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Hanzi Invaders: Learn to read and write Chinese characters 1.1 Stephen Ceresia 

? If you can't read that, after mastering this game you'll be able to READ and WRITE it and 200+ other Chinese words!

Hanzi Invaders is a simple arcade learning game that teaches you to read and write Chinese characters using your iOS keyboard.


Chinese characters fall from the top of the screen. Type. Free download of Hanzi Invaders: Learn to read and write Chinese characters 1.1, size 16.36 Mb.


Chinese Learn Online: Mandarin Course 2.02 ChineseLearnOnline.com 

This is the iOS version of our popular Chinese Learn Online podcast course that has been downloaded millions of times on iTunes.

Each lesson is 10 to 15 minutes long and continues where the previous one left off. Lesson 1 gets you started with the basics for absolute beginners. Listen and follow along with the included transcript. Then. Freeware download of Chinese Learn Online: Mandarin Course 2.02, size 17.09 Mb.

KingHanzi CHS 6.0.38932.1 Gakusoft 

KingHanzi - Simplified Chinese is an application that was designed to be a Chinese - hanzi flashcard tool for learning to read and write Chinese.

It includes stroke order animations and automatic stroke order feedback for over 530 characters. A flashcard contains single or multiple hanzi, the romanized pronunciation, and the English. Free download of KingHanzi CHS 6.0.38932.1, size 0 b.

Chinese Writer for iPad 1.0 Language Systems 

The Chinese Writer for iPad is a touch-interactive tool from Popup Chinese (http://popupchinese.com) that will teach you how to write Chinese characters. Learn the basics with our 25 character tutorial, and register with your free Popup Chinese account to unlock practice mode with 1000 extra characters in both simplified and traditional Chinese.. Freeware download of Chinese Writer for iPad 1.0, size 27.16 Mb.

Chinese Handwriting Study 1.2 ZHAN CHENXING 

Want to learn Chinese? Find difficult to write Chinese characters?

This application can help you. It shows you how to write Chinese characters stroke by stroke.

It contains 498 basic Chinese characters. With these basic Chinese characters learned, you can write 90% of Chinese characters.

Not only can you learn how. Free download of Chinese Handwriting Study 1.2, size 2.31 Mb.

My First Chinese Characters 1.1.1 Abecedaire 

Learn how to write Chinese characters easily!

An application that will allow you to explore the basics of Chinese writing & Chinese brush painting. By combining precision and poetry you will exercise your skills at reproducing characters and exploring the art of Chinese calligraphy. A game that develop visual memory, observation. Free download of My First Chinese Characters 1.1.1, size 18.77 Mb.

ChineseBuddy Betterdo 

Chinese Buddy is an excellent Chinese learning tool that helps you learn easily to read and write Chinese, rapidly master any Chinese Character or Chinese word in Mandarin Chinese without the bald and dry process of memorization.

Chinese Buddy can ram Chinese knowledge into your head and effectively strengthens the memory by circularly. Free download of ChineseBuddy, size 15.11 Mb.

Dragon Character Training 1.0 dragon-char.sourceforge.net 

Dragon Character Training is a PalmOS program using stroke recognition to help you learn to read and write Chinese characters. It is good for learning Mandarin vocabulary and characters.. Freeware download of Dragon Character Training 1.0, size 706.94 Kb.

Hanyu 1.0 Georgia Regents University 

Developed by Georgia Regents University in conjunction with the Confucius Institute, Hanyu is a fun introduction to the Chinese language. Listen to vocabulary, phrases, conversations and even learn to write Chinese characters.


-- 4 Fun lessons each containing vocabulary, phrases, conversations, and Chinese. Freeware download of Hanyu 1.0, size 142.61 Mb.

Hanzi new 1.2 Nelix 

Learn to read and write chinese with flashcards.

This application gives more than 2700 chinese characters, definitions and translation in english or in french.

The Characters are classified form the most common to the least.

Use the slider to move around, or the Search function to go directly to the right character. Free download of Hanzi new 1.2, size 2.31 Mb.

