3D Models Software


Design of furniture. An application for AutoCAD 2007-2016!
You can project bodies composed from rectangular plates or plates defined by POLYLINE or CIRCLE. Technology represented by holes, grooves or edgings, can be applied. On a plate or between 2 plates assemblings can be applied (hinges, pegs, handles, bars, etc.). Furniture bodies can be . Free download of FURNIT 2.5, size 37.45 Mb.


Realm Crafter 2 41 Solstar Games 

The Realm Crafter game engine is the heart of the MMORPG development system. The engine creates the virtual game world and the behavior of everything in it. It generates 3D images and handles the network communications. The Realm Crafter engine is designed to be modular, meaning it is broken down into smaller units thus making it easier for you to . Free download of Realm Crafter 2 41, size 346.97 Mb.

PhotoModeler 7.20110.3 Eos Systems Inc. 

PhotoModeler photogrammetry software provides image-based modeling, for accurate measurement and 3D models in engineering, architecture, film, forensics, and more! The most cost-effective and affordable way to do accurate 3D scanning, measurement and surveying. . Free download of PhotoModeler 7.20110.3, size 61.09 Mb.

Quidam2 3 50 N-Sided 

To create thousands of different models, QUIDAM uses Model Packs which are made up of rich libraries of body parts, textures, props, poses etc.
On top of the Model Packs offered with QUIDAM, there are Additional Model Packs that can be purchased separately.
The QUI Packs are different as they gather some custom unique characters so that . Freeware download of Quidam2 3 50, size 256.09 Mb.

LynX 3D Viewer Lite Edition 1. 5. 2002 oZone3d 

LynX Lite is a viewer that provides advanced 3D file format features. With LynX Lite, you can view and manipulate 3D models that have been designed with various modeling softwares, such as 3D Studio Max (*.3DS, *.ASE), Maya (*.OBJ) or MilkShape3D (*.TXT) for instance. Its real time 3D technology makes LynX a very useful tool for designers and any . Freeware download of LynX 3D Viewer Lite Edition 1. 5. 2002, size 3.52 Mb.

Argile 1 12 N-Sided 

Argile is a new artistic studio dedicated to visualize, sculpt and retouch 3D models.
Its flexibility and ergonomics will turn Argile into the indispensable companion to create morphs, to sculpt a model and paint it in real time.
In a couple of minutes you will get used to this powerful and intuitive original toolbox. . Free download of Argile 1 12, size 0 b.

Esperient Creator Esperient Corporation 

Creator has a fully integrated development environment enabling all aspects of your project to be created and modified inside a single application. Creator has been designed to increase productivity, while decreasing development time.
Creator supports a large number of easy-to-use, interactive animation techniques including object transforms . Free download of Esperient Creator, size 192.57 Mb.

DX Studio Player Worldweaver 

The system includes both 2D and 3D layout editors, and allows JavaScript control of scenes, objects and media in real-time.The DX Studio 2D and 3D editors can be used to build interactive layers and sequences, which are combined to produce a complete interactive document. The top level editor can be used just to drag and drop scenes together at a . Freeware download of DX Studio Player, size 82.01 Mb.

Quidam3 3 50 N-Sided 

Designed for freelance artists as well as production studios, QUIDAM is an extremely productive 3D character creation application and offers perfect professional results.

Compose thousands of unique characters with the numerous body parts and props available. Add the props you like or import your own objects directly to place them on . Free download of Quidam3 3 50, size 0 b.

Secret Lake 1.0 DAZ Productions, Inc 

Harpwood County has a secret lake! Deep in the woods it makes up for its diminutive proportions with charming beauty. Now, using Carrara, you too can discover the delights of this hidden gem.


- 1 Carrara Scene file (.CAR)
- 13 Carrara Objects (.CAR)
- 3 Grassy Clumps
- 3 Rocks
- 1 Jetty

Toon Generations Base 1.0 DAZ Productions, Inc. 

