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Accessbox - Password Tracking and Generation 1.1 Rodolfo Vasquez 

Mobile \ Productivity

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Stop using the same password everywhere. Accessbox stores and generates strong passwords that are easy to remember. Carefully designed to look simple and clean.

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Thanks to its iCloud integration your data won't be sent to any. Free download of Accessbox - Password Tracking and Generation 1.1, size 8.39 Mb.


CertusLogin: No-Password Login 1.0.0 Certus Technology Systems Inc. 

Mobile \ Utilities

Certus is a password-less logon authentication application for the Web, Cloud and Mobile Applications. Certus can replace the password paradigm or act as 2nd and 3rd authentication factor.

Certus authentication is a cell phone based, highly secure mechanism with support for multi-factor biometric and shared secret solutions to provide. Freeware download of CertusLogin: No-Password Login 1.0.0, size 838.86 Kb.

Enlume Password Manager 1.2 Enlume Inc 

Mobile \ Business

Passwords There are so many to remember. A reality of our modern day existence - Passwords have now become a part our lives. Now it will not be so hard to track them all and have them at your finger tips when you need them. The Enlume Password Manager will help you maintain a list of all your passwords, access codes and other private (but often. Freeware download of Enlume Password Manager 1.2, size 314.57 Kb.

Essential Password Generator 1.5 Dustin Buchanan 

Mobile \ Utilities

Does that website expect you to pick a 15 character password with 2 upper case, 2 lower case, 2 numbers and 2 special characters... but only certain special characters? And it's going to expire every 60 days so you will need to dream up a new one just when you need to use it the next time?

Essential Password Generator was designed to. Free download of Essential Password Generator 1.5, size 629.14 Kb.

Guess the password 1.0 ESPRIT 

Mobile \ Games

The objective of this game is to guess a "password" with a single means "word index".
You have 5 indicators for each password guess
If you are unable to guess the password for after 5 attempts, the application automatically starts the following password.
You have 60 seconds to guess the number requested password. Freeware download of Guess the password 1.0, size 14.58 Mb.

Hashword - The Secure Password Generator 1.1 Aphelion, LLC 

Mobile \ Utilities



Remembering a password is hard. Remembering a secure one is even more difficult! People typically do one of a few things:
Memorize one very secure password and use it for a lot of different sites.
Use different but simple and insecure passwords for a variety of. Free download of Hashword - The Secure Password Generator 1.1, size 314.57 Kb.

How Secure Is My Password? 1.2 Hoa Tran 

Mobile \ Utilities

Every password you use can be thought of as a needle hiding in a haystack. After all searches of common passwords and dictionaries have failed, an attacker must resort to a brute force search ultimately trying every possible combination of letters, numbers and then symbols until the combination you chose, is discovered.

If every. Free download of How Secure Is My Password? 1.2, size 13.53 Mb.

HumanPass - Human Password Generator 1.0.4 Pumax 

Mobile \ Utilities

HumanPass is a smart password generator and password security checker made for humans.

While passwords made out of random letters and numbers are relatively secure (when long enough), they're extremely hard to remember.

HumanPass takes relatively common English words and mix them together to generate passwords that are not. Free download of HumanPass - Human Password Generator 1.0.4, size 7.03 Mb.

My Eyes Only 7 - Secure Password Manager & Data Vault 7.1.4 Software Ops LLC 

Mobile \ Business

Super secure password app, with the easiest setup, secure backup and syncing of any service in the App Store . . .

Have fast, convenient access to all your passwords and important personal data. My Eyes Only Pro provides a secure, easy way to store and keep the critical information you need close to you at all times. And it's super. Freeware download of My Eyes Only 7 - Secure Password Manager & Data Vault 7.1.4, size 13.42 Mb.

Pronounceable Password Generator 2 1.4.0 Tobias Braun 

Mobile \ Utilities

With Pronounceable Password Generator you can generate all kinds of passwords.

It excels at producing passwords that are pronounceable and thus easy to remember. But if you'd like, you can also create fully random passwords which arbitrarily mix uppercase and lowercase characters with numbers and special characters for maximum. Freeware download of Pronounceable Password Generator 2 1.4.0, size 419.43 Kb.

