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RapidSpell WPF 3.0 Keyoti 

Integrate spell checking into any WPF application. RapidSpell WPF can also be used in non GUI contexts using it's spell checking API. Written for WPF in C#, RapidSpell offers 5 English dictionary variations, Medical and non-English dictionaries are also available. RapidSpell provides 3 spelling components to add spell check functionality to your. Free download of RapidSpell WPF 3.0, size 14.26 Mb.


SharePoint ULS Viewer 2.0 Stefan Keir Gordon 

The SharePoint ULS Viewer was designed to be a windows application for viewing SharePoint ULS log files more easily. Supports filtering and easy viewing of data. This is a WPF application powered by LINQ.

Here are some key features of "SharePoint ULS Viewer":

- Parse and open SharePoint ULS logs
- Reorder and. Free download of SharePoint ULS Viewer 2.0, size 10.48 Kb.

EThyLic 1.0 Ethylic 

Simple ETL project that contains:
- an ETL engine with syntactic and semantic validations
- a web application used to upload file then verified by the ETL engine
- a WPF application to define a new ETL project

EThyLic 1.0 License - GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3). Freeware download of EThyLic 1.0, size 0 b.

EasyQuery.NET WPF 1.0 Korzh.com 

How often do the users of your program ask you to add one more form in your program which just shows the result of some query in a data grid?

Tired of adding new forms and new reports in your program?

EasyQuery.NET WPF edition lets your users get the data they want without any assistance from the developer. This outstanding. Free download of EasyQuery.NET WPF 1.0, size 3.49 Mb.

Mindscape WPF Flow Diagrams 1.0 Mindscape Limited 

Building interactive diagrams and model surfaces has never been easier than with WPF Diagrams 2. Designed to support any type of diagram, developers can add a touch of magic to any WPF application in no time.

WPF Diagrams has numerous features and capabilities all packaged together in a nice set of controls. We have focused on building. Free download of Mindscape WPF Flow Diagrams 1.0, size 5.31 Mb.

WPF Control Canvas 0.9.0 BeeCoders 

BeeCoders WPF Control Canvas is a WPF user control that can host other controls. You can use it to build an input panel at runtime in your WPF application. It supports controls like Textbox, Label, DropDown, DateTime Picker etc.


Controls Supported

- Label
- Textbox
- Numeric. Freeware download of WPF Control Canvas 0.9.0, size 220.20 Kb.

WPF Diagrams 2 Mindscape 

Building interactive diagrams and model surfaces has never been easier than with WPF Diagrams 2. Designed to support any type of diagram, developers can add a touch of magic to any WPF application in no time. Discover the very best diagramming components available! We have focused on building a tight API that makes it efficient for you to create. Free download of WPF Diagrams 2, size 5.31 Mb.

Ab3d.Reader3ds 6.0.3624 AB4D d.o. 

Ab3d.Reader3ds is a class library than can be used to read 3D models from 3ds files. It can be used in any WPF application.

The 3ds file format is one of the most commonly used format for storing 3D models. Therefore almost any 3D modeling application support exporting into it.

The library is very easy to use. In XAML the. Free download of Ab3d.Reader3ds 6.0.3624, size 14.71 Mb.

WPF Code Generator 1.00 Wpfcodegenerate 

This a .net 4.5
WPF application that generates word lists,
similar to crunch for linux.

Just one nifty multi-threaded dictionary / code / word - list generator.

It is a permutation combination engine, so it is perfect for brute force activities.

Please show your appreciation and leave a review or comment,. Freeware download of WPF Code Generator 1.00, size 527.35 Kb.

pcdMagic for Windows 1.0 Sandy McGuffog 

pcdMagic converts Kodak Photo CD images into more modern formats such as JPEG and TIFF. But unlike all the other solutions out there, it actually gets the color right. pcdMagic for Windows is a C# and WPF application.
pcdMagic for Windows is built to make life easier for them, while still providing all the color profiles, etc in the. Freeware download of pcdMagic for Windows 1.0, size 1.99 Mb.

