Which Type Colour Choose At Home

Tikkurila Colour Planner 6. 3. 2001 Tikkurila Paints Ltd 

Colour your own pictures with the Tikkurila Colour Planner program
Home painters and paint professionals have for ages wanted a colour design program that would permit the customer to try various colour combinations for his/her own indoor or outdoor painting applications. Now this service is available for everybody.

Trying. Freeware download of Tikkurila Colour Planner 6. 3. 2001, size 41.64 Mb.


Hardwood flooring design 1 BrazFloor 

Want to know what your room will look like with a new Brazilian Cherry wood floor; Brazfloor design tool will show you .You no longer have to envision it.
Not sure which floors to choose, no problem try out a few in your own room. Easy, simply steps to follow.
Cant decide on what floor to buy, just take a picture and let Brazfloor. Freeware download of Hardwood flooring design 1, size 2.20 Mb.

HerbaNotes 1.0.1 Lars Bergelt 

This app is a useful notepad to create a herbarium. Or for the interesting discoveries in the Sunday stroll, which one would look at home. Or or or ....

Currently you can enter the most important data: title / number, date, discovery site/GPS and notes. With a photo of the plant you can find it better again and the discovery site is. Freeware download of HerbaNotes 1.0.1, size 3.46 Mb.

Pangea 1 Lanning Software 

From the window of the cockpit of your ship, you survey the planet as you fly swiftly between the buildings, around and over the mountains, and through the valleys destroying the enemy ships which have invaded your childhood home of Pangea. Armed with only twenty missles and a limited supply of fuel, you must battle three alien ships across three. Free download of Pangea 1, size 9.47 Mb.

Ideal Partner 2.75 PRO Ironfist Software 

The program Ideal Partner is an advanced multilingual easy to use, but powerful tool which lets to choose the Birth Day of a person, that is right for You in respect of your Marriage and Intimate relations. Result is a product of counting and comparing four basic biorhythms and comparing signs of the Zodiac. The program uses in its calculations the. Free download of Ideal Partner 2.75 PRO, size 708.61 Kb.

ReValver Mk III Peavey Electronics 

ReValver is nothing but a state of the art virtual guitar amplifier modeling software with which you can choose infinite combinations of classic amps, preamps, power amps, and effects to create your own signature tone.

ReValver MK III is the software which models the 15 most popular guitar amplifiers. This is achieved through an. Free download of ReValver Mk III, size 0 b.

Galaxy-G Demo 2.0 GCM Enterprises 

Galaxy-G is a fun and highly addictive science fiction trading game, in which you can choose to play the role of a merchant, brotherhood pirate, scavenger, mercenary, or traveler. Earn enough funds to purchase new and better ships or to outfit your current ship with better weapons, shields, or gadgets. Stockpile enough money to purchase your own. Free download of Galaxy-G Demo 2.0, size 14.30 Mb.

ColdFire Init 2 8 MicroAPL Ltd 

This software program is an easy-to-use graphical tool which lets you choose how a ColdFire embedded processor and its modules should be initialized and then generates the appropriate start up code automatically. Runs under Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/Vista.. Freeware download of ColdFire Init 2 8, size 3.91 Mb.

DDT Generator 0.3.9 nerazzurri 

DDT Generator is a program which lets you choose which countries/leagues you want full detail of. For example, if you start up a game with a Premier League team with the largest database selectable, teams like Arsenal, Manchester United etc will have like 25% of their original squad in the game. The DDT Generator lets you select which. Freeware download of DDT Generator 0.3.9, size 4.09 Mb.

MSBuild Explorer 1.0.50 FreeToDev 

MSBuild Explorer allows you to explore the makeup of your MSBuild files, showing all properties, item groups, imports and targets which are colour coded to indicate whether they are Initial, Default or both. Targets are shown in a Treeview with DependsOnTargets as subnodes.

Main Features:

- Explore the makeup of your. Freeware download of MSBuild Explorer 1.0.50, size 72.61 Mb.

ToolbarCreator 1. 5. 2002 Diodia Software 

ToolbarCreator allows you to create toolbars without having to worry about which COM objects to implement, which type libraries to register, which interfaces to expose, how to use a CToolBarCtrl in an Internet Explorer rebar, how to make Windows XP visual styles work in an Internet Explorer toolbar, how chevrons work, how to add combo-boxes and. Free download of ToolbarCreator 1. 5. 2002, size 3.79 Mb.

Project Brick 1.0 Codenamebrick 

BRICK is a flash based online multiplayer game in which your character builds their home out of interlocking bricks. to get special items, make friends and build and sell unique items, the character must get a job and earn skills.

Social Experiments, Adult Themes, Violence, Life Simulation

Project Brick 1.0 License - GNU. Freeware download of Project Brick 1.0, size 0 b.

cd/dvd AutoBackup 1.0 Cddvdautobackup 

The project will allow me to put in a DVD or CD and the system will automatically detect which type of Media is and call the proper backend to deal with the files.

cd/dvd AutoBackup 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of cd/dvd AutoBackup 1.0, size 0 b.

20000+ Salads Recipes 2.0 AppStudio2008 

A salad is one of the most nutritious appetizers or even main course dish, which you can serve at home. Salads have different varieties, which include salads of legumes, mixed salads and vegetable salads. To improve the taste of the dish, different dressings can be used such as Caesar dressing, blue cheese dressing, ranch dressing as well as others. Free download of 20000+ Salads Recipes 2.0, size 295.70 Mb.

60M-Bg5 in the Samisch 1.1 ChessBase GmbH 

There are many supposedly promising systems to play against the King's Indian and so the question arises: which one to choose? However, once one comes to actually play these good ideas, it becomes obvious that it is not so simple after all. The elastic King's Indian continues to offer dangerous counterplay and resists all attempts at refutation.. Free download of 60M-Bg5 in the Samisch 1.1, size 135.27 Mb.

Excuses Box 1 Kashif Ullah 

Excuses Box contain all the excuses which usually people encounters at home ,offices and daily work.Don't miss this. Free download of Excuses Box 1, size 314.57 Kb.

Herbs Encyclopaedia !! 1.0 Vishal Jani 

A herbal plant that is added used as a medicine in Ayurvedic practice . This app have which type of herbal Medical uses ,Scientific Name,Common name,plan information with herbal Image. This application contains around 500 herbs. It has contains more herbs information compare to other herbs application.

-No internet. Free download of Herbs Encyclopaedia !! 1.0, size 35.76 Mb.

Lazio Icon Skins 1.00 Giuliano Valeri 

This App includes original and high quality home screen icon skins of on of the best football club, Lazio of Rome! You can choose the home screen you like most from more than 40 background images.
Every images is in full retina display resolution, perfect for you iPhone4 and latest iPod.

App compatibility:
Hardware: iPhone. Free download of Lazio Icon Skins 1.00, size 13.84 Mb.

Psychic Mind Ability Trainer 1.5 Michael Hartmayer 

There are four mystic symbols displayed from which you must choose in succession. The idea is to use your mind to either influence or predict the outcome of the randomly selected symbol. Below the symbols, you will see a display showing your correct and incorrect responses, along with a success rate percentage. The higher the percentage, the better. Free download of Psychic Mind Ability Trainer 1.5, size 10.80 Mb.

QuestionIt 1.1.1 Language Learning Apps, LLC 

QuestionIt is an educational app for children with autism or other significant language disorders that provides systematic instruction over multiple opportunities to teach children what kind of word answers which type of Wh question. Activities include sorting words by type of question they answer, answering questions about sentences, and answering. Free download of QuestionIt 1.1.1, size 63.02 Mb.