With Sharpness Adjustment

AwwPics - Explore & Edit Photos 1.3 eToolkit Inc 

Explore your friends' coolest photos, make your photos look awesome and watch the likes go up!
The newest way to explore Facebook photos - won't let you miss the coolest ones!

AwwPics comes with a Photo Editor that features:
* Edit photos from your device's gallery, camera, your or your friends' photos on Facebook.
* Save. Freeware download of AwwPics - Explore & Edit Photos 1.3, size 33.14 Mb.


Eternalbum - Photo album, photo organizer and photo editor with password protection 2.0 John Denne Design & Consulting Service 

Eternalbum, a smarter way to organize, secure, edit and share you photos in a single app.


*:._.:*~*:._.:*~Organize with style*:._.:*~*:._

- Stylish individual album layout with customizable album cover and album background

- unique 3D browsing. Freeware download of Eternalbum - Photo album, photo organizer and photo editor with password protection 2.0, size 10.38 Mb.

Aggregate Escrow Adjustment 1 Aggregate Escrow Adjustment 

Quickly and easily calculate the Aggregate Escrow Adjustment also known as line 1008 on the HUD-1, HUD-1A RESPA Settlement Statement. Follow an example to help you learn how to calculate the aggregate escrow adjustment by hand. Visit us on the web at www.LawFirmSoftware.com for more information.. Free download of Aggregate Escrow Adjustment 1, size 671.09 Kb.

Active Image Processing Component 2.0.2012.901 Utralshareware Software 

Active Image Processing Component is a standard ActiveX component. It can be easily integrated into applications written in languages that support ActiveX Component such as Visual C++, Visual Basic, Delphi, C++ Builder, .Net languages, Java, Scripts like Perl, Php, Python. Active Image Processing Component supports formats like wmf, emf, jpg, png,. Free download of Active Image Processing Component 2.0.2012.901, size 2.19 Mb.

Sharpness Editor MAC 6.2 Powerretouche.com 

Control focus and sharpness without creating edgelines or artifactsThe Sharpness Editor plugin for photo software and graphic software gives you control over sharpness and focus without the negative contours unsharp mask creates. You get several unique sharpening methods that all take sharpening beyond common unsharp mask. You also get. Free download of Sharpness Editor MAC 6.2, size 0 b.

LiteTouch Load Level Adjustment 1 1 LiteTouch 

LiteTouch Load Level Adjustment is a powerful tool used to modify lighting levels and experience change settings in real-time.
This new feature has the ability to fully demonstrate lighting level adjustments without being connected a CCU in the built-in Demo Mode. Real-Time changes are now simple, accurate, and convenient.. Free download of LiteTouch Load Level Adjustment 1 1, size 714.75 Kb.

Geoida 1.0 Convergent Computations Pty Ltd 

Geoida is a software product that will benefit members of the surveying and related professions for the day-to-day routine processing, coordination and adjustment of spatial survey data, from routine pick-up surveys to complex networks of geodetic scale.
Developed particularly for Australian requirements but with global application, Geoida. Free download of Geoida 1.0, size 6.25 Mb.

Pairwise Multiple Tests Marley Watkins 

Pairwise Multiple Tests is a useful application that calculates three Pairwise Tests such as simple Bonferroni adjustment, Holm's sequential Bonferroni method, and Benjamin and Hochberg's False Discovery Rate.

Press the Return key after each p value. The Pairwise Multiple Tests program will sort the p values from smallest to largest and. Free download of Pairwise Multiple Tests, size 0 b.

Moo0 Image Viewer SP 1.75 Moo0 

Moo0 Image Viewer SP is an easy to use tool that comes with multiple filters for image enhancement such as Cartoon Reader, Clear photo or Max Sharpness. Its window occupies minimum space on desktop and also resizes very flexibly.

Further more, Moo0 Image Viewer SP is equipped with easy-to-use edit / save functionalities, including the. Free download of Moo0 Image Viewer SP 1.75, size 0 b.

ADJCLOCK 2.0 Sverre H. Huseby 

Program for automatic (non-resident) PC-clock adjustment. When called periodically (for instance from AUTOEXEC.BAT), the program tries to compensate for clock inaccuracy.

Update 2000-09-13: Eh, I'm actually quite shocked to realise that I updated the program now (thanks to dosemu on GNU/Linux, and Borland's free, ancient compilers).. Freeware download of ADJCLOCK 2.0, size 31.46 Kb.

