Absolute Pitch Mac Software

MAutoPitch for Mac OS X 5 6 MeldaProduction 

Multimedia \ Misc. Audio

MAutoPitch is a simple automatic pitch correction plugin designed for vocals and other monophonic instruments. Besides its main purpose of making the audio more in-tune, MAutoPitch provides also a few creative such as formant shift and stereo-expansion. It is quick, easy to use and free!
M/S, single channel, up to 8 channels surround . Freeware download of MAutoPitch for Mac OS X 5 6, size 78.96 Mb.


Absolute Frequency Music Generator 0.1.0 freq.sourceforge.net 

Multimedia \ Sound Tools

A program that generates music (WAV-like files) from a specification of tones in absolute frequencies, rather than the normal well-defined tones. The specification list all notes, their length, frequency and amplitude and the program generate a mix of all . Freeware download of Absolute Frequency Music Generator 0.1.0, size 273.25 Kb.

MFFM pitch algorithm 1.0 mffmpitch.sourceforge.net 

Multimedia \ Sound Tools

Find the pitch of a power spectrum (signal) as per the afferent/efferent neural crossover. This occurs between the Lateral olivocochlear efferents and the inner hair cell afferents. . Freeware download of MFFM pitch algorithm 1.0, size 1.21 Mb.

SWIPE' pitch extractor 1.0 ling.upenn.edu 

Multimedia \ Sound Tools

This is a fast C implementation of Arturo Camacho's SWIPE' pitch extraction algorithm. See the project homepage for more about the advantages of the SWIPE' algorithm. swipe-1.0.tar.gz contains the current source, which should compile quite neatly. . Freeware download of SWIPE' pitch extractor 1.0, size 16.77 Kb.

WordEm for OSX 1.0.1 PoBros Inc 

Games \ Action

This fast-paced, complex word puzzler tests your visual and dexterity skills in a graphically exciting arcade environment while pushing your vocabulary & word building skills to their absolute limits!WordEmTM is an elegant, arcade style word puzzler that combines the best of both worlds - test your speed & dexterity while challenging your . Free download of WordEm for OSX 1.0.1, size 17.83 Mb.

Listening Singing Teacher 1.27 AlgorithmsAndDatastructures 

Education \ Teaching Tools

Listening Singing Teacher helps you to sing in tune and in rhythm. The visual feedbacks for pitch, beat and loudness allow you to train your "mental ear" by aiming the pitch in your head and adjusting your voice to produce the correct pitch. The replay possibility lets you hear yourself and analyze your strength and weaknesses in the . Free download of Listening Singing Teacher 1.27, size 45.00 Mb.

Guitar Tuners 1.0 Guitar Tuners 

Multimedia \ Music Composers

Guitar Tuners lets you tune your guitar in seconds for free using a microphone so that you guarantee the perfect pitch of your instrument every time. Just play a note, and Guitar Tuners will display which note you're playing, and how close you are to having that note in tune. The needle on this Guitar Tuner will turn blue you have an exact match. . Freeware download of Guitar Tuners 1.0, size 5.35 Mb.

Riffmaster Pro for MAC 3.0 Manly Guitar Works 

Multimedia \ Audio Players

RiffmasterPro slow down music software musicians, keeps pitch, learn song easily They Call it The Software revolution that's rocking the Guitar Playing world...Instantly Play Any riff of Any Guitar Hero or Monster Player... Imagine this.. You have Jimi Hendrix, Slash, Eric Clapton or Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, John Petrucci Mark Knopfler, Eric . Free download of Riffmaster Pro for MAC 3.0, size 2.90 Mb.

Chord Pickout for Mac 2.0 Luxand Development 

Multimedia \ Music Composers

A friend of mine has perfect pitch. He is a professional guitarist. The only instrument he needs to guess chords for a song is his own ear. He can listen to a song and easily pick out the right chords or even make a better arrangement than those he listened to. But, what about the rest of us, who don't have this gift? There are hundreds of new . Free download of Chord Pickout for Mac 2.0, size 35.57 Mb.

Pitchwheel for Mac OS X 4 10 Quikquak 

Multimedia \ Misc. Audio

Pitchwheel was designed to be a VST plug-in that will change the pitch of a sound without changing it's length. It has a large, easy to use dial and simple parameters making it a fast and creative effect unit. It has a range of two semi-tones to two octaves, which gives you control from subtle tuning changes to wild swings of pitch. The user . Free download of Pitchwheel for Mac OS X 4 10, size 11.74 Mb.

