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IPOD Touch Windows Emulation C# 1.0 Ipodtouchwin32 

An IPod Touch 2G Windows Emulator, mainly to be developed in C# aimed at .NET Framework 2.0 for specifically designed for Windows XP and Vista+

IPOD Touch Windows Emulation C# 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of IPOD Touch Windows Emulation C# 1.0, size 0 b.


IBM - Personal Communications 5.0 IBM 

IBM Personal Communications is an industry-leading, traditional Windows emulator that provides comprehensive connectivity and access to host data.
-Provides an optimal platform for traditional access to data and applications on the host.
-Features 3270, 5250 and VT emulation, FTP client, SNA application support, and SNA and TCP/IP. Free download of IBM - Personal Communications 5.0, size 0 b.

AntiAbylos 0.1 

Multiplatform MS Windows emulator for *NIX.. Freeware download of AntiAbylos 0.1, size 1.41 Mb.

Windows Mobile 6.5 Developer Tool Kit 1.0 Microsoft 

The Windows Mobile 6.5 Developer Tool Kit adds documentation, sample code, header and library files, emulator images and tools to Visual Studio that let you build applications for Windows Mobile 6.5. This document contains important information about this package. Keep in mind that the Windows Mobile 6 SDK also need to be installed in order to be. Freeware download of Windows Mobile 6.5 Developer Tool Kit 1.0, size 74.83 Mb.

Zsnes for Windows 1.51 zsKnight 

Zsnes is a Super Nintedo emulator for the Windows OS.. Free download of Zsnes for Windows 1.51, size 880.80 Kb.

ZX Spectrum 1.0.4207 ZX Spectrum 4 .net 

ZX Spectrum Emulator for Windows and .net - The emulator currently supports ZX Spectrum 16/48k,128k,+2, tzx tape files and tape deck emulation, Sound, Basic, Game save & load, Timing Accuate, supported file formats include tzx sna z80 tap wav "Remember the days when keys stuck down, the kettle boiled quicker then loading one game and at. Free download of ZX Spectrum 1.0.4207, size 890.88 Kb.

Mednafen GUI rimsky82 

A Windows Graphical User Interface for the popular multi-system emulator Mednafen, written in C# and .NET 4.


* Simple Interface. Freeware download of Mednafen GUI, size 167.77 Kb.

X-Win32 2012 Megan Anderson 

StarNet's X-Win32 and FastX product lines are X Windows Emulators (also known as PC X Servers or X11 emulators). Engineers typically work on Windows or Macintosh PCs while the applications they use to design anything from an advanced microprocessor to an Air Force Jet reside on powerful Unix and Linux mainframes and supercomputers. In order to. Free download of X-Win32 2012, size 83.89 Mb.

LingvoSoft Talking Dictionary 2008 4. 1. 2029 LingvoSoft 

If you are looking for an easy-to-use, affordable, lightweight and full featured application for language learning and translation tasks, LingvoSoft Dictionary 2008 may be your answer. With an extremely intuitive and easy-to-use interface and a quick access system tray icon, LingvoSoft Dictionary becomes a complete solution. This solution you can. Free download of LingvoSoft Talking Dictionary 2008 4. 1. 2029, size 4.34 Mb.

LingvoSoft Dictionary 2008 4. 1. 2029 LingvoSoft 

LingvoSoft Dictionary 2008 is a modular application to solve all your needs related to translation tasks and language learning. This modular application is designed to run on Windows based computers, but if you are a Linux or Macintosh user have in mind that you could use LingvoSoft Dictionary 2008 by installing a Windows emulator on your system.. Free download of LingvoSoft Dictionary 2008 4. 1. 2029, size 4.35 Mb.

Basal Metabolic Rate Counter 1.1 Actabit Calorie Counter 

BMR Calculator is a Windows software program designed to calculate your Basal Metabolic Rate, the amount of calories required to sustain life in your body when at rest. Both health care professionals like dietitians and their patients who suffer from overweight or underweight can use BMR Calculator. It helps health care professionals save time when. Free download of Basal Metabolic Rate Counter 1.1, size 660.60 Kb.

FlashGet v3 FlashGet 

The Best Download Manager
FlashGet is a leading download manager and has the highest amount of users on the internet. It uses MHT(Multi-server Hyper-threading Transportation) technique, supports various protocols and has excellent document management features. FlashGet is a freeware without any adware or spyware.
New features:
. Freeware download of FlashGet v3, size 8.23 Mb.

Folder Password Expert ZQS Software 

Folder Password Expert is a simple but very effective security software program allowing you to set a password for the private folders you want to keep to yourself. Folder Password Expert adds the Lock Folder option to the right-click menu of Windows Explorer. To password protect a folder, run Windows Explorer and browse to the folder, then. Free download of Folder Password Expert, size 0 b.

Microsoft Windows CE 5.0 Device Emulator 1 Microsoft 

The Device Emulator contains the emulator technologies featured in Windows CE 5.0. By using the Device Emulator, you can run emulated-based images created by Windows CE 5.0 without installing Platform Builder, its development tools.

In order to have Microsoft Windows CE 5.0 Device Emulator function properly, you must run it. Free download of Microsoft Windows CE 5.0 Device Emulator 1, size 0 b.

WP8 Emulator Skin Switcher 1.0 Geert van der Cruijsen 

WP8 Emulator Skin Switcher includes a generous selection of phone skins that you can use in Windows Phone 8 development projects.

There are seventeen different skeens bundled inside this package. Usage is simple: start the skin switcher, choose a skin and restart the emulator to load it into the emulato.

. Free download of WP8 Emulator Skin Switcher 1.0, size 0 b.

WP7 Emulator Skin Switcher 1.2 Geert van der Cruijsen 

WP7 Emulator Skin Switcher is handy and reliable utility designed to provide you with multiple skins to use on your Windows Phone 7 emulator.

Start the application, select one of the 25 available skins and you're done! It's that simple!

. Free download of WP7 Emulator Skin Switcher 1.2, size 0 b.

Multi Screen Emulator for Windows SiComponents 

MSEW (Multi Screen Emulator for Windows) allows you to create and configure up to 8 virtualscreens to simplify switching between different tasks. The switching of virtual screens isperformed by using the MSEW panel or by hot keys. This useful tool allows you to distributeapplications to different virtual screens and to manage switching among them. Free download of Multi Screen Emulator for Windows, size 777.22 Kb.

Jupiter Ace Emulator 1.0.4247 Micrto Emulator .net 

Juipiter Ace for Windows and .net - The emulator currently supports Jupiter Ace Standard 3K, 16K, 32K and 48k Ram packs, tape files and tape deck emulation, Sound, Forth, Snapshot saving game loading and more ... Do you remember the Jupiter Ace ? I cant say I did at the time it was released I was 9 years-old and entering the world of the ZX. Free download of Jupiter Ace Emulator 1.0.4247, size 676.86 Kb.

Nester - NES Emulator for Windows 1.0 

Nintendo Entertainment System emulator for Windows, written by Darren Ranalli.. Freeware download of Nester - NES Emulator for Windows 1.0, size 80.34 Kb.

WinFellow - Amiga Emulator for Windows 5 

WinFellow is a high performance Amiga Emulator primarily targeted for Windows. It's distinguished API and core does however allow a fairly easy port to other OS.. Freeware download of WinFellow - Amiga Emulator for Windows 5, size 310.06 Kb.

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