Image InDepth SoundInDepth 

SID Image In Depth consumer-level photo editor is the professional standard in digital imaging, with an endless selection of drawing tools, filters, and color-adjustment capabilities for manipulating items in almost any way. Offers unique features designed specifically for amateur photographers, hobbyists, and business users who want a. Free download of Image InDepth, size 6.22 Mb.

Databrid 1.6 Datarid 

Databrid is a Database tool for Oracle and/or MySql databases that is suited to all levels of users. Databrids core functionality is based around a main set of tabs that allow access to the following areas: SQL Editor, Database Browser, File Processing, Active/Inactive Jobs and Help. The application (apart from the help) supports English, Spanish,. Freeware download of Databrid 1.6, size 5.52 Mb.

STOIK Smart Resizer 1.0 STOIK Imaging 

This program offers you various methods to resize digital photos including new STOIK Smart Resize algorithm which allows to enlarge digital images up to 1000% without loss of visual sharpness. You will find it useful for multiple tasks– from quality zooming to increasing resolution of digital photos to creation of good-looking photo. Free download of STOIK Smart Resizer 1.0, size 8.60 Mb.

Text & Image Overlay Directshow Filter 1.04 Mainmedia Software 

Text & Image Overlay Filter is a powerful transform filter that allows adjustment video color- contrast, brightness, saturate, hue, lightness, invert color. Adding unlimited texts or images, watermarks to video stream, user define font size, font name , font color, outline text, alpha blending of text, user define alpha blending of image,. Free download of Text & Image Overlay Directshow Filter 1.04, size 1.85 Mb.

Virtos Stereo Processor 1.1 Virtos-audio.com 

Stereo Processor is a DirectX based plug-in for phase corrections, stereo field adjustment or enhanced stereo perception.. Free download of Virtos Stereo Processor 1.1, size 0 b.

WaveL Pic2Pic Plus 1.1 WaveL Software 

This is an advanced utility for batch conversion of image files with resizing, rotation, mirroring, and color resolution adjustment.Using Pic2Pic Plus you will be able to convert your image files from BMP, EMF, GIF, ICO, JPEG, JPG, PBM, PCX, PGM, PNG, PPM, TIF, TIFF, TGA, WMF formats to BMP, JPG, GIF, PBM, PGM, PNG, PPM, TGA, TIF formats.. Free download of WaveL Pic2Pic Plus 1.1, size 501.76 Kb.

Web Image Guru Suite 5.5 VIMAS Technologies 

Web Image Guru is a powerful graphics suite for everyone who need to optimize image color and tonal balance, sharpness, noise level, geometry, bit depth, and file size. This product was originally designed as a specialized tool for web designers, but then it was greatly extended and now this is a set of three high quality imaging applications:. Free download of Web Image Guru Suite 5.5, size 4.30 Mb.

AVOne RM Video Converter 3.97 AVOne 

Batch convert rm / ram / rmvb to avi dvd vcd svcd mpeg with NTSL/ PAL and color adjustment in batch mode and burn to DVD VCD SVCD as additional function. Select different AVI video codec, NTSC / PAL setting option for DVD VCD SVCD MPEG1 MPEG2 exporting. Support fixed, proportional and cropping frame for exporting video. Offer color adjustment tools. Free download of AVOne RM Video Converter 3.97, size 3.99 Mb.

ComproDTV 4.57.740 Compro Technology, Inc. 

ComproDTV software features digital TV watching/recording, channel surfing, timeshifting, single/multiple still frames capture, customize color settings of brightness/saturation/contrast/hue/sharpness in each TV channel.

It also provides the advanced Picture In/Out Picture functions which allows users to watch live TV and playback. Freeware download of ComproDTV 4.57.740, size 74.24 Mb.

VertexDSP FaderWorks 1. 4. 2001 VertexDSP 

VertexDSP FaderWorks is an audio plug-in for multi-instance gain and latency adjustment. The main idea is to provide an additional layer of control and flexibility to a mixing environment. It adds volume and logical switching controls for a virtual routing of audio signals.

FaderWorks can be placed anywhere in the effect chain of an. Free download of VertexDSP FaderWorks 1. 4. 2001, size 1.27 Mb.