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magayo World Time Weather 1.0 magayo 

magayo World Time Weather is a desktop world clock that allows you to display the current local times of your chosen cities on your Windows desktop. It is delightfully simple and easy for everyone to use, whether at home or at work. Today, it is common to have family members and friends living and working in different parts of the world. For many. Freeware download of magayo World Time Weather 1.0, size 1.23 Mb.


World Clock for Windows 

A simple and highly configurable world clock where you can see the time for different locations in the world. World Clock for Windows has support for multiple screens and you can configure the clocks to show any time zone you'd like, and many more.. Freeware download of World Clock for Windows, size 1.07 Mb.

24h World Clock HD Free 1.1.0 Mate Muller 

World Clock is an essential tool for everyone who deals with people or events abroad or anybody who wants to know what time it is further than locally.

However this application is much more than a World Clock with regard to features and appearance.

This unique 24 hour analog World Clock provides you a special solution to see. Freeware download of 24h World Clock HD Free 1.1.0, size 11.74 Mb.

3X: World Clock, Alarm Clock & Timer Clock FREE 1.0 Vital Acts Inc. 

Know time of over 250K cities around the world using our World Clock! Also, our app allows you to setup as many number of ALARMS as you want and use it as an ALARM clock with over 50+ alarm tone options. Setup TIMER using our clock as well! TELL US WHAT FEATURES YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEE MORE & WE WILL KEEP ADDING THEM. EMAIL US AT. Freeware download of 3X: World Clock, Alarm Clock & Timer Clock FREE 1.0, size 7.44 Mb.

Super World Clock Free BiGi Solutions Ltd. 

Super World Clock Free is very helpful and useful world clock. It shows current time from many countries and time zones.

Definitely, Super World Clock is most useful tool that is essential in every abroad trip.
Have you ever needed to know time in different country?
Do you have coworkers or friends from another time zones?

World Clock Twilight Dusk&Dawn Math Calc Note 

World clock with live morning dusk line tile, plus the sunrise/sunset time.
1. Auto retrieve Timezone/daylight savings in backend;
2. Live tile of morning/dusk line, needn't data connection for refreshing;
3. Provides sun rise/set time.

Note: When daylight savings changed, NEED "re-sync"(This app doesn't. Freeware download of World Clock Twilight, size 3.15 Mb.

Wordum Clock 1.0 Wordum Software 

Customizable World Clock - shows world time in any country and city. Freeware download of Wordum Clock 1.0, size 580.61 Kb.

Big Free Clock 1.1 Contact Plus Corporation 

Big Free Clock - freeware clock size to any screen resolution. Freeware download of Big Free Clock 1.1, size 463.87 Kb.

TimeThing 1.0 Mike Gieson 

A world clock to find out what time it is at different locations around the world.

The TimeThing application was designed to be a time zone calculator to help you determine the correct time zone around the world.. Freeware download of TimeThing 1.0, size 1.05 Mb.

Eagle Mode 0.83.0 

Eagle Mode is a zoomable user interface (ZUI) with professional file manager, text & image viewer, audio & video player, archiver, chess game, 3D minesweeper, world clock, and fractal fun, all integrated in a virtual cosmos, with C++ toolkit API.. Freeware download of Eagle Mode 0.83.0, size 4.83 Mb.

Groove Speaker 1.1.0 Wonders Technology Co.,Ltd 

Groove Speaker is an App designed for Groove's docking speakers. You can use the simple speaker as a world clock, a multi-alarm, an FM tuner, a music player and make photo slideshow while you are listening to music.

Features: All functions in a single app!!! No need to switch!!
Dazzling home display, big digit with. Freeware download of Groove Speaker 1.1.0, size 5.45 Mb.

Momo WorldTime Momo100100 

A real personal world clock app for you! Want to keep track of the time where people you care about live? With Momo WorldTime, you can name the clocks with their names. Fast, easy and personal. :D

WorldTime gives you a customizable world clock experience. You can create your own list of world clocks by entering different names and. Freeware download of Momo WorldTime, size 8.39 Mb.

TheWorldClock 成都思博锐特科技有限公司 

Global time on your hand, The World Clock plan time for you

Do you want to know what time is it in New York where your friends live? Do you want to give a call to your parents who still live in hometown, but are afraid of waking them up? Do you want to convene the colleagues and hold a conference with them in regions around the world,. Freeware download of TheWorldClock, size 2.10 Mb.

TimeMe Tile Arnold Vink 

| Application Description
TimeMe is a Windows live tile application which shows the current time,
date, weather and optionally your current battery level all in one live tile,
the app also contains a stopwatch, timer, world clock and sleepscreen mode.
- This is an early alpha test release and may not always work properly,

TimezoneBuddy ezTaps 

Slick world clock and time converter. Tracking global time is insanely easy!

*** Free during the soccer World Cup 20104! Will back to regular price after July 13th!

Looking for a convenient time for your conference call with people spread around the globe?
Keeping in touch with family and friends in another time zone?

Quickrr World Clock 1.4 Quickrr 

World Clocks is a simple yet powerful Chrome extension to display current time in different time zones. Select country & city, and every time you open World Clocks you have local time instantly. You will find this extension very useful if you need to communicate with business partners from other cities or time zones.. Freeware download of Quickrr World Clock 1.4, size 282.62 Kb.

Clock G2 6 1 GetWare 

Clock G2 is a comprehensive clock for your desktop. The application includes five varieties of clocks: standard digital clock, standard analog clock, analog world clock, digital world clock and countdown clock. Depending on the clock you choose, it will display different customization options like font, date options, clock display, skin,. Freeware download of Clock G2 6 1, size 780.29 Kb.

Best World Clock RV AppStudios 

“Get Time of Multiple Cities With Single Tap!”


Do you have Friends & Family in Multiple Cities around the world? Have you thought about calling them but were unsure what time it's in that time zone? Download Best World Clock and you can easily get the exact time for that. Freeware download of Best World Clock, size 6.29 Mb.

Digital Clock-7 1 12 style-7 

"Digital Clock-7" is freeware screen saver that displays the current time. As default the program uses the font "Digital-7 mono" (in analog seven-segment clock faces) but you can choose any font installed on your computer. Also you can change color and size of font; set display of seconds: none, half size or normal; set flash. Freeware download of Digital Clock-7 1 12, size 35.70 Mb.

A+ World Clock Free 1.0 Fellow software 

A simple tool to display the correct time in the large selection of cities from all over in the world.

Key Features:
1. Clear and simple interface.
2. Easy to search a city in the world.
3. Easy to add and remove a city clock.
4. Display your local clock and other favorite city clocks in one page. You can easily view. Freeware download of A+ World Clock Free 1.0, size 9.86 Mb.