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AmiChart is an easy to use application that helps you create animated column, line and pie graphs. A simple setup wizard means you'll be displaying your data in dynamic, eye-catching ways in minutes. Here are some key features of "AmiChart": dlTE Show any type of data on a website in...

File Size: 1.71MB License: Shareware Price: $39.00 Date: 04 October, 2013

Platform: Win All

Tags: Amichart - Powerpoint - Presentations - People - Awake - Ordinary - Boring - Amicharts - Reports - Bring

Logical Circuits 1.0

This application was developed to be an easy to use logical circuits and logical gates simulator. After drawing your gates on the board, right click on the board for TRACE menu. Select trace to see final result . You can change your trace mode from left top dialog in two modes : 1 - Fast mode. 2...

File Size: 178.26Kb License: Shareware Price: Free Date: 03 October, 2013

Platform: Win All

Tags: Gates - Toolbox - Trace - Board - Logical - Button - Drawn - Deleted - Modes - Selecting


Copyright 1993 by Tatsuya Ota and the Pennsylvania State University. Permission is granted to copy this document provided that no fee is charged for it and that this copyright notice is not removed. DISPAN is distributed free of charge by Institute of Molecular Evolutionary Genetics The...

File Size: 146.80Kb License: Freeware Price: Free Date: 03 October, 2013

Platform: Win All

Tags: Program - Distances - Language - Written - Standard - Genetic - Dispan - State - Pennsylvania - Populations

Intro 2DMotionLab Model for Windows 1.0

The Introductory Physics 2D (Projectile) Motion Lab program asks students to develop a model for a ball with projectile motion. It is distributed as a ready-to-run (compiled) Java archive. Double-clicking the ejs_intro_2DMotionLab.jar file will run the program if Java is installed. In order to...

File Size: 1.36MB License: Freeware Price: Free Date: 02 October, 2013

Platform: Win All

Tags: Program - Models - Physics - Simulation - Modify - Installed - Designed - Introductory - Motion - Simulations

Ginkgo Windows 1.0.1

Ginkgo is a spotted microarray data pre-processing platform featuring analysis functionalities for CGH and expression data. This application provides a user-friendly graphical interface that allows viewing, analyzing, generating and reporting microarray data, easily and intuitively. Within the...

File Size: 11.37MB License: Shareware Price: Free Date: 02 October, 2013

Platform: Win All

Tags: Filtering - Imputation - Replicates - Merge - Normalization - Including - Number - Algorithms - Address

Ping Interval 1.0

Ping interval determines the rate at which acoustic energy is sent into the water column. In choosing a ping interval, the goal is to select the fastest rate that will not cause shadow bottoms in the data. To avoid a shadow bottom originating from the d-deDUthirdd-deDt bottom return, the minimum...

File Size: 524.29Kb License: Freeware Price: Free Date: 02 October, 2013

Platform: Win All

Tags: Interval - Bottom - Shadow - Avoid - Bottoms - Originating - Minimum - Return - Third - Fastest

AutoXlsTable for autocad2005 AutoXlsTable3.0

AutoXlsTable 3.0 is a higher version against 2.53. AutoXlsTable fully integrates Excel into AutoCAD/Microstation/IntelliCAD. It can create table in AutoCAD/Microstation/IntelliCAD or import Excel spreadsheet into those CAD environment. You can edit the imported table and keep it updated to...

File Size: 1.65MB License: Shareware Price: $138.00 Date: 02 October, 2013

Platform: Win98,WinNT 3.x,WinNT 4.x,Windows2000,WinXP,

Tags: Autocad Attributes - Autocad Standards - Utocad Plugins - Autoxlstable - AutoCad - Microstation - IntelliCAD - Table - Excel - Calculation

MEFIT for Windows 1.2

MEFIT! MEFIT is a Microarray Experiment Functional Integration Technology. Given any amount of microarray data, it predicts the probability of pairwise functional relationship for any gene pair within individual biological functions. As described in Huttenhower et al. 2006, we've evaluated this...

File Size: 566.23Kb License: Shareware Price: Free Date: 01 October, 2013

Platform: Win All

Tags: Clustering - Hierarchical - Select - Function - Based - Predictions - Evaluation - Download

Neon Lights & Other Discharge Lamps 1.11

Produce light by bombarding atoms with electrons. See how the characteristic spectra of different elements are produced, and configure your own element's energy states to produce light of different colors.

File Size: 2.43MB License: Freeware Price: Free Date: 01 October, 2013

Platform: Win All

Tags: Element - Configure - Produced - Energy - States - Colors - Produce - Elements - Bombarding - Light

Xplotter for Windows

Xplotter is a general purpose scientific graphing program for Windows. A wide variety of options allow the graphs to be customized to your requirements. <b>Features:</b> Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7 Plot XY, XY Line, Bar, Log-Log, Log-Linear, Ternary and Diamond Graphs All...

