Windows Ce Antivirus Software

BrickGenius for Pocket PC 1.10 BallShooter Games 

I think there is nothing better then a great challenging puzzle with simple rules. BrickGenius looks like one of these games - a square gamefield, the bright-colored bricks, and built-in tutorial helps you to start playing. In this game player should builds the different mosaics by sliding bricks.How it works: 1)The game board consists of 15 x 15. Free download of BrickGenius for Pocket PC 1.10, size 1.10 Mb.


FILLER for Pocket PC (SH3) 1.0 Exiland Software 

"Filler" is a new and exciting logic which develops logical thinking. The game is designed for all age groups.Rules--------The playing field is filled with small colored squares. At start, points of the players are situated on the opposite corners of the field. A randomly chosen player starts the game (when playing with computer the. Free download of FILLER for Pocket PC (SH3) 1.0, size 855.04 Kb.

Blocker Plains for Pocket PC 3.3 jk-ware 

Blocker Plains is a Breakout game with six levels from very easy until very difficult and individual, an unlimited number of balls, 50 stone plains and a freely movable Blocker.The objective of the game is, through fast clear away of the stone plains, to be accepted into a Champions list.

Seven game accompanied sound themes and changing. Free download of Blocker Plains for Pocket PC 3.3, size 7.22 Mb.

Color LIFE for Pocket PC 3.3 jk-ware 

Color LIFE illustrates the reproduction behavior of microorganism. The reproduction rules can be independently selected likewise the incremental width and output time of the generations. Color-palettes can be produced on your own. With a shape-run, new rules and nice graphics can be found. The generations become also represented with decimal. Free download of Color LIFE for Pocket PC 3.3, size 1.56 Mb.

Perpetuum mobile for Pocket PC 3.3 jk-ware 

Perpetuum mobile highlights continually moving and rotating balls.Up to 500 balls can be shown at one time. The ball movement can be selected to follow gravitation rules or be manipulated impulsively. The spectator position can be the screen, the middle of the room, on a ball or on an elevator. Hereby special visual effects come to the validity.

Pocket BlockOut 1.20 BallShooter Games 

Pocket BlockOut is a program for WindowsCE/PocketPC designed for enjoining of playing mind games on your pocket computer. Pocket BlockOut is a combinatoric board mind game where you toss identical color blocks into pairs. Such pairs will disappear, so your goal is to exterminate all blocks from the field.

Current version is. Free download of Pocket BlockOut 1.20, size 410.62 Kb.

iPack Trial 3.0 Bee Mobile 

Bee Mobile iPack is a pack of 28 .NET Compact Framework controls and components for Graphical User Interface creation. All controls were designed to give your Windows Mobile / Windows CE applications modern and attractive look taking it to a new visual level.

Ease of use as well as intuitive finger-friendly interface are all part of. Free download of iPack Trial 3.0, size 28.10 Mb.

Keymap SDK C++ Edition Demo 1.0 17 Degree Inc. 

The Keymap SDK is a set of C classes designed with the purpose of simplifying the development process of GIS applications for programmers. It supports a wide range of GIS features, include built-in GPS support, symbology and advanced road styles. Unlike other GIS products which are usually shipped as ActiveX components, Keymap SDK is a set of C. Free download of Keymap SDK C++ Edition Demo 1.0, size 0 b.

WinWAP for Pocket PC Winwap Technologies Oy 

WinWAP for Pocket PC lets you use WAP services on your Pocket PC enabled PDA. WinWAP for Pocket PC is a full WAP browser that includes all the convenient functionality of normal web browsers. It runs on Microsoft Windows CE 3.0.

Try it out now for free by downloading and installing on your device.

Automatically connect. Free download of WinWAP for Pocket PC, size 1.22 Mb.

Exchange rates display software 1.0 

Display software for showing exchange rates in public offices such as bank branch, travel agency, changer. The display software runs on any Windows CE-based thin client.. Freeware download of Exchange rates display software 1.0, size 16.42 Kb.

