Xbox Multi Zone Games

Multi Zone Audio Player PistonSoft 

Multi Zone Audio Player is not simply just another media player. This solution is designed for public venues with multiple areas in which there is to be a different playlist playing in each one. This is ideal for nightclubs with multiple music halls or shopping centers with multiple areas requiring different music playlists, for example. This. Free download of Multi Zone Audio Player, size 10.09 Mb.


Multi Zone Clock 2.02.02 

Multi Zone Clock is a simple and highly configurable multi time zone clock and calendar plus highly configurable advance alarm clock. This Program creates any number of clocks with deferent time zones and many more . Give it a try and enjoy :P. Freeware download of Multi Zone Clock 2.02.02, size 2.72 Mb.

Bloodmasters 1. 2. 2678 Pascal vd Heiden 

Bloodmasters is a top-down shooter centered on multi-player games. In fact, Bloodmasters has no single player option, it is only designed to be played on LAN or over the Internet. There are several gameplay modes, such as Death-match, Team Death-Match, Capture The Flag and Scavenger. The game is played in a top-down view, your character moves with. Freeware download of Bloodmasters 1. 2. 2678, size 0 b.

ADG Viewer 4.0 Albatross Design Group 

Design interactive, realistic 3D multimedia or business presentations & interactive online multi-user games forthe Web using a powerful set of tools from AlbatrossDesign Group, Inc. for precision previewing, real timerendering, animating, debugging and interactive manipulating of complex 3D-scenes, panoramas, models can contain animations. Free download of ADG Viewer 4.0, size 1.16 Mb.

Matrix Mic 1 2 Breakthru Software 

Matrix Mic can simultaneously broadcast microphone announcements to Multi-Zone Outputs Systems in your venue from one computer connected microphone (or headset mic). Or play a recorded audio file announcement to multiple zones. No specialized hardware needed -- just standard computer components. Matrix Mic will broadcast to selectable speaker. Free download of Matrix Mic 1 2, size 1.37 Mb.

Multi Player 1 1 Audio Software 

Multi zone audio player designed to play different music in different rooms. The music organized into individual play-lists for every zone. Multi zone audio player - is multi room (multi zone) audio software which can play up to 4 separate sound tracks in stereo mode and up to 8 sound tracks in mono mode on one computer. The software plays. Free download of Multi Player 1 1, size 996.35 Kb.

Free Software Online Games 1.0 

FSOG is a collection of simple board and card online multi-player games. FSOG is covered by GNU AGPLv3 license. FSOG is in pre-alpha stage.

Free Software Online Games 1.0 License - Other License. Freeware download of Free Software Online Games 1.0, size 0 b.


LoopDA for Loop Design and Analysis , is integrated with an existing multi-zone analysis tool CONTAM. LoopDA provides the designer of natural ventilation systems with an environment in which to perform and document the process of designing the opening sizes of natural ventilation systems and analyzing the system behavior under a variety of. Freeware download of LoopDA, size 2.40 Mb.

Clover: A Curious Tale 1.0 Binary Tweed 

Clover: A Curious Tale is a political platform-puzzler game available now on PC and Xbox LIVE Indie Games.

Inspired by the likes of Dizzy and Maniac Mansion, Clover: A Curious Tale finds recently-orphaned Sam solving puzzles to piece together the truth behind a series of ever-more strange events in the devoutly-religious monarchy of. Free download of Clover: A Curious Tale 1.0, size 250.61 Mb.

DHM : Don's Hockey Manager 004 

This hockey simulation software is similar to the freeware Eastside Hockey Manager, but is intended to be more user-configurable and condusive to multi-player games (e.g. with encrypted flat files to circumvent "Cheating").. Freeware download of DHM : Don's Hockey Manager 004, size 1.84 Mb.

ReachOut 1.0 

A project to develop and implement a Bluetooth J2ME framework that will assist in the creation of mobile multi-player games.. Freeware download of ReachOut 1.0, size 33.56 Kb.

HGC -- System Link Tunnel network 1.0 Hgc-link 

This System link tunnel application will provide free system link play over the internet for the Xbox and Xbox 360, including games with the new ping limiter implementation by Microsoft. We will provide more Information as beta Builds our release.

HGC -- System Link Tunnel network 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of HGC -- System Link Tunnel network 1.0, size 0 b.

NeoMUD 1.0 Neomud 

NeoMUD is a generic, modular and extensible framework for developing text based multi user games using the .NET Framework.

NeoMUD 1.0 License - GNU General Public License version 2.0 (GPLv2). Freeware download of NeoMUD 1.0, size 0 b.

P2Play 1.0 

P2Play is a framework for developing Peer-2-Peer Massive Multi Player Games. It provides accounting, persistant storage and region based gameplay controlling.

P2Play 1.0 License - GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (LGPL). Freeware download of P2Play 1.0, size 0 b.

ZAM XNA Engine 1.0 Zamengine 

XNA 2D/3D game engine for creating both Window PC and XBOX Live Indie games.

ZAM XNA Engine 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of ZAM XNA Engine 1.0, size 0 b.

Xappland 1.0 

Xappland allows novice programmers (and even non-programmers) to create their own web-based, multi-player games. All games are coded in Jython, which is a version of Python that is compatible with the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), and Jython is implemented in Java. SmartFoxServer (the game server used by Xappland) uses Java as the server-side. Freeware download of Xappland 1.0, size 0 b.

Heatmiser 3.3.4 Heatmiser UK 

Control your Heatmiser Heating System whilst on the move or about the house.

All New Multi Zone Support in Version 3!
WIFI Thermostat System: Single and Multi Room Support of our WiFi Thermostats (Heatmiser MultiLink required for systems with more than 1 Thermostat)
12V Network System: Single and Multi Room Support of our 12v. Freeware download of Heatmiser 3.3.4, size 3.25 Mb.

Heatmiser Neo 1.2.20 Heatmiser UK 

The Heatmiser neoApp is designed to work with the Heatmiser neoStats - and offers you a smarter way to control your heating from anywhere.

neoApp Offers:
- No PC Required to Setup
- Multi Zone Control
- Multi Location in One App - (Main Home & Holiday Home)
- Multi Device Control
- Apply Temperature Hold to a. Freeware download of Heatmiser Neo 1.2.20, size 7.97 Mb.

ProTouch iQ 1.0.6 ProWarm 

The ProTouch iQ App is designed to work with the ProTouch iQ Stats - and offers you a smarter way to control your electric floor heating from anywhere.

ProTouch iQ App Offers:
- No PC Required to Setup
- Multi Zone Control
- Multi Location in One App - (Main Home & Holiday Home)
- Multi Device Control
- Apply. Freeware download of ProTouch iQ 1.0.6, size 18.14 Mb.

R2 iPad Remote 1.0 Audac 

The R2 Remote App can be used to control the Audac R2 Multi-zone audio distribution system.
With this app it is possible to control the standard functions of each zone, such as audio source selection and volume control.. Freeware download of R2 iPad Remote 1.0, size 1.47 Mb.