Activity Key Logger Software

Keyboard Monitoring Tool Keylogger 

Data doctor user Activity monitoring software is user friendly utility which record all Key press information in hidden log file. Keystroke capture tool trace all character including special character of keyboard like ctrl, alt, shift etc. Surveillance tool monitor staff of organization, family member as record Activity in absence of user. Key . Free download of Keyboard Monitoring Tool, size 1.65 Mb.


MyHook 1.2 Myhook 

MyHook is a low resource, fast, reliable, Key Logger, with open source code. 1.2 Is now available for download.

MyHook 1.2 License - GNU General Public License (GPL) . Freeware download of MyHook 1.2, size 224.37 Kb.

KeyViz Chickensoft 

A simple Key Logger/visualizer for Windows inspired by KeyPosdoTe. KeyViz doesn't have all the polish that Magnus's KeyPosdoTe does, but it allows you to hide the display of Key presses for instance while typing passwords by pressing Ctrl+F12. . Free download of KeyViz, size 429.92 Kb.

Advance Keystrokes Recorder File Recovery 

Key Logger is one of the best PC monitoring software to track every Activity of external user on your computer system when you are not around. Professional keyboard tracking utility captures all keystrokes typed on the computer system. Software records entire chat details, internet activities, user login, passwords, email IDs and text documents in . Free download of Advance Keystrokes Recorder, size 2.38 Mb.

imgPass 1.0 BeetsWare 

imgPass is a unique concept in Desktop Protection! You Don't have to type in a password. When imgPass runs you merely click or touch on designated areas of the "brass light house" image. The correct sequence of touch or mouse clicks is all that is needed to gain access to your desktop. imgPass has been engineered to work with a normal . Free download of imgPass 1.0, size 146.80 Kb.

reconserver ReconServer 

ReconServer internet Activity monitor surveillance software is like a voice activated tape recorder for your computer.
ReconServer will discretely monitor a computer for alarm words/phrases, and will send you photo alerts and information about the computer Activity. . Freeware download of reconserver, size 5.22 Mb.

Karen's Print Logger 2 5 Karen Kenworthy 

Karen’s Print Logger is a type of software that gives a user all detailed information and statistics about the processes in his/her computer. This application was developed for monitoring a printer that is connected to your computer as well as all printers from the network. The program saves records about each usage of any printer and . Freeware download of Karen's Print Logger 2 5, size 90.69 Mb.

123VideoMagic Green Screen Software 4.0 123 Video Magic 

123videomagic is an innovative software that provides green screen background software, chroma Key program and video editing software that helps in replacing or editing the background of your videos/image. It provides customized video with excellent look using this smart chroma Key background software. * Green background of the videos and images . Free download of 123VideoMagic Green Screen Software 4.0, size 23.04 Mb.

Hotkey Recorder 4.2086 SoftBoy 

Hotkey Recorder can record Key and mouse events to file and play them back. Macros often used can be defined and played back. Macros, keystrokes and mouse events can be assigned to a hot Key. When the Key sequence is pressed, Hotkey Recorder will launch these macros. Hotkey Recorder may record and save mouse movements, mouse clicks, and keyboard . Free download of Hotkey Recorder 4.2086, size 828.38 Kb.

NetWrix User Activity Video Reporter 1.0.149 NetWrix Corporation 

NetWrix User Activity Video Reporter records dynamic screen Activity, providing essential auditing visibility to critical applications that are not accessible through traditional event-log-based auditing solutions.
Like scenes in a movie, NetWrix VideoScapeOao technology embeds Key metadata allowing the viewer to fast-forward to a specific . Free download of NetWrix User Activity Video Reporter 1.0.149, size 10.54 Mb.

NETObserve 2.98 ExploreAnywhere Software, LLC 

NETObserve is a sleek, powerful remote administration and monitoring solution for home and business environments. NETObserve allows you to remotely connect to a PC (inside or outside a network) and moderate, administrate, and monitor the machine's Activity. NETObserve's remote administration features include file system browsing, file transferring, . Free download of NETObserve 2.98, size 1.15 Mb.

Orvell Monitoring 2007 ProtectCom GmbH 

Powerful And Intelligent Internet Monitoring And Surveillance Software For Your PC. Orvell Monitoring is one of the world's best selling product for recording every detail of PC and Internet Activity in your home, office or school. Orvell Monitoring contains five recording tools that are combined into one powerful application that features: Web . Free download of Orvell Monitoring 2007, size 3.05 Mb.

ActivityZilla 2.3.8 

The ActivityZilla simplifies user Activity monitoring - now you can monitor all your kid's PC Activity directly from your web browser!

Do you want to see what your kids are doing on the computer when you are away?
Now this is possible by just using your web browser on a PC or a smartphone.

Application allows you to see . Free download of ActivityZilla 2.3.8, size 11.25 Mb.

SurveilStar 3.27.1231 SurveilStar Inc. 

SurveilStar is a powerful and easy-to-use PC monitoring, employee monitoring software that improves productivity. It records every detail of computer and Internet activities - emails, chats and instant messages, web sites visited, search history, program activities, document operations, printing, disc burning, removable devices, and many more. With . Free download of SurveilStar 3.27.1231, size 324.06 Mb.

PAL Computer Surveillance System 2004 1.01 PAL Solutions Ltd. 

PAL Computer Surveillance System is the first product of its kind available that allows parents and businesses to engage in on-line surveillance that incorporates a computer monitoring system with the latest web filtering technologies. PAL will automatically record everything your spouse, children and employees do online. Features include: email . Free download of PAL Computer Surveillance System 2004 1.01, size 1.72 Mb.

KGB Employee Monitor 4.51 ReFog Software 

Monitor employees or remote computers in real time with a centralized, computer-based surveillance system.Whether you are a manager or a system administrator, KGB Employee Monitor makes it easier to monitor multiple workstations from a single PC. No need to alienate and disturb your employees by checking security logs on their computers for . Free download of KGB Employee Monitor 4.51, size 5.87 Mb.

123VideoMagicPro Video Editing Software 4.0 123 Video Magic 

123VideoMagic Pro is an easy to use software which enables you to capture and edit videos. It helps in making professional videos with great ease. Green background of videos and images can be replaced with your own images and videos. With 123VideoMagic Pro you can either record a new video using a web cam or any other video recording device, or use . Free download of 123VideoMagicPro Video Editing Software 4.0, size 31.05 Mb.

Keyboard Collector 2.09b SoftDD 

Secretly log and view all keys typed, including emails, instant messages, passwords, and more. You simply choose to have it run all the time, or to start at a specific time of the day, and it runs undetected while capturing all keyboard and data entry. Even if the computer is restarted, Keyboard Collector will automatically start running again. It . Free download of Keyboard Collector 2.09b, size 723.52 Kb.

StarLogger 1.4 de Willebois Consulting 

Do you want to know what your buddy, colleague or employee is typing? What are they doing on the computer? StarLogger records every keystroke made on your computer on every window, even on password protected boxes. This Key Logger is completely undetectable and starts up whenever your computer starts up. See everything being typed: emails, . Free download of StarLogger 1.4, size 1.36 Mb.

360 Internet Security 2013 -32bit 4.7.0 Qihoo 360 technology 

360 Internet Security 2013 uses a triple antivirus engine to keep your system away from the latest threats. By combining the power of the 360 checksum based cloud engine, machine learning cloud QVM engine, and award winning BitDefender local engine; 360 pushes antivirus to an unprecedented level.

360 Internet Security 2013 works . Freeware download of 360 Internet Security 2013 -32bit 4.7.0, size 23.26 Mb.