Sipix A6 Printer Driver 1.0 

This is the Original source code, documentation, SDK, and drivers for the printer driver for Sipix A6 printer. A6 printer has been discontinued, Original Sipix drivers support Palm OS up to 4.x, and Pocket PC devices running Windows CE 2.0-3.1. As well a. Freeware download of Sipix A6 Printer Driver 1.0, size 2.44 Mb.

Solit GPL 30072010 

A multiplatform game/framework for card games, implements the rules for klondike (with 2 decks) and spider (with 2 seeds). It's highly portable and it works at least in windows, linux, macosx, iphone & windows CE.. Freeware download of Solit GPL 30072010, size 193.49 Kb.

tclce 20010904 

Port of Tcl (Tool Command Language) version 8.3 to the Windows CE operating system.. Freeware download of tclce 20010904, size 281.64 Kb.

XiangQi Wizard 1.0 

XiangQi Wizard (Chinese Chess Wizard) is a powerful XiangQi (chinese chess) program, which supports UCCI engines. XQWizard Light is the Mobile version for Windows CE and Java ME. ElephantEye is the UCCI engine in XQWizard with strong AI.. Freeware download of XiangQi Wizard 1.0, size 3.93 Mb.

CrtDbg for WinCE 0.13 Crtdbg4wince 

You are searching _CrtDumpMemoryLeaks(), _CrtSetReportMode() and all the well known Win32 stuff? But you don't find it for your Windows CE or Windows Mobile native C or C++ development? Get tired of Memory Leaks? Handle Leaks? Trouble with Appverify (Application Verifier for WinCE)? Stop searching. Congratulations, you got it!

can. Freeware download of CrtDbg for WinCE 0.13, size 1.74 Mb.

Windows CE hardware buttons remapper 0.2 Wince-remapper 

A simple program that redefines the function of PNA's hardware keys (tested only on ViaMichelin X950). It allows task switching, volume control, closing applications and showing soft keyboard

Windows CE hardware buttons remapper 0.2 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Windows CE hardware buttons remapper 0.2, size 63.64 Kb.

Norton Antivirus Definition Updates (Administrators) 03-29-2012 Symantec Corporation 

Supports the following versions of Symantec antivirus software:

* Norton AntiVirus 2003 Professional Edition
* Norton AntiVirus 2003 for Windows 2000/XP Home/XP Pro
* Norton AntiVirus 2004 Professional Edition
* Norton AntiVirus 2004 for Windows 2000/XP Home/XP Pro
* Norton AntiVirus 2005 for Windows 2000/XP. Freeware download of Norton Antivirus Definition Updates (Administrators) 03-29-2012, size 180.16 Mb.

ESET Security for Microsoft SharePoint Server 4.5.15010.0 Beta Eset 

ESET Security for Microsoft SharePoint Server is an efficient and reliable antivirus and antispam solution designed for SharePoint products running on Windows Server.

ESET Security for Microsoft SharePoint Server provides effective protection against all types of malware, thus increasing productivity in medium and larger companies.

INNOBATE AntiVirus 2012 Home 1.0 INNOBATE Limited 

INNOBATE AntiVirus provides On-Access, on-demand resident shield against virus, worms, trojans, and malware. Also provides on-demand scanning on all of your computers drives.

A clean and simple user interface, that enables users to scan drives on their computer system. Infected files are quarantined, and can later be removed permanently. Free download of INNOBATE AntiVirus 2012 Home 1.0, size 104.43 Mb.

Zebra VirusCleaner for Windows Mobile 1.0 

Zebra VirusCleaner for Windows Mobile is a powerful and reliable anti-virus software for protecting your mobile phone from being attacked by malicious programs. It can detect and clean Cabir, Lasco, Skulls,rootkits and others - almost one thousand viruses, trojans and worms from your smartphone. It's small, super light weighted and fast-scanning.. Free download of Zebra VirusCleaner for Windows Mobile 1.0, size 828.38 Kb.