Activity Monitoring Software

TupInsight 3.1 The Tup Software Ltd. 

TupInsight is an easy-to-install and -use Internet activity monitoring and web access control system. It uses a computer on a local area network (LAN) not only to monitor and record other hosts' web behaviors, but also to restrict online activities according to customized filtering Internet policies. The main functions and features of TupInsight . Free download of TupInsight 3.1, size 6.06 Mb.


Spector 360 7.3 SpectorSoft Corporation 

SPECTOR 360 User activity monitoring software allows organizations to monitor, record, replay, and analyze all user, user group, department, and division electronic activA­ity. Organizations use SPECTOR 360 to protect assets, improve productivity, ensure optimal use of online processes, systems, and tools, protect employee privacy, and review . Freeware download of Spector 360 7.3, size 331.62 Mb.

Ekran 4.4 Cloud Labs 

Build your insider threat monitoring strategy: Ekran System helps companies of any size to build their strategies of mitigating user-based security risks. It is a universal user activity monitoring tool for corporate servers and desktops. Working with all levels of user privileges, Ekran System helps to track system configuration changes, . Freeware download of Ekran 4.4, size 181.80 Mb.

Security Curator 5.2.1041 AtomPark Software Inc 

Security Curator 5.2.1041 is designed to be a useful and flexible corporate security software that allows you to monitor activities on company computers and prevent unauthorized distribution of sensitive corporate information.
Corporate information security has always been one of the top business priorities. There is a growing need for . Free download of Security Curator 5.2.1041, size 19.68 Mb.

EAM Pro(Employee Monitoring Software) 4.8 

Centrolized company-wide employee pc activity monitoring solution, monitor 2000+ network computers within one server. IMonitor EAM is an application for real time network computer monitoring and content filting, and for employees' work time tracking. IMonitor EAM has the following features: Allows you invisibly monitor all employee's pc & . Free download of EAM Pro(Employee Monitoring Software) 4.8, size 4.72 Mb.

StatWin Single Lite: Process Monitoring 8.3.5 SXR Software 

StatWin is a comprehensive computer activity monitoring solution for individuals and businesses. It offers valuable statistics. It lets you analyze how effectively you or your employees are using computers. The software counts aggregate operation time, average operation time per day and per run for a given computer or user. You can even view . Free download of StatWin Single Lite: Process Monitoring 8.3.5, size 2.45 Mb.

SurveilStar Activity Monitor 1.03 SurveilStar Inc. 

SurveilStar activity Monitor is free web activity monitoring software which can help you to monitor, record, control and block internet activities.

This free web activity monitoring software can easily record all visited web pages with URL link, visiting time, page title, web host and data size, record all incoming and outgoing web . Freeware download of SurveilStar Activity Monitor 1.03, size 2.92 Mb.


Monitor Internet activity monitoring and logging for many is the first important step in taking control of their Internet access. It clearly shows the surfing habits of users so you know exactly where they go online, at what time and for how long.Block Harmful Sites and Images Stop users accessing harmful Internet content by blocking unsuitable . Free download of NETDADI PC CONTROL AND INTERNET FILTER V1.0.3.82, size 26.70 Mb.

Network USB Port Disabler Tool Monitor USB 

USB drive activity monitoring software can detect any type of USB device activities when it is connected or disconnected from any computer of network. Program inbuilt with powerful USB surveillance mechanism that facilitates user to intercept any data transfer, analyze and display complete detail of USB device connected to your PC such as . Free download of Network USB Port Disabler Tool, size 3.08 Mb.

Business Activity Monitor 0.2.1 Openbam 

OpenBAM is a Business activity monitoring(BAM) application for Operations Managers in service organizations who are constantly trying to figure out what's effecting their business by trying to co-relate data from multiple systems.

Business activity Monitor 0.2.1 License - BSD License . Freeware download of Business Activity Monitor 0.2.1, size 6.82 Mb.

Computer Activity Monitoring 11.03 Computer Monitoring 

Computer activity monitoring is powerful software that monitors and records not only the desktop but also the internet activities of the employee computer. With the help of this tool, you can secretly monitor any number of computers, take screenshots of desktop activities of every second and also create the online and offline recordings. Runs . Free download of Computer Activity Monitoring 11.03, size 5.28 Mb.

BizTalk Server 2009 BAM Interactive Poster July 2008 Microsoft Corporation. 

This interactive poster shows you how to develop a simple Business activity monitoring (BAM) solution. You will monitor a purchase order in a Microsoft BizTalk Server application. You will learn about the roles, BAM components, and the process of developing a BAM solution so you can monitor your own business process.


HomeGuard Activity Monitor 2.2.4 Veridium Software 

HomeGuard is an advanced parental control and activity monitoring tool for family and child safety online and offline. Once installed HomeGuard will silently and automatically block all inappropriate content online and record detailed website activity including time of visit and time spent on each website. Plus a built in keylogger, activity based . Free download of HomeGuard Activity Monitor 2.2.4, size 3.87 Mb.

StatWin Pro 7.2 SXR Software 

StatWin is a comprehensive computer activity monitoring solution for individuals and businesses. It gives you valuable statistics. It lets you analyze how effectively you or your employees are using computers. The software counts aggregate operation time, average operation time per day and per run for a given computer or user. You can even view . Free download of StatWin Pro 7.2, size 1.40 Mb.

JBAM 1.0 Jbam 

JBAM is open source Business activity monitoring system based on J2EE technology. Able to work with any commercial/non-commercial workflow engine, because of its generic architecture

JBAM 1.0 License - GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (LGPL) . Freeware download of JBAM 1.0, size 0 b.

GourangiBAM 1.0 Gourangi-bam 

Business activity monitoring based open source product

GourangiBAM 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL) . Freeware download of GourangiBAM 1.0, size 0 b.

PC Activity Monitoring 13.02.01 PC Activity Monitoring 

Employee Desktop Live Viewer tool is designed to monitor desktop activities of multiple users simultaneously. This spy software can be installed by administrator remotely on the targeted employee system without any problem and your employees would never even come to know about it. The only condition for performing this task is that the user systems . Free download of PC Activity Monitoring 13.02.01, size 11.22 Mb.

Network Activity Monitoring 13.02.01 Network Activity Monitoring 

Many employees misuse office computers in unofficial activities that adversely affect the productivity of the organization. With Employee Desktop Live Viewer, organizations can effectively monitor and administer such employees who misuse office computers. It is a versatile network activity monitoring software to monitor user activities on the LAN . Free download of Network Activity Monitoring 13.02.01, size 11.22 Mb.

Heart Rate Variability Logger 4.4.6 Marco Altini 

Heart Rate Variability Logger lets you record, plot and export time and frequency domain Heart Rate Variability Features (includes experience sampling, rr-interval correction, comparison between recordings, activity monitoring & step counting, location tracking).

Main features:
- Extracts, plots, stores and exports heart rate, . Free download of Heart Rate Variability Logger 4.4.6, size 2.94 Mb.

Monitor Computer Activity 12.07.01 Monitor PC Activity 

It is not difficult to monitor PC activity now, thanks to third party efficient software. The software helps user to kernel for computer activity monitor with least efforts. It invisibly takes screenshots of target computers at the specified interval and records every keystroke made by the user. All this and more can be done without letting anyone . Free download of Monitor Computer Activity 12.07.01, size 8.64 Mb.