Subtitles Matcher 1 3 Offir Shvartz 

Subtitles Matcher was developed to be a small WPF application that inputs media file name or names, search for matching subtitles (by the version name), download extract and rename the subtitles to be the same as the media file name with SRT suffix.
Code details:
- The application is WPF application in MVVM pattern using Prism.
-. Freeware download of Subtitles Matcher 1 3, size 1.15 Mb.

AeroForms 1.0 aeroforms.sourceforge.net 

AeroForms allows you to apply the Aero effect across the entire window of your .NET WPF application using this assembly and one line of code (TensaiLabs.Aero.AeroForms.ApplyAero(Window window) to the SourceInitialized event of your WPF window).. Freeware download of AeroForms 1.0, size 19.35 Kb.

UK Traffic Monitor (WPF Application) 1.0 Uktrafficmonwpf 

A traffic monitoring program for seeing where accidents have occurred in the UK.

UK Traffic Monitor (WPF Application) 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of UK Traffic Monitor (WPF Application) 1.0, size 0 b.

Family.Show 3.0 Vertigo Software 

Family.Show was specially developed as a Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) application for creating genealogy trees.

Family.Show is a tool that makes use of book-styles, resources, templates, data bindings, animations, and transforms to present an innovative view of the classic family tree.

Now, you can use this accessible. Free download of Family.Show 3.0, size 0 b.

Power Video Player 2.0.4771 andrei_dzimchuk 

It's written in C# as a WPF application and employs a fair bit of DirectShow, COM Interop and PInvoke programming. Older versions (1.x) were Windows Forms applications and are also available.

- Convenient UI
- Plays almost all multimedia formats (requires appropriate codecs to be present on the client system)
-. Free download of Power Video Player 2.0.4771, size 1.14 Mb.

Modern UI for WPF 1.0.2 Beta First Floor Software 

Modern UI for WPF is a handy and reliable application designed to provide programmers with a collection of controls for WPF applications.

Modern UI for WPF includes a variety of layout options, as well as controls for buttons, text and progress bars. It will greatly enhance the appearance of your WPF application.

. Free download of Modern UI for WPF 1.0.2 Beta, size 0 b.

WPF XAML Obfuscator 5. 1. 2020 RustemSoft 

WPF XAML Obfuscator is a powerful tool used for an application code protection from reverse engineering, analysis and modifications, based on a distinctive code transformation technology, that allows significantly intensify software protection. With Skater the code block to protect is disassembling and becomes a subject of non-determinate. Free download of WPF XAML Obfuscator 5. 1. 2020, size 2.37 Mb.

FPS.VirtualKeyboard for WPF .Net 2. 4. 2003 FPS Components 

FPS Virtual Keyboard for WPF - On-Screen Virtual Keyboard with customizable layouts and languages, a number of predefined themes.
This FPS Virtual Keyboard for WPF is FPS Components virtual keyboard solution, that can be integrated with any WPF application.. Free download of FPS.VirtualKeyboard for WPF .Net 2. 4. 2003, size 2.58 Mb.

Spire.DocViewer for WPF 1.1 e-iceblue 

Spire.DocViewer for WPF is a standalone Word Viewer WPF Component . Its embedded class library is designed to help developers easily build their own WPF application to display, convert and interact with all versions of Word files in C#/VB.NET.
Main Functions:
1)View and Print Word
Spire.DocViewer for WPF enables developers to open. Free download of Spire.DocViewer for WPF 1.1, size 10.49 Mb.

VintaSoftTwain.NET SDK 9.0 VintaSoft Ltd. 

VintaSoftTwain.NET SDK is the skilful TWAIN scanning component which allows you to control work of flatbed and ADF scanners, web and digital cameras and any other TWAIN device.

Two editions of TWAIN .NET SDK are available to be licensed: Standard edition or Standard + WPF edition.
With this library you can fully control the image. Free download of VintaSoftTwain.NET SDK 9.0, size 6.39 Mb.

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