Windows Activex Fr

cardiopager-api 1.0 Cardiopager-api 

This project is Java API to access Unicont Cardio Pager ( device. This API allows access pager or get ECG data via serial port and through a modem line (using proprietary Windows ActiveX).

cardiopager-api 1.0 License - GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (LGPL). Freeware download of cardiopager-api 1.0, size 0 b.


WOW2 Control only 1.0 EzTools Software 

WOW (Web On Windows) makes the Microsoft Webbrowser ActiveX control into the ultimate programmable ActiveX control. Embed WOW in your VB/C++/C#/Delphi programs and receive HTML events such as mouse clicks back in your code. WOW enhances the Webbrowser control so you can do things you cannot do with the plain Webbrowser control, such as disable the. Freeware download of WOW2 Control only 1.0, size 1.61 Mb.

Registry Pro 2.2.6 Evans Programming 

Registry Pro is an activeX control that gives developers easy and complete access to the power of registry programming. Works with VB, VBA and all other ActiveX and COM DLL supporting languages. Includes a detailed help file, comprehensive example programs, royalty-free re-distributable setup program and license to distribute your finished. Free download of Registry Pro 2.2.6, size 1.81 Mb.

FlexCell Grid Control for ActiveX 6.2.4 FlexCell Technologies 

FlexCell Grid Control for ActiveX is a handy software component designed to help users edit and generate complex report forms, interfaces and charts.

FlexCell Grid Control for ActiveX provides comprehensive functions such as Print, Print Preview, Chart, Merge Cell, Virtual Grid, Sort, Import (from) and Export (to) XML, Export to Excel. Free download of FlexCell Grid Control for ActiveX 6.2.4, size 0 b.

PacketX 3.2 BeeSync Technologies 

PacketX is set of ActiveX classes that integrate winpcap packet capture functionality with Visual Basic or any other programming environment supporting Microsoft ActiveX technology.In brief, PacketX uses winpcap libraries to capture (and optionally filter) network packets. In addition to standard capture mode you can collect network statistics and. Free download of PacketX 3.2, size 657.41 Kb.

SkinCrafter Win32 3 3 SkinCrafter 

SkinCrafter is a mature, stable, and comprehensive GUI design software solution that allows you to create custom skins for your new or legacy Windows based applications. SkinCrafter is compatible with Win98/ME/NT/2K/2003/XP/Vista/Windows 7.

With its exclusive skin maker library, implemented as a standard Windows ActiveX control,. Free download of SkinCrafter Win32 3 3, size 21.32 Mb.

easygrid 1 2 witosoft 

Easy Grid Activex Control has exceedingly powerful functions, much more powerful than other grid or report OCXes, such as FlexGrid, Crystal Report, Formula One, Spread and so on.
Easy Grid ActiveX Control supports print, preview, editable grid, chart, formula, expression, ODBC connecting to multi-databases such as DBASE, FoxBase, FoxPro,. Free download of easygrid 1 2, size 0 b.

FlexCell Grid Control 5.0.2 FlexCell Technologies 

FlexCell is a flexible and easy to use grid control. Using FlexCell Grid Control, you can create the professional user interfaces and report form in your application.FlexCell Grid Control provides comprehensive functions such as Print, Print Preview, Chart, Merge Cell, Virtual Grid, Sort, Import (from) and Export (to) XML, Export to Excel Workbook. Free download of FlexCell Grid Control 5.0.2, size 2.09 Mb.

ShellBrowser Components ActiveX Edition 6.1.2 JAM Software GmbH 

The ShellBrowser component set gives a programmer easy access to the Win32 shell functionality. The JamShellList, JamShellTree and JamShellCombo components look and behave exactly like the corresponding parts of the Explorer. All componments support the properties page, correct icons, OLE Drag&Drop, the Explorer context menu and Unicode. A. Free download of ShellBrowser Components ActiveX Edition 6.1.2, size 3.31 Mb.

Run Service ActiveX 2 Eltima Soft GmbH 

Run Sevice ActiveX control is a powerful tool that allows software developers to add and use advantages of Windows services in their applications. Among Run Sevice ActiveX component's usage benefits is ability to utilize automatic start at boot-time to ensure maximum uptime of the system-critical applications, run programs at background without. Free download of Run Service ActiveX 2, size 999.42 Kb.

aaxRegistry ActiveX Control 1.0 aaxComponents 

The aaxRegistry ActiveX Control is a module that gives you an easy access to the Windows Registry.
This component comes with full documentation and many Visual Basic samples.

