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Tamil Internet 2003 Papers

A collection of research papers presented at the Tamil Internet 2003 Conference.

Research papers by János A. Csirik

Papers on Number Theory and Cryptology (PDF).

Radiance Technical Papers

Various papers describing the free radiance highly accurate ray-tracing software system for UNIX computers.

Jules Bloomenthal Published Papers

Papers relating to Character Animation, Implicit and Skeletal Modeling, Implicit Surface Polygonization, Convolution Surfaces and Transformations and Geometry.

Top Search Engine Placement

Search engine placement including database design and development. Hampshire, United Kingdom.

TCPSAT list of TCP papers

A list of pointers to author's copies of TCP-related papers from (now closed) IETF TCP Over Satellite working group.

BMS Rescue Equipment Papers

A number of white papers on rope rescue techniques and equipment.