the site ownership and. Freeware download of CallingID LinkAdvisor, size 19.46 Mb.


Cookienator 2.6.41 Marton Anka 

Cookienator is a tool that will help you remain anonymous from search engines such as Google and other notorious web-usage trackers such as Doubleclick or Omniture.

Many websites install cookies in your browser, and these little bits of tracking data will be used to identify you for as long as you keep using your computer. In the past. Free download of Cookienator 2.6.41, size 0 b.

KPIMatrix 2011 Suzerein Solutions 

Our KPIMatrix platform enables organization to proactively define and evaluate resources usage and planning to maximize productivity and optimize efficiency with below

<b>Features :</b>

* Software Usage
* Web Usage
* ManHour Usage
* KPI Analytics. Free download of KPIMatrix 2011, size 1.85 Mb.

Cyfin Reporter 8 1 Wavecrest Computing 

Cyfin Reporter is a log file analyzer that monitors employee Web activity and creates clear, categorized reports on Web usage. Reports track Web activity in up to 81 content categories to help reduce legal liability, improve productivity and conserve bandwidth. Policy-based settings allow administrators to configure Cyfin's reports to match their. Free download of Cyfin Reporter 8 1, size 58.70 Mb.

KPIMatrix 2010 x64 Suzerein Solutions 

We simply put ourselves in your shoes, asking what kind of software do we want to work for us and how would we want it to work? Which is why, to cater to a diverse range of customers, we offer a great variety of solutions that see to your every need, starting with the KPIMatrix. Our KPIMatrix platform enables organization to proactively define and. Freeware download of KPIMatrix 2010 x64, size 2.02 Mb.

incridge - scalable classification tool 1.0 incridge.sourceforge.net 

Incridge - A Software Tool for Scalable, Parallel, Incremental and Decremental Classification based on Support Vector Machine (SVM) Approximation Algorithms. Possible use include: web usage mining, bioinformatics and spam-classification.. Freeware download of incridge - scalable classification tool 1.0, size 29.72 Kb.

Surftrackr 1.0 Surftrackr 

Surftrackr allows per-user scrutiny of Squid and Dan's Guardian logfiles. It provides information about web usage patterns, the type of information downloaded, websites visited, and download volume by byte or number of files. It runs via a web browser.

Surftrackr 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Surftrackr 1.0, size 0 b.

InterGate Policy Manager for Windows 9.3.6 Vicomsoft Limited 

InterGate Policy Manager for Windows - A comprehensive Internet access management solution, providing fine grained control of web content access, usage of Peer to Peer, Instant Messaging and Skype networks, logging and reporting of user activity, as well a core IP router and firewall to provide advanced protection to your network.Advanced Web. Free download of InterGate Policy Manager for Windows 9.3.6, size 26.29 Mb.

MING Password Monitor 1.2 MING Software Inc. 

MING Password Monitor is an easy to use password sniffer. MING Password Monitor allows network administrators or concerned parents to capture passwords of any network users, but such action may be considered as invasion of privacy, and make sure you have the right to do so. Currently MING Password Monitor can capture the usernames and passwords of. Free download of MING Password Monitor 1.2, size 3.93 Mb.

Web Surfer Watcher 2.2.0 Leithauser Research 

Records what Web sites have been viewed on your computer. Web Surfer Watcher operates hidden in the background, recording Web site titles and URLs (addresses) of Web sites viewed using Internet Explorer or America Online. It can only record the titles of Web sites viewed with other Web browsers, such as Netscape, Opera, or Mozilla. You can. Free download of Web Surfer Watcher 2.2.0, size 838.86 Kb.

Cyfin 8.0 Wavecrest Computing 

An Internet monitoring proxy server, Cyfin Proxy combines Web access monitoring with the industry's best user-activity reporting in one high-performance, low-cost solution. Ideal for any size organization, Cyfin Proxy makes Web-use management effective and easier than ever before.

Main Features :

- Real-Time. Free download of Cyfin 8.0, size 91.99 Mb.

FirePlotter 2.24b200924 GISS (UK) Ltd 

FirePlotter is a real-time session monitor for your firewall. FirePlotter, simply shows you the traffic that is flowing through your internet connection moment to moment - in real-time. FirePlotter can also be described as a firewall traffic vizualizer, bandwidth analyzer, qos utility or connection monitor for your Cisco ASA/PIX firewall or. Free download of FirePlotter 2.24b200924, size 2.45 Mb.

CNStats STD 3.2 "CN-Software" Ltd. 

CNStats STD - a modern system for record and analysis of a site attendance statistics.CNStats STD (CNStats Standard) is a flexible and versatile system for accumulation and analysis of a site attendance statistics. More than 50 base reports are available via web-interface. CNStats STD works at any hosting which supports MySQL and PHP.

Cyfin Proxy 64bit 8.5 Wavecrest Computing 

Cyfin Proxy is a stand-alone Internet monitoring proxy server. It combines real-time monitoring with the industry's best user-activity reporting in one high-performance, low-cost solution. Ideal for business and school networks, Cyfin Proxy allows administrators the flexibility to monitor Web sites by content category or individual URL. Cyfin's. Free download of Cyfin Proxy 64bit 8.5, size 83.88 Mb.

CyBlock Proxy 6.5.2000 Wavecrest Computing 

CyBlock Proxy is an all-in-one Internet filter and proxy server. It combines precision filtering with the industry's best user activity reporting in one high-performance, low-cost solution. Ideal for any business or school network, CyBlock Proxy allows administrators the flexibility to block or allow access to Web sites by content category or. Free download of CyBlock Proxy 6.5.2000, size 58.20 Mb.

Verity Parental Control Software 1.15 NCH Software 

Verity Parental Control Software allows you to track and monitor what your kids are doing on the computer and online in an easy non-invasive way. With the help of Verity, adults can track computer use online and offline and set parental controls to block websites and applications. It also logs activity categorized by users, programs, keystrokes,. Free download of Verity Parental Control Software 1.15, size 426.06 Kb.

Messenger Blocker 1.0 Amplusnet 

Messenger Blocker is a free internet parental control software that protect your child while surfing the internet.The application will block all chat applications like msn messenger or yahoo messenger. If there is more then one account on the computer you can choose a specific user whose chat conversations to be blocked. The blocked user can. Freeware download of Messenger Blocker 1.0, size 1.47 Mb.

Squidalyser 0.2.55 squidalyser.sourceforge.net 

Squidalyser is a squid traffic analyser, to allow per-user scrutiny of squid logfiles. It provides information about web usage patterns, the type of information downloaded, websites visited, graphics downloaded, and number of bytes or files downloaded.. Freeware download of Squidalyser 0.2.55, size 32.52 Kb.

leafdigital browserstats 1.0.0 Samuel Marshall 

leafdigital browserstats is a collection of four command-line options designed for obtaining browser usage statistics from web logs.

leafdigital browserstats is intended to help advanced administrators to use browser stats in order to analyze web log files and to view the browser usage information of their website.

. Free download of leafdigital browserstats 1.0.0, size 0 b.

eWebLog Analyzer 2.2 esoftys 

eWebLog Analyzer is a web server log analyzer, that gives you vital information about your website usage: access statistics, activity of visitors, referring sites, search engines, errors, and much more. It can read log files of the most popular web servers, including Microsoft IIS, Apache, NCSA, and any other web server that can be configured to. Free download of eWebLog Analyzer 2.2, size 2.48 Mb.