File Size: 7.71MB License: Shareware Price: Free Date: 30 September, 2013

Platform: WinXP, Win2003, Win2000, Win Vista, Window2008, Windows 7, Windows XP X64, Windows Vista64, Windows 7 x64, Windows 8

Tags: Labels - Colors - Symbols - Fonts - Templates - Defined - Choice - Formatting - Readswrites - Editing

progeCAD 2013 Professional CAD Software 13.0

AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT 2014 compatible! Edit AutoCAD files without AutoCAD using best-in-class solution. CAD design software for building and landscape design, civil and structural drafting. Print PDF, DWF, STL file for 3D printing of drawings & full 3D modeling and 3D rendering. Edit complex...

File Size: 311.41MB License: Shareware Price: $399.00 Date: 26 July, 2013

Platform: Win7 x32, Win7 x64, WinOther, WinServer, WinVista, WinVista x64, WinXP, Other

Tags: CAD - Design Software - AutoCad - Autocadlt - Progecad - IntelliCAD - Caddit - Drawing - Graphics

AutoCAD Text Modifier 2.0

With AutoCAD Text Modifier (ATM) you can easily automate the process of modifying text values in AutoCAD drawing files. Use ATM to delete text objects, clear text values, replace text values, and find and replace text values. ATM runs very quickly and can process thousands of drawing files with...

File Size: 2.02MB License: Shareware Price: Free Date: 27 September, 2013

Platform: WinXP, WinNT 4.x, WinNT 3.x, WinME, Win98, Win95

Tags: Thousands - Quickly - Replace - Clear - Click - Button - Versions - Compatible - Objects - Delete

Balancing Chemical Equations 1.00

How do you know if a chemical equation is balanced? What can you change to balance an equation? Play a game to test your ideas!

File Size: 1.44MB License: Freeware Price: Free Date: 27 September, 2013

Platform: Win All

Tags: Equation - Ideas - Balance - Change - Balanced - Chemical

jArticulator for Windows 0.1 Alpha

Provides a model of the human vocal tract and a synthesizer for speech production. <b>Features:</b> Scriptable through built-in jython console or through Matlab Allows to control the area function directly or through articulatory parameters

File Size: 104b License: Shareware Price: Free Date: 26 September, 2013

Platform: Win All

Tags: MATLAB - Console - Jython - Control - Function - Parameters - Articulatory - Directly - Builtin

AsymmetryCounter 1.0

AsymmetryCounter is a small, command prompt based specially designed to take the file of aligned sequences produced by AmbiguityRemover and counts, for each pair of amino acids, the number of substitutions in each direction. It compares the ratio of substitutions in one direction and...

File Size: 178.26Kb License: Freeware Price: Free Date: 26 September, 2013

Platform: Win All

Tags: Substitutions - Pvalue - Direction - Acids - Goodnessoffit - Ratio - Reported - Gvalue - Amino - Opposite

Gato for Windows 1.1.2

Gato - the Graph Animation Toolbox - is a software which visualizes algorithms on graphs. Graphs are mathematical objects consisting of vertices and edges connecting pairs of vertices: think of cities as vertices and interstates as edges connecting two cities. Algorithms might find a shortest...

File Size: 272.63Kb License: Shareware Price: Free Date: 25 September, 2013

Platform: Win All

Tags: Visualisation - Mincost - Means - Linking - Matching - Nonweighted - Interesting - Problems - Maximalflow - Weighted

Rotate Calculator 1.0.0

I use this for correcting my scans. Pick 2 points on a line (preferably far away for better accuracy) and whether the line is horizontal or vertical, and click Calculate. Rotate Calculator is a simple tool designed to calculate horizontal or vertical degrees rotation.

File Size: 10.48Kb License: Freeware Price: Free Date: 25 September, 2013

Platform: Win All

Tags: Horizontal - Vertical - Simple - Calculator - Designed - Calculate - Rotation - Degrees - Calculaterotate - Click

TopM8 1.0

Pick a base point and enter in a elevation. Then every point you pick you can place a leader line with the elevation you just picked.

File Size: 41.94Kb License: Freeware Price: Free Date: 23 September, 2013

Platform: Win All

Tags: Leader - Picked - Place - Enter - Elevation - Point

Analysis Studio Standard 6.30.3546.16859

Analysis Studio is a comprehensive, easy to use data mining tool. Analysis Studio includes automated methods for gaining a high level of accuracy and model stability. As more resources are allocated to implement analytic strategies and achieving high quality data analysis, a fast way to reach...

File Size: 4.40MB License: Shareware Price: $49.95 Date: 23 September, 2013

Platform: WinXP, Win2003, Win2000, Win Vista, Windows 7

Tags: Interface - Cutting - Increased - Resulting - Import - Wizard - Seamlessly - Integrated - Export - Capabilities

Ising Antiferromagnet Hexagonal Lattice 1.0

The STP IsingAntiferromagnetHexagonalLattice program is a Monte Carlo simulation of the antiferromagnetic Ising model on a hexagonal lattice in equilibrium with a heat bath at temperature T where the spin interaction J is negative (antiferromagnetic Ising model). The default is a lattice of...

File Size: 510.66Kb License: Freeware Price: Free Date: 23 September, 2013

Platform: Win All

Tags: Physics - Model - Program - Lattice - Statistical - Source - Thermal - Temperature - Isingantiferromagnethexagonallattice - Programs