Main feature:

- Open / Create / Delete keys and subkeys;
- Read / Write / Delete values of any type;
- Enumerate keys, subkeys and. Free download of aaxRegistry ActiveX Control 1.0, size 72.74 Mb.

ActiveX Message Killer for IE 1.0 SaNaPe Software 

You use the Internet Explorer browser? The "Do you want to allow software such as ActiveX controls and plug-ins to run?" windows keep popping up when you view web pages? Annoyed because you have to close those windows all the time? Or maybe they even drive you mad? ActiveX Message Killer for Internet Explorer closes such windows. Freeware download of ActiveX Message Killer for IE 1.0, size 241.17 Kb.

Virtual Serial Port ActiveX CE 3.1 ELTIMA GmbH 

Virtual Serial Port ActiveX CE is a powerful ActiveX Control for Embedded platforms that allows your software to create custom additional virtual serial ports in Windows CE system and fully control them from within your own program. Virtual serial ports you will create look and work absolutely like real serial ports for other Windows CE. Free download of Virtual Serial Port ActiveX CE 3.1, size 848.90 Kb.

DataMatrix ActiveX 3.6 RKD Software 

DataMatrix ActiveX lets anyone add professional-quality 2D DataMatrix barcodes to any Windows application such as Visual Basic, Visual FoxPro, Visual C++, Internet Explorer Web pages, Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, and others. DataMatrix, the public domain code from RVSI Acuity CiMatrix, is a 2D matrix symbology designed to pack a lot of. Free download of DataMatrix ActiveX 3.6, size 994.30 Kb.

PSTRUH ActiveX UserManager 1.0 Antonin Foller,Motobit Software 

ActiveX UserManager is easy to use COM component with classes to create, delete and manage local and remote user accounts, groups, servers and domains in the Windows NT (2000/XP) environment.ActiveX UserManager is a shareware and can be registered on-line on the next links.You can simple work with user accounts and groups from VBA, VBS/JS, ASP and. Free download of PSTRUH ActiveX UserManager 1.0, size 357.38 Kb.

MainMedia Image Viewer ActiveX controls 1.45 Mainmedia Software 

The MainMedia Image Viewer ActiveX controls are optimized for Windows and include high performance support for loading, saving, displaying, printing, converting and processing images in the most common image formats.

Features of MainMedia Image Viewer ActiveX controls:
# Read Bmp, Emf, Ico, JPEG, JPEG 2000, PCX, PNG, PSD, Gif,. Free download of MainMedia Image Viewer ActiveX controls 1.45, size 205.33 Kb.

FileView ActiveX Control 2012 LogicNP Software 

FileView ActiveX Control brings a drop-in Windows Explorer-like listview UI to your application. It provides a familiar yet powerful file/folder browsing UI right inside your own forms and dialogs and is a perfect replacement for the plain, inflexible, modal APIs which UI developers are currently limited to. It offers complete support for. Free download of FileView ActiveX Control 2012, size 2.00 Mb.

Windows Media Player 9 Series SDK Microsoft 

The Microsoft Windows Media Player 9 Series Software Development Kit (SDK) provides information and tools to customize Windows Media Player and to use the Windows Media Player ActiveX control. This documentation also provides information about using Windows Media metafiles.

Support for customizing Windows Media Player is provided by:

Shell Controls ActiveX 2.0 Longtion Software 

Give your applications Windows Explorer features with the Shell Controls ActiveX. These powerful shell controls including ShellComboBox, ShellTreeView and ShellListView allow you to build simple or complex file/folder selection interfaces inside your own applications.

Why resort to a popup file-selection dialog, when you can place. Free download of Shell Controls ActiveX 2.0, size 713.03 Kb.

SFTPBlackbox (ActiveX/DLL) 7.2.168 EldoS Corporation 

SFTPBlackbox (ActiveX edition) is a comprehensive collection of native components that add client-side support for SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) to your Windows applications. SFTPBlackbox includes complete SSH /SFTP protocol support and supports full range of SSH and SFTP features, such as * support for full range of file and directory. Free download of SFTPBlackbox (ActiveX/DLL) 7.2.168, size 11.09 Mb.