ABC Write & Learn 1.0 WebTechies 

ABC Write and Learn is an easy to use application specially designed teach ABC to kids. The application helps kids practice ABC on dotted lines with the color of their choice. Application is also loaded with sound effects like child applauses and alphabet sounds.

The application also features games like

1.Mix and match where. Free download of ABC Write & Learn 1.0, size 11.74 Mb.

Chinese Characters First Steps. 2.3 The Open University Worldwide 

Learning to read and write Chinese characters presents two challenges to both non-native learners as well as Chinese children who first start learning characters:

- the complexity of characters, as an average character consists of about 12 strokes;
- matching characters with their pronunciation, pinyin and the meaning;

Easy Steps Writing Chinese Characters 1.1 BLHM Design 

If you are wondering how to write Chinese characters in easy steps, this app will help you.
Touching the screen with your fingers, you will experience the easy steps writing Chinese characters with this app.

If you know how to draw dots, curves and lines (i.e. horizontal lines and vertical lines), then writing Chinese characters. Free download of Easy Steps Writing Chinese Characters 1.1, size 14.58 Mb.

Baby Eggs Lite - Peekaboo Play & Learn 1.0.3 Moo Moo Lab LLC 

*** Designed specifically for babies and young children to play and learn. (in four languages: English, Spanish, French, and Chinese)
*** Learn animal names and their sounds. Keeps your little one entertained when you are on the go!


**This is an awesome game**

Baby Eggs - Peekaboo Play & Learn 1.0.4 Moo Moo Lab LLC 

*** Designed specifically for babies and young children to play and learn. (in four languages: English, Spanish, French, and Chinese)
*** Learn animal names and their sounds. Keeps your little one entertained when you are on the go!

**This is an awesome game**
**My son. Free download of Baby Eggs - Peekaboo Play & Learn 1.0.4, size 44.98 Mb.

Azure Magazine 4.9.54 Magazinecloner.com US LLC 

AZURE covers design; defines design. Design determines the forms we live and work in. It changes how we sit, write, read, learn, navigate and negotiate. It informs how we relate to the broader society and how we define beautiful and useful ways of living. Above all, it helps us to envision a better, more sustainable and expressive future.
In. Freeware download of Azure Magazine 4.9.54, size 4.19 Mb.

Easy Hanzi - Chinese English Dictionary and Flashcards Pogopixels Ltd 

Easy Hanzi is a flashcard application designed to help you learn the Chinese language. It is the ideal tool to aid you in your studies. Learning to read and write Chinese characters requires time and patience. This does not mean it needs to be a chore. Easy Hanzi provides a user-friendly interface with advanced features designed to make each. Free download of Easy Hanzi - Chinese English Dictionary and Flashcards, size 0 b.

Hong Kong News & Radio 1.5 Janice Ong 

Read the latest news in Hong Kong in English or Chinese text. Business News, Celebrity News, Home News, Worldwide News. You don't have to be in Hong Kong to read hong kong newspaper. Now you can read hongkong news anywhere around the world and is Free.

Learn about Hong Kong Weather and also hear Hong Kong radio online. Get to listen. Freeware download of Hong Kong News & Radio 1.5, size 20.03 Mb.

e Time Chinese 2.3 eTimeStudy.com 

e Time Chinese is a useful program designed to help you easily learn Chinese words. You can see the word animation by clicking the "write" button. Also, you can see each word's animation by clicking on that word.

Each word and sentence has its own sound. The program's core technology is based on the Ebbinghaus forgetting curve.. Free download of e Time Chinese 2.3, size 0 b.

Learn To Speak Chinese 3 Aaresoft inc 

Learn To Speak Simplified Chinese v3.0 is specially developed for the people who are learning Chinese. It includes 347 scenes of common conversation and 1569 words of basic vocabulary that will be only presented in small screen with pronunciation, therefore, you can remember all while doing other things, the software will make every second of your. Free download of Learn To Speak Chinese 3, size 4.54 Mb.