Toon Generations is a product set that can be used to create cartoon characters of all different ages, sizes and genders. This base figure has all the built in features to change age, race, gender. Along with the add-on pack, you can create whole generations of similar style cartoon characters . . Free download of Toon Generations Base 1.0, size 5.67 Mb.

BeachCorner 4.0 DAZ 3D, Inc. 

This little place is perfect for a day at the beach. Designed to be used with the 3D Universe Toon generations. Some accessories (beach shower, beach lifeguard seat, lifebuoy, beach WC), some poses and a new swimsuit are part of this pack. A nice sandy sea side with plenty of corners to play. A complete scene is provided for both DS and Poser. (3D . Free download of BeachCorner 4.0, size 12.23 Mb.

Cold Life 1.0 SWAM, Silencer, DAZ 3D 

Cold Life is a 3D model that allows you to add some casual clothing to your wardrobe.This product has many interesting features and textures that will help you improve your own image.This software comes with a texture template download in order for you to test this product before you purchase it . Free download of Cold Life 1.0, size 3.69 Mb.

AstroFly 3.0 Pavel Jor, DiS 

AstroFly is a software project, which is intended for educational use. Thus, if you are interested in astrophysics, it may help you to expand your knowledge about the Universe. Its main purpose is to present the three-dimensional models of the neighborhood in Milky Way Galaxy on a personal computer.
The 3D models are based on the remarkable . Freeware download of AstroFly 3.0, size 20.52 Mb.

Wardrobe Wizard 2.0 PhilC Designs 

- A standalone version in addition to a version that works within Poser.
This means that you do not need to own Poser to use the core components of Wardrobe Wizard.
- Greatly enhanced conversion quality.
- A new user friendly graphical u . Free download of Wardrobe Wizard 2.0, size 18.64 Mb.

PZ3editor Lite 2.0 PhilC Designs 

A "no nonsense" utility to enable Poser files to be edited easily.

The copy/paste morph plugin allows morph data to be copied from one figure to another. Please note that:-
-you need to open two instances of PZ3editor and have one figure loaded into each.

Copy from one then paste into the other. Both . Free download of PZ3editor Lite 2.0, size 4.69 Mb.

Sam Clothing Pack 1.0 DAZ Productions, Inc 

Sam Clothing Pack is a software where you have to create in 3D clothes for Sam.
Make sure Sam has something fun to wear! This clothing pack covers all sorts of clothing options to ensure that Sam looks his best all the time.
This program is very easy to use and very entertaiment in the same time. . Free download of Sam Clothing Pack 1.0, size 6.65 Mb.

Noggins Rabbit Hutch 3.0 DAZ Productions 

Noggins Rabbit Hutch is a pack of 3D models for DAZ Studio, Poser, Carrara and Bryce.
You need a home for your rabbit! How about this deluxe hutch complete with food bowl, water bottle and bedding. And of course you need a domesticated version of your rabbit, so I’ve included three texture MAT files! . Freeware download of Noggins Rabbit Hutch 3.0, size 9.54 Mb.

Creo Parametric 1.0 PTC 

Creo Parametric is the standard in 3D CAD, featuring state-of-the-art productivity tools that promote best practices in design while ensuring compliance with your industry and company standards. Creo Parametric provides the broadest range of powerful yet flexible 3D CAD capabilities to help you address your most pressing design challenges including . Free download of Creo Parametric 1.0, size 0 b.

V4 Elite Texture Amy 1.0 DAZ 3D, Inc. 

Professionally lit, extremely high-resolution, full-body photo-reference was captured and then carefully assembled to preserve natural asymmetry and remove all possible seams. Each Elite Skin Texture product is wholly original and 100% unique from any other texture set on the market, anywhere. Custom, hand-crafted specular and bump maps were . Free download of V4 Elite Texture Amy 1.0, size 0 b.