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Horas 6.2 Basta Computing, Inc. 

With the world becoming more connected, people are following world events, doing business, talking to family and creating friends internationally. Horas is a world clock that helps you keep track of time in different cities by displaying multiple clocks on your desktop. Horas is packed with useful features and yet, it is very easy to use. Whether . Free download of Horas 6.2, size 3.20 Mb.


MP3 Normalizer 1.0.2 AMVidia 

MP3 Normalizer accepts and adjusts volume of MP3 and WAV audio files. As a result, you will have MP3 files with levelled volume and would enjoy better sound quality.

MP3 Normalizer allows to customise output MP3s' setting, normalise unlimited number of files in one time.

You can choose preferred processing method among Peak . Free download of MP3 Normalizer 1.0.2, size 2.25 Mb.

Win Image Converter 1.5.2 PearlMountain Software 

Win Image Converter is a powerful image converter. It supports to enhance and convert multiple images by batch processing. It can convert images into various popular formats as well as make diverse adjustments for the images in batch mode, such as resizing, cropping, rotation, mirror, flip, grayscale, contrast, brightness, and saturation etc. The . Free download of Win Image Converter 1.5.2, size 4.89 Mb.

Scale PDF Printing PDF Page Size Editor 

Scale PDF printing software have several type of paper size such as A0, A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, RA0, RA1, etc. User can create a new file with resied pages only or with all PDF pages. Software allows to set or modify Adobe pages such as page size, page range, page margin, fixed size, specific size, odd even pages. It is support password protected PDF . Free download of Scale PDF Printing, size 3.48 Mb.

Volumouse 1.31 NirSoft Freeware 

Volumouse provides you a quick and easy way to control the sound volume on your system - simply by rolling the wheel of your wheel mouse.
It allows you to define a set of rules for determining when the wheel will be used for changing the sound volume. For example: You can configure Volumouse to use your mouse wheel for volume control when . Freeware download of Volumouse 1.31, size 37.89 Kb.

TirePrices 1.10 B+B Systems, LLC 

This a Simple system to allow quick reference to tire prices.

Quick Click on any of the following (in any combination) to select records
Misc. Code,
minimum Treadwear rating,
minimum Traction rating,
minimum Temperature rating,
minimum Load rating,

Copyright It! 2.1 Implied By Design LLC. 

Copyright It! is a tool that allows you to add copyright notices directly onto your images without any fussing around in image editors. You can either use the program yourself, or add it to your web sites to add functionality. The program lets you enter the copyright text, the font size, and the color of the notice. The program also uses a unique . Freeware download of Copyright It! 2.1, size 176.13 Kb.

MovieEditorWhiz 2 1 AppZilla Software, Inc. 

Movie EditorWhiz is an excellent video files editor. The program was developed to work with WMV, WMA, MPEG, FLV video files formats using AsfBin, MpgTx and FLV tools. Movie Editor Whiz allows you to select, copy, paste different episodes during the Play mode. To do it you should select a video file and load it into Movie Editor Whiz first. When the . Freeware download of MovieEditorWhiz 2 1, size 10.10 Mb.

EXIF Date Changer 2 52 Rellik Software 

EXIF Date Changer modifies the date and time attributes of the EXIF data stored within your digital photos. This allows you to compensate for incorrect camera settings, or different time zones within seconds across an entire folder of images. As an added bonus, you are also able to rename all photos to include the time taken in the filename, add . Freeware download of EXIF Date Changer 2 52, size 3.87 Mb.

QuickGamma Eberhard Werle 

QuickGamma is a small utility program to calibrate a monitor on the fly.QuickGamma is free for personal use and it measures the gamma level on you monitor, 2.2 being the facto standard in Windows, the Internet and the digital photography, which means that only monitors with a gamma value of 2.2 will produce a correct output. . Freeware download of QuickGamma, size 102.30 Mb.

