Advanced Software

TimeBell 13 EVVAsoft 

Need a reminder? No problem! Set it up easily with TimeBell !
TimeBell - program reminders of events. Is there an important event you don’t want to miss? Use TimeBell to remind you!
But TimeBell doesn't stop there.
TimeBell automates reminders and many repetitive computer actions for you. Once created in TimeBell, you will never . Free download of TimeBell 13, size 8.50 Mb.


Advanced Mac Mailer 4.19 IM-Soft 

advanced Mac Mailer - Effective communications are essential for business success. It is very beneficial to keep your business contacts promptly notified of such things as new products they might be interested in, complimenting offers or other updates. Email as a communication medium presents the most lucrative opportunities. Of course, if you have . Free download of Advanced Mac Mailer 4.19, size 19.31 Mb.

ByteMove FTP 2009.1.1.1 ByteMove 

ByteMove FTP is the fast, easy way to transfer files across your network or the Internet. With a quick download, easy installation and simple settings, ByteMove FTP provides reliable multiple FTP server access as well as excellent value for money. . Free download of ByteMove FTP 2009.1.1.1, size 1.80 Mb.

Advanced Mac Mailer for Leopard 4.18 IM-Soft 

advanced Mac Mailer for Leopard - Effective communications are essential for business success. It is very beneficial to keep your business contacts promptly notified of such things as new products they might be interested in, complimenting offers or other updates. Email as a communication medium presents the most lucrative opportunities. Of course, . Free download of Advanced Mac Mailer for Leopard 4.18, size 2.72 Mb.

Advanced Uninstaller 1.0 IObit 

Uninstall programs with advanced Uninstaller. The free software removal program can uninstall programs and clean leftovers thoroughly. As a pure uninstall program, advanced Installer features himself in the market without install required to remove programs. Providing normal uninstall to remove program with its own uninstall part, it also has . Freeware download of Advanced Uninstaller 1.0, size 703.90 Kb.

Charny Screenshot tool 1.0 Charny Games 

With this program, you can take screenshots of your screen very easily and fast. It's better than the printscreen button. You can change the image format, set the hotkeys, etc. You can view and delete the screenshot with the logs (Right click on a path in the logs list). . Freeware download of Charny Screenshot tool 1.0, size 48.64 Kb.

Charny NotePad 1.0 Charny Games 

Charny NotePad is an advanced and powerful text editor. It's fast and easy to use.

Features :
- Tab system
- Line numbering
- Find/Replace function with regex support
- Format functions (Alignment, bulleting, change font, etc)
- Edit functions (Undo, redo, cut, copy, paste, etc.)
- Insert Date/Time
- . Freeware download of Charny NotePad 1.0, size 878.59 Kb.

Advanced Text Storage 1.03 Segobit Software 

advanced Text Storage is a Windows based application designed to store, edit and reuse frequently-used text, which can be transferred between the program and Windows Clipboard. advanced Text Storage is a simple utility that will help you avoid typing the same text over and over again and make it easy to fill out forms or documents, insert . Free download of Advanced Text Storage 1.03, size 173.66 Kb.

Advanced Email Parser Server 2.1.5 TweakMarketing 

advanced Email Parser - multifunctional and handy system for email messages processing.

advanced Email Parser makes email processing more effective, as it enables you to parse data, process and transfer it to databases or other applications automatically.

advanced Email Parser will save the lot of your time, managing received . Free download of Advanced Email Parser Server 2.1.5, size 11.70 Mb.

Data Recovery USB Mac Data recovery usb mac 

Reliable Mac data recovery program salvages records even from bad sector infected USB mass storage drives. Macintosh based pen drive data recovery utility rescues files even after “USB device volume is not recognized” while using external device. advanced Mac data recovery application for USB drives salvage deleted files from various . Free download of Data Recovery USB Mac, size 1.86 Mb.

Flight Status (Delays) & Schedules 2.0.0 MobiMonster 

MobiMonster Flight Services:
(Flight Status, Delays & Schedule)

Flight Services is an advanced Mobile application for Symbian Series 60 & Windows Mobile Devices. This application connects your handsets to a worldwide database of Airlines & Airports to obtain accurate Flight delays for hundreds of airlines (arrivals . Free download of Flight Status (Delays) & Schedules 2.0.0, size 19.46 Kb.

SLAE Solver 1.2 AdvMathAppl 

SLAE SOLVER allows to find on a personal computer high accuracy solutions of linear algebraic systems with N equations, where N may reach hundreds or thousands . Free download of SLAE Solver 1.2, size 503.81 Kb.

When Clones Attack! 1.04 Midnight Synergy 

A fun (and very silly) freeware shoot'em'up. Defend the galaxy from an ever-increasing army of invading clones. . Freeware download of When Clones Attack! 1.04, size 614.40 Kb.

Intensity XS ReCharge SE 1.11 Midnight Synergy 

ReCharge builds on the best gameplay elements of Intensity XS and returns you to the realm of
classic arcade/action in style. Battle a host of enemies, including massive capital ships, over six
huge worlds. Featuring great audio-visuals and fast and furious gameplay that never lets you
down. Simple to play, this game is as . Free download of Intensity XS ReCharge SE 1.11, size 8.58 Mb.

eta/VPG 3 4 ETA 

Using VPG, engineers all over the world are reducing product development costs and improving product quality and safety. Using VPG, they are able to do this at a fraction of the cost of competitive products. VPG delivers an extremely advanced and unique set of tools which allow engineers to create and visualize advanced simulations for vehicle . Free download of eta/VPG 3 4, size 0 b.

Nexcal 1 6 Thomas Sahlin 

Nexcal is meant to be an advanced yet fast and easy to use calculator, suitable for a variety of computations. What separates Nexcal from many simpler calculators, is among other things that Nexcal can compute complete mathematical expressions, rather than simply performing one operation at a time. Evaluates complete mathematical expressions. . Freeware download of Nexcal 1 6, size 266.24 Kb.

Silent Wings 1. 10. 2001 Silent Wings 

Silent Wings brings a new level of soaring realism to your PC. Practice your flight techniques, fly online with your buddies, replay your real-flight GPS logs, or simply enjoy long distance soaring over detailed and magnificent sceneries.

The aerodynamics in the simulator is calculated by simulating the wing flow over each part of the . Free download of Silent Wings 1. 10. 2001, size 5.90 Mb.

AllJ Slots 2.2.136 AllJ Software 

A slot machine software package that allows you to customize your slot machine reels (with custom imagery and item frequency), custom audio (sound), pay rates and jackpot odds. Perfect to run on a wide screen at a Trade Show to award prizes, and also comes ready to integrate with real coin and token hoppers and coin/token acceptors if you intend on . Free download of AllJ Slots 2.2.136, size 16.57 Mb.

SilverFast DCPro 6 6 LaserSoft Imaging AG 

SilverFast DCPro is a high-end Digital Camera Software, that has been designed specially for the needs of photographers. It combines the unlimited functionality of SilverFastAi with the unique Virtual Light Table. The light table is a workbase that no photographer wants to miss, who likes to organize, manage and resume images in an easy way. Beside . Free download of SilverFast DCPro 6 6, size 0 b.

BleachingCorrection 20. 12. 2004 J. Rietdorf EMBL Heidelberg 

The bleach correction macro for ImageJ corrects for bleaching or intensity fluctuations by normalizing the images of a stack to the same mean intensity.

This method only works well if the mean intensity is not altered substantially (e.g. if a bright structure moves out of the imaging field). A ROI can be defined to select a suitable . Freeware download of BleachingCorrection 20. 12. 2004, size 164.86 Kb.