Protect My Photos--Password Private Photos 1.1 Fellow software 

Mobile \ Utilities

Each person has its own secret photos, we don't want someone that we don't allow to see them. While our app Protect My Photos- Password Private Photos will keep Your valuable, private, and incriminating photos away from prying eyes.

Open this app and take photos, these photos will only see in the app, anyone else can't see. Freeware download of Protect My Photos--Password Private Photos 1.1, size 13.21 Mb.

Protect My Photos--Password Private Photos Pro 1.1 Fellow software 

Mobile \ Utilities

Each person has its own secret photos, we don't want someone that we don't allow to see them. While our app Protect My Photos- Password Private Photos will keep Your valuable, private, and incriminating photos away from prying eyes.

Open this app and take photos, these photos will only see in the app, anyone else can't see. Free download of Protect My Photos--Password Private Photos Pro 1.1, size 12.27 Mb.

Protector for Password 2.1 Rakesh Mawar 

Mobile \ Productivity

Do you struggle to remember all those usernames, passwords ?

Imagine your iDevice is lost or stolen?

Do you take any chances with your passwords and private information?

Worrying not now !!!!!!
Keep your data safe and secure with One- Password Assistant!
Password PiggyBank can remember them all for you. Free download of Protector for Password 2.1, size 6.19 Mb.

PSSWD - Password Generator 1.0 Luke Smith 

Mobile \ Utilities

An easy to use, configurable, password generator to help keep your passwords unique and secure. PSSWD doesn't store any of your information.. Freeware download of PSSWD - Password Generator 1.0, size 1.47 Mb.

PwGen Password Generator 1.4.1 Thomas Hempel 

Mobile \ Utilities

**** Get the PRO Version of PwGen now. It's only $0.99USD. ****

This application is a simple password generator. For all your password puposes.

Simply select the character sets the passwords should contain from
- uppercase characters
- lowercase characters
- numbers
- special characters

Set the. Freeware download of PwGen Password Generator 1.4.1, size 2.83 Mb.

PwGen Pro Password Generator 1.2.1 Thomas Hempel 

Mobile \ Utilities

This is the pro version of the free PwGen Application which is in AppStore for some time now.
It's a random password generator.

This version implements some requested features which make it more pro than the free version. The first "pro feature" is the in-app settings. You can set some essential stuff from inside the. Free download of PwGen Pro Password Generator 1.2.1, size 3.04 Mb.

PwList (Password List) 1.9.3 Makoto Kamiya 

Mobile \ Business

Ranked #1 PAID BUSINESS APP in Japan.

PwList is a password and data manager. Easy to use, yet very flexible. This application lets you store your login IDs, bank accounts, credit card numbers, passport number, etc... on your iPhone.


Your data will be encrypted with 256-bit AES algorithm adopted by the. Free download of PwList (Password List) 1.9.3, size 3.15 Mb.

QPG (Quick Password Generator) 1.1 Gary Sims 

Mobile \ Utilities

Do you ever need to quickly set a password and then your mind goes blank as your try to think of an orignal one?

Are you always using the same old password but need something better?

Have you signed up for a web site that needs numbers as well as letters in the password?

If the answer is YES to any of those. Free download of QPG (Quick Password Generator) 1.1, size 3.77 Mb.

Quarking Password Manager 1.0 BCN Quark 

Mobile \ Productivity

Quarking Password Manager is a secure and easy-to-use password manager for iPhone, iPad and web browser.

Don't use the same password for every website. Start keeping track of your passwords in a secure way. Just start using Quarking Password Manager.

Quarking Password Manager it's one of a kind, the only one that does not. Freeware download of Quarking Password Manager 1.0, size 3.36 Mb.

Quick Password Maker 1.0 MIFUMI YOSHIDA 

Mobile \ Utilities

Get your password stronger and safer!

This app automatically creates a new password. Recently, many accidents that are unauthorized access to accounts by the recycling of password have occurred. With the increase in IT service, it becomes necessary to set a different password in each. However, to perform it, when a person thinks with. Freeware download of Quick Password Maker 1.0, size 1.57 Mb.