Stretch - 7 Day Trial 1.0 FieldCraft 

Stretch is currently the only personal development tool on the market based on methods recommended by peer reviewed literature for producing true speed reading results. Stretch extends the enormously successful flash-card technique from one word to two or more words to increase the size of clause that can be taken in at a glance.

QTIndexSwapper 2. 3. 2001 Renaun Erickson 

With the release of the Flash Player 9 Update that supports H.264, we can now play a subset of H.264 movie files. The problem is most of the H.264 files have the index at the end of the file which for progressive download means you have to download the whole file before you can start watching any of the video.
In the notes from Tinic Uro, . Freeware download of QTIndexSwapper 2. 3. 2001, size 681.98 Kb.

Subtitle Workshop .0 Beta 4 Urusoft 

Subtitle Workshop is the most complete, efficient and convenient freeware subtitle editing tool. It supports all the subtitle formats you need and has all the features you would want from a subtitle editing program.
Subtitle Workshop makes subtitle creating/editing/converting tasks almost a pleasure, the amicable and intuitive interface . Freeware download of Subtitle Workshop .0 Beta 4, size 1.09 Mb.

MP4 Video Splitter Software 7.0 Sobolsoft 

This software offers a solution for users who want to split one or more MP4 files into smaller ones by a specified amount of seconds, minutes or hours. For your convenience, the original MP4 will not be changed and new MP4 files will be created. . Free download of MP4 Video Splitter Software 7.0, size 2.61 Mb.

HS TimeSync 2 30 Horst Schaeffer 

TimeSync gets the current time from a NIST server, and adjusts the PC clock if necessary. Accuracy is usually within a second. Time and date are displayed according to the user's regional settings. TimeSync will try alternative servers, in case the time cannot be obtained from the preferred server.
Option /auto is provided to run TimeSync . Freeware download of HS TimeSync 2 30, size 41.98 Kb.

Corel Painter for Mac Corel Corporation 

Designed for artists by artists, Corel® Painter™ 12 opens up a world of creativity. With an impressive array of brushes, paper textures, paints, oils, watercolors and more, if you can dream it, you can create it in Painter! Thanks to extensive file support, you can also build upon projects you've started in other programs, making Painter a . Free download of Corel Painter for Mac, size 138.94 Mb.

Batch Image Converter 3Plus 1.0 Design, Create & Implement (DCI) 

Converter 3Plus- Universal Batch Converter allows users quickly convert thousands of files from one format into another. Here are a few of the common types to convert: BMP to JPG, BMP to GIF, BMP to PNG, BMP to TIF, TIF to BMP, TIF to JPG, TIF to GIF, JPG to GIF, GIF to JPG, PIC to JPG, DCX to JPG, DIB to JPG, JIF to JPG, PBM to JPG, PCX to JPG, . Free download of Batch Image Converter 3Plus 1.0, size 1.56 Mb.

Pixel 1.0 Beta bld 7 Pavel Kanzelsberger 

Photoshop like image editor for Windows, Linux, MacOSX, BeOS, QNX, Solaris, MorphOS and DOS. Supports brushes, patterns, layers, styles, effects, plugins and much more... . Free download of Pixel 1.0 Beta bld 7, size 14.03 Mb.

Dynamic Copyright It! 1.0 Implied By Design LLC. 

Dynamic Copyright It! is a tool that allows you to add copyright notices on-the-fly directly onto your images without any fussing around in image editors. It's easy to integrate other scripts that will allow you to edit the copyright text of images throughout an entire web site without manually editing each one. You can either use the program . Freeware download of Dynamic Copyright It! 1.0, size 518.14 Kb.

Mac Brightness Control 1.0 Wondersoft 

Is your Mac too bright or too dim after you install Microsoft Windows? Are brightness keys on your Mac not working? Doesn't your Mac auto adjust brightness any more? Can your Mac brightness change on its own with ambient light sensor? If you experience Mac brightness problem on Windows, try Mac Brightness Control software, which allows to adjust . Free download of Mac Brightness Control 1.0, size 1.49 Mb.