FutureDecks DJ pro 3.0 XYLIO INFO SRL 

Multimedia \ Misc. Audio

Looking for a smart and very powerful DJ software? Look no more! Meet FutureDecks PRO - the professional DJ mixing software With FutureDecks PRO you can mix songs and videos like a pro DJ. Beat-matching, seamless beat-aware loops, external controllers and MIDI support, VST effects, precise automatic BPM counter, sampler, karaoke support and many . Free download of FutureDecks DJ pro 3.0, size 16.94 Mb.

ToneTester 1 1 Suitable Systems 

Multimedia \ Misc. Audio

ToneTester tests your ears for differences in how they hear pitches ("binaural diplacusis" or "interaural pitch difference"). You adjust a slider until your ears hear the same pitch, and then ToneTester tells you the actual pitch difference. . Freeware download of ToneTester 1 1, size 192.51 Kb.

digui 0.2.2 nimodigui.sourceforge.net 

Multimedia \ Sound Tools

digui is a pitch-controlled, digital additive synthesizer. No MIDI needed! Just plug in your guitar, toy keyboard, microphone, etc. and play away. . Freeware download of digui 0.2.2, size 3.11 Mb.

MerkleWeb 1.0 bitcointalk.org 

Development \ Misc. Dev. Tools

Absolute minimalist open spec of whats needed to obsolete and rebuild entire Earth infrastructure, as global peer to peer 320 bit (256 space, 64 time) address quine Turing Machine, military-strength Bitcoin-like security on every bit and NAND calculation, from NAND gates, software NAND logic, recursive paravirtual hooks (run Windows, Mac, and Linux . Freeware download of MerkleWeb 1.0, size 119.02 Kb.

MFFM Vector Bass 1.0 mffmvectorbass.sourceforge.net 

Multimedia \ Sound Tools

A XFig based rapid prototype yeilding a melody line generation tool which lets you plot the pitch, volume and generic waveform sound. You can hear a piece of music, grab and plot the synth then create your own melody lines with the same synth. sound .... . Freeware download of MFFM Vector Bass 1.0, size 80.83 Kb.

Total Annihilation: Twilight 1.0 twilight.tauniverse.com 

Games \ Strategy

Total Annihilation: Twilight is a massive extension/expansion of Total Annihilation, painstakingly balancing old units and adding in new ones, and carries on where Absolute Annihilation left off. TA:T has over 500 units and is balanced for multi-player. . Freeware download of Total Annihilation: Twilight 1.0, size 52.04 Mb.

Song Surgeon (Mac) 4.0 Todd, Michael & James, Inc. 

Multimedia \ Misc. Audio

Song Surgeon is an easy to use audio and music software tool that features distortion-free audio with pitch or tempo change. SS changes key or pitch, tempo, converts between file formats, contains EQ adjustments, rips from CD's, creates music loops, practice lessons and is an AV downloader helping you find and download audio or video URLs. A . Free download of Song Surgeon (Mac) 4.0, size 22 b.

Record Player Tuner 1.0 Guitar Tuners 

Multimedia \ Music Composers

Record Player Tuner will replace your old tuner. Just pluck a string on your guitar, and Record Player Tuner will display what note you are playing, and how close you are to perfect pitch. When you've hit your note, the needle will glow bright green. This is one of the only tuners on the web that uses your microphone, and it is the perfect way to . Freeware download of Record Player Tuner 1.0, size 5.44 Mb.

Boombox Guitar Tuner 1.0 Guitar Tuners 

Multimedia \ Music Composers

Boombox Guitar Tuner will get the party started. Just play a note, and it shows. Other guitar tuners don't use the microphone, like Boombox Guitar Tuner, because it's written with cutting-edge Flash 10.1 technology. Boombox Guitar Tuner is free to download or use online, so why waste your money on other expensive guitar tuners at the music shop? . Freeware download of Boombox Guitar Tuner 1.0, size 5.56 Mb.

Fire Guitar Tuner 1.0 Guitar Tuners 

Multimedia \ Music Composers

Fire Guitar Tuner tunes your guitar in seconds. This tuner tunes makes it easy to play in perfect pitch all the time and eliminates any need to buy those expensive microphone tuners at the music shop. Play a note, and this guitar tuner will display it. And once you're in-tune, Fire Guitar Tuner will incinerate your mind as it lights ablaze in this . Freeware download of Fire Guitar Tuner 1.0, size 5.94 Mb.