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Christmas and New Year card 1 Flash Components 

Christmas and New Year card You can use this file as New year e-card for your Clients or Partners. You can only drag & drop movie clip "cardNY" to the center of scene. You must open movie clip "your_logo" and place your logo or company name here. Zip includes: Flash CS3 and Flash CS4 versions and the swf for both. Zip file. Free download of Christmas and New Year card 1, size 102.40 Kb.


Free Address Book GAS Softwares 

With Free Address Book you can note the addresses, phone numbers, mobile, fax, company name, country, city, website address and email addresses of your contacts and partners. You can easy print list of contacts and details of selected contact. Phone Book is absolutely free! Organize your contacts easy and fast! Portable - you can run from USB. Freeware download of Free Address Book, size 1.16 Mb.

BOLTRIGHT 3 2 Hi-Force 

BoltRight will create an individual tightening procedure for each bolted joint, which can include specific information such as plant owner name, bolting contractor company name, joint tag reference number and any special remarks all of which can be easily entered into the procedure by the user. These individually produced tightening procedures can. Freeware download of BOLTRIGHT 3 2, size 0 b.

Right Fielder 3.007 Melissa Data Corp 

If you have databases with fields in different orders and/or the wrong information in the wrong fields (for example, company name in the city field, state in the ZIP Code field, etc.) the RightFielder is right for you!
RightFielder even works in situations where you’ve got more than one kind of data in the same field (for example,. Free download of Right Fielder 3.007, size 0 b.

Your FTP Application 1.0 Easytech Software Solutions 

This is the fully customized FTP Applictaion for your Own brand, Own Company name, Own Product name, Own website address. This FTP Application is an easy-to-use File Transfer Protocol client that will allow you to transfer files between your PC and a FTP server.This is the new generation of FTP clients with advanced features, which has, amongst. Free download of Your FTP Application 1.0, size 4.51 Mb.

visitoridcardprinter 1.0 Visitoridcard 

Python API for the communication with CLEARjet CX-one printers and a GUI application to print simple visitor id cards containing company, name, start- and enddate of the visit.

visitoridcardprinter 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of visitoridcardprinter 1.0, size 0 b.

MagicDongle 1.0 Magic-dongle 

MagicDongle - company name for the MUD project called REALM, a client/server text adventure engine for multi user play.

MagicDongle 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of MagicDongle 1.0, size 0 b.

Ultraship U-2 Driver 1.0 Ultrashipdriver 

Middle level device drivers for the Ultraship U-2, a USB HID scale, no brand or company name available. Includes basic test scripts, drivers, example implementations and documentation. The output of this driver will insert it into applications.

Ultraship U-2 Driver 1.0 License - BSD License. Freeware download of Ultraship U-2 Driver 1.0, size 0 b.

365 Preschooler Activities 1.0 blufish LLC 

*** Look for our other top selling apps under our company name: blufish ***

One of the most important relationships that exist is between child and parent. Children learn by doing. This book is filled with daily fun, interactive activities that will help build a foundation for a lifetime of learning.

Sharing these activities. Free download of 365 Preschooler Activities 1.0, size 524.29 Kb.


This is a business browser for Chinese business customers. You can access the business searching service from your IPhone using this nice browser. You can input the Chinese Product name or company name to access SENSE SHENZHOU (BEIJING) TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD 's search engine.. Freeware download of 3G Business Browser 1.12, size 1.05 Mb.

3sMannequins 1.0 Vishal Rathod 

3S Mannequins is a division of Anasys Concept Developers Pvt. Ltd. As our parental company name only says that we work on Concepts. "The concept of a new mannequin collection is a creative process that develops out of intuition, and moods, a sixth sense of fashion that has to be able to envisage future demands.
The 3S stand for. Freeware download of 3sMannequins 1.0, size 5.77 Mb.

Equity Vs. Fixed Investments 1.0 Webinfoways Softech PVT LTD 

A simple yet intuitive app to know about Stock and very easy way to manage Stock Portfolio and find profit / loss regarding equity vs fixed investment.
- Just search different stocks with symbol or company name, add it to your portfolio with purchase price, quantity and buying date. Leave remaining calculation on app. App will check about. Freeware download of Equity Vs. Fixed Investments 1.0, size 11.95 Mb.

HABA Singapore 1.0 LEAPP Mobile 

HABA is the acronym for "Health Aid Beauty Aid", which means assisting health and beauty. Since our establishment, it has been our company name and predominant theme. Our business policy is to give top priority to "safety", adopting a "non-additive mindset". We have been diligently working on developing safe,. Freeware download of HABA Singapore 1.0, size 19.61 Mb.

Prospect Researcher 1.6 General Electric Company 

Prospect Researcher is a mobile application to help GE Capital customers conduct company research on their iPad. By simply inputting a company name, the application will return company descriptions, competitors, executives, financials, industry profiles and a SWOT analysis for over 20 million companies. The application adopts an easy to use. Freeware download of Prospect Researcher 1.6, size 1.36 Mb.

RapidContact 1.1 Rapidera Technologies 

RapidContact provides an intuitive interface to quickly retrieve contacts based on Name, phone number, any address field, company name, email, Notes, birthdate, URL, etc

RapidContact reduces the number of clicks required to quickly retrieve and call/sms/email your contact.

Met someone you can't remember in a conference - just. Freeware download of RapidContact 1.1, size 2.94 Mb.

Collage template XML 1.0 FlashComponents 

ALL CONTENT IS XML DRIVEN. 4 PAGES: about us, services, portfolio and contact. XML driven COMPANY NAME. Nice working clock :P. Nice animations. The only thing you need Flash for here is to customize the RIGHT CLICK MENU. That's all. Everything else is XML driven. EASILY REPLACE ALL THE IMAGES IN THIS TEMPLATE, INCLUDING THE BUTTON GRAPHICS, to. Free download of Collage template XML 1.0, size 499.71 Kb.

CompanyLogoDesigner IT-Services Thomas Holz 

CompanyLogo Designer is software that allows you to create a logo for your company, team, business, or any other use. Basically, the only thing you must do is typing in the company name, its slogan (if you have one), and presto! The program shows you a number of basic shapes and color combinations to choose from. Once you have chosen the basic. Free download of CompanyLogoDesigner, size 0 b.

MACAddressView 1 15 NirSoft Freeware 

MACAddressView is a MAC address lookup tool that allows you to easily find the company details (company name, address, and country) according to the MAC address of a product. MACAddressView also allows you to find MAC address records according to the company name, company address, or country name. After finding the desired MAC address records, you. Freeware download of MACAddressView 1 15, size 659.46 Kb.

Private Label WOW Guild Bank Analyzer 1.1 Rebrand Software 

Master resell rights private label software! Customize the company name, program name, website and graphics!

Use the data from your World of Warcraft Guild Bank's armory site to see who is contributing to your guild, and who is just leeching items from the guild bank.

This software will show you who is depositing,. Free download of Private Label WOW Guild Bank Analyzer 1.1, size 3.54 Mb.

WordPerfect Macro Run WCMRUN 1 Bidgood Svcs 

Embrace the Power of WCMRUNWCMRUN is designed to save you time and money by simplifying the process of changing information or formatting in large amounts of WordPerfect documents.Great for changing a company name, address telephone number, email address or other important information that you may need to change in a large number of documents. You. Free download of WordPerfect Macro Run WCMRUN 1, size 4.71 Mb.