Windows Control Centre

Language Control Centre 3.0 Draig Technology Ltd 

The Language Control Centre is available to download free of charge from the Board’s website, facilitates the use of Welsh in bilingual households and workplaces by offering a language choice to all. It allows users choose the either Welsh or English as interface language for Windows XP and Office 2003, provides tutorials on how to type. Freeware download of Language Control Centre 3.0, size 70.36 Mb.


Dairycheq Control Centre 1 3 Dairy Cheq 

The Dairy Cheq® Control Centre software provides an easy-to-use graphical picture of the dairy farm’s operating parameters as measured by the Dairy Cheq® MilkGuard FD. The software allows for value-added review and interpretation allowing the user to make better, faster management decisions for raw milk quality.. Free download of Dairycheq Control Centre 1 3, size 207.84 Mb.

Windows Control Program 1.00 

Windows Control Program is a simple visual program designed to simplify the usability of your computer. It can also double as a powerful LAN operator with its shutdown capibilities.. Freeware download of Windows Control Program 1.00, size 114.94 Kb.

A Control Panel File Maker 1.0 JS Payne of Cortland NY 

This utility generates a Control Panel Applet (.cpl file) that runs the application of your choice.

Main features:
-Generates a Windows Control Panel applet (.CPL file).
-Runs a program of your choice via an ICON installed in the Windows Control Panel.
-Develop your application in an environment of your choosing.

System Information for Windows 1 FBCDanville 

Display System Information for Windows Operating System, similar to Windows Control Panel. This includes all Visual Basic source code so that you can add this feature to your own applications. . Freeware download of System Information for Windows 1, size 78.85 Kb.

CamSnap Rebellious productions 

A Cam-Corder video capture/enhancement program, which includes a 'Graphics Control Centre'. It features high-resolution video capture suitable for photographs from your old Camcorder. With it you can capture photos that can better the popular Sony Mavica digital. CamSnapdz? also handles Digital Camera, Copier, Scanner, Screen Capture, and. Freeware download of CamSnap, size 39.53 Mb.

PC-Rail Guildford 5 1 PC-Rail Software 

This simulation features the new signalling introduced in January 1999, when the new Guildford Control Centre became fully operational.

Guildford is on the Waterloo-Portsmouth main line, with 3 other routes converging, from Reading, Redhill and Waterloo via Cobham. This makes it a busy location to operate, with 25-30 trains an hour!

PC-Rail Portsmouth 5 1 PC-Rail Software 

Covering the area of the new Traffic Control Centre at Havant which was commissioned in early 2008, this simulation includes 8 stations, including Portsmouth Harbour, Portsmouth & Southsea, Fratton, Cosham (with its triangular junction) and Havant.

The timetable is very busy, averaging 25 train movements per hour! These. Free download of PC-Rail Portsmouth 5 1, size 4.93 Mb.

PowerMenu 1 51 Thong Nguyen 

PowerMenu is an application that adds some extra menu options in the default windows control menu, already available options such as Minimize, Restore, Close etc. are remained intact. It adds four new menu items - Always On Top, Transparency and Minimize To Tray and Priority. Priority option changes the priority of the window's parent process. Freeware download of PowerMenu 1 51, size 11.26 Mb.

Greatis Corners 3.21.1 Awadh Al-Ghaamdi 

Anything in Windows (Control Panel, Desktop and Start Menu shortcuts, your document and file folders, Explorer, applications - and more!) can now be opened or started with nothing more than a single mouse click. After Windows startup, an icon appears in your system tray and some or all of the corners of your screen becomes 'active'. An. Free download of Greatis Corners 3.21.1, size 0 b.

Add/Remove Manager 1.2 Mike Singer 

Add/Remove Manager allows you to easily remove any program name from the Add or Remove Programs or Programs and Features (Windows Vista) section of the Windows Control Panel. If needed, removed programs can easily be restored. You can also view program information, view program support information, and uninstall the listed programs. Easily remove. Freeware download of Add/Remove Manager 1.2, size 890.88 Kb.

MyKontrolCentre rc 

The long anticipated MySQL KDE Control Centre. Please, read the RELEASE NOTES!. Freeware download of MyKontrolCentre rc, size 622.86 Kb.

EVE Industry Control Centre 1.0 Eve-icc 

An open source utility for the game EVE Online. The EVE Industry Control Centre is a central point and resource for all your EVE industry activities.

EVE Industry Control Centre 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of EVE Industry Control Centre 1.0, size 0 b.

ImageListBoxLib 1.0 Beta Ogee Consulting 

ImageListBoxLib is a handy Windows control library for ListBox, designed to help you handle multiple images and text.

The library supports multi-column display and includes the necessary documentation to help you integrate it in your applications.

. Free download of ImageListBoxLib 1.0 Beta, size 0 b.

EPLAN Data Portal 1.1 EPLAN Software & Service GmbH & Co. KG 

EPLAN Data Portal App

Over 40,000 registered users, more than 10 million hits and approximately 230,000 integrated component datasets: these are impressive figures which accurately describe the EPLAN Data Portal as the "control centre" for device and component data. More than 45 leading component manufacturers have recognised. Freeware download of EPLAN Data Portal 1.1, size 4.82 Mb.

Smarter Thinking 1.0 3Dme Pty Ltd 

Our brain is the control centre of our body and it has a strong influence over our heart, liver and kidneys. This means that if we think something in our brain, it will influence how we feel in our body. This App takes a look at our thoughts to help us understand how thinking the same thoughts over and over again can become habitual thinking. Freeware download of Smarter Thinking 1.0, size 141.56 Mb.

EaseSoft DataMatrix .NET Windows Control 3.5.0 EaseSoft Inc 

EaseSoft DataMatrix .Net Windows Forms Control is 100% managed C# code product which can add professional quality 2D Barcode image to your windows application .You can save the barcode as different image format files (BMP,EMF,GIF,JPEG,PNG,TIFF,WMF). It is easy to print barcode using the PrintDocument Control provided by the .Net Framework. Easily. Free download of EaseSoft DataMatrix .NET Windows Control 3.5.0, size 429.92 Kb.

Z-Cron 4 8 IMU Andreas Baumann 

With Z-Cron scheduler you can execute tasks on your computer automatically and time-controlled. Z-Cron is a central control centre for time-controlling and automation of software. Z-Cron scheduler does not only start other applications but can also show popup windows with reminder text messages on the screen or shut down the system time-controlled.. Freeware download of Z-Cron 4 8, size 6.39 Mb.

Actual Title Buttons 6.3 Actual Tools 

Actual Title Buttons is a suite of the most essential and popular tools for desktop windows control and manipulation: minimize them to tray, set up priority, apply transparency, make them stay always-on-top of other windows, align, resize, roll up and even "ghost" them! You can do any of these advanced operations in a mouse click on the. Free download of Actual Title Buttons 6.3, size 4.14 Mb.

Babya System rc 

Babya System is a free shell replacement that is Windows XP compatible and easy to use. It has many useful features-like Babya Discoverer, which has automatic popup ad blocking, and easy access to Windows Control Panel applets.. Freeware download of Babya System rc, size 676.85 Kb.