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NetWrix Active Directory Change 6.0.188 NetWrix Corporation 

Active Directory Change auditing is an important procedure for limiting unauthorized changes and errors to AD configuration. One single Change can put your organization at risk, introducing security breaches and compliance issues. Built-in Active Directory auditing lacks many important features and doesn't have reporting capabilities. Careful . Freeware download of NetWrix Active Directory Change 6.0.188, size 0 b.


Active Directory Change Reporter 15.0 Active Directory Change Reporter 

The LepideAuditor Suite, Active Directory software is engrafted with rich, interactive terminal carrying various efficacious features like Domain management, Changes collection management, Alerts management, Schedule reports management, and Email management. You can customize the settings for collecting the reports from Active Directory by . Free download of Active Directory Change Reporter 15.0, size 100.45 Mb.

Active Directory Change Tracker 15.0 

LepideAuditor Suite, Active Directory is an auditing and reporting tool which works on Active Directory and tracks the changes on multiple domains. This Active Directory Change tracker tool generates periodical reports on Active Directory changes and helps administrators in closely monitoring the network activities. The real-time alerts generated . Free download of Active Directory Change Tracker 15.0, size 100.45 Mb.

LepideAuditor for Active Directory 14.06.01 Lepide Software 

Regular auditing the Active Directory is crucial for keeping safe and secure IT infrastructure. LepideAuditor for Active Directory centrally monitors AD in Real time and lets the admin know who is doing what, when and from where. All changes made at lower levels are captured with absolute information and users can comprehensively analyze these . Free download of LepideAuditor for Active Directory 14.06.01, size 19.71 Mb.

Active Directory Audit 14.08.01 

It is very important to continuously check Active Directory in order to keep the IT infrastructure safe and secure. Auditing Active Directory manually is not easily possible but by using a proficient Active Directory audit tool, you can easily perform this task in a hassle free environment. LepideAuditor Suite is a centralized tool which is very . Free download of Active Directory Audit 14.08.01, size 65.85 Mb.

Audit Active Directory 14.08.01 

Large organizations have a large number of employees for whom administrator has to maintain Active Directory which is obviously a hard task. In other words, it cannot be properly performed manually so it is essential to use an external tool that can help administrators in this field. Currently, LepideAuditor Suite is a professional software tool . Free download of Audit Active Directory 14.08.01, size 65.85 Mb.

Active Directory Auditing 15.0 Active Directory Auditing 

Generally, the system administrators have plenty of work to perform and so they hardly find any time for native auditing. LepideAuditor for Active Directory (LAAD) is a proficient tool in such a situation which helps out to perform Active Directory Auditing. It keeps the user up-to-date with the information as who, when, what, and Where made the . Free download of Active Directory Auditing 15.0, size 100.45 Mb.

Active Directory Backup 12.10.01 

There could be many reasons why the user needs Active Directory control. Without the presence of such tool, any critical Change in AD could adversely affect organization and hamper the security. Lack of complete knowledge about AD changes could lead to infrastructure management issues and security compliance failures. Even if someone keeps a check . Freeware download of Active Directory Backup 12.10.01, size 15.73 Mb.

Active Directory Restore 12.10.01 

With the help of LepideAuditor for Active Directory restore and auditing solution, administrators don’t have to be anxious as it permits to track and control all Active Directory changes automatically. This excellent utility tool enables you to control Active Directory in best efficient way. While working as an administrator you can track all the . Freeware download of Active Directory Restore 12.10.01, size 15.73 Mb.

AD Auditor 15.0 AD Auditor 

Any minor Change in the Windows Active Directory can disrupt the email security of an organization. And, all changes cannot be monitored manually by administrator. To simplify all such complexities, LepideAuditor Suite, Active Directory tool has been developed. It is one such advanced software which facilitates you to monitor and track all the AD . Free download of AD Auditor 15.0, size 100.45 Mb.

Windows Active Directory Audit 15.0 

LepideAuditor Suite, Active Directory software is a sophisticated utility that is responsible for tracking the undesired changes taking place within the Active Directory and notifies it to the user via email alerts. Its effective usage proves very handy in avoiding downtime and outages by minimizing detection time. The other good aspect about the . Free download of Windows Active Directory Audit 15.0, size 100.45 Mb.