Aes Encryption Software

Dekart Private Disk 2.12 Dekart 

Powerful, reliable and flexible disk encryption program that lets you create encrypted disk partitions (drive letters) to protect your confidential information. Private Disk hides and restricts access to your programs and data. Dekart Private Disk features an innovative Disk Firewall mechanism - a unique technology that shields your files from . Free download of Dekart Private Disk 2.12, size 3.49 Mb.


X-Lizard Password Manager 2.8 Softkhoz Studio Ltd. 

These days, many of us use web sites and other online and offline resources that require login\password authorization. Trying to remember all of the complex passwords becomes impossible with as low as 3 to 5 different passwords. When the number exceeds a dozen of logins\passwords there is no better way to store passwords than by downloading and . Free download of X-Lizard Password Manager 2.8, size 2.76 Mb.

SecuBox for Pocket PC 1.5 Aiko Solutions 

SecuBox provides on-the-fly encryption of sensitive data stored on Windows Mobile phones and their media cards. Creates an encrypted volume that looks and feels just like another Windows Mobile card, only that all data written to this "card" is automatically encrypted.SecuBox makes it possible for any Windows Mobile user to enjoy . Free download of SecuBox for Pocket PC 1.5, size 381.44 Kb.

soft Xpansion PDF Quick Reader 5.0 soft Xpansion 

PDF Quick Reader is a versatile PDF Reader with functionality that goes beyond conventional reader software. This software supports conversion in the form of Export functionality. As a Reader utility it allow PDF files to be opened, accessed and read by the viewer. It also supports Printing of the documents and clipboard facility to make use of the . Freeware download of soft Xpansion PDF Quick Reader 5.0, size 0 b.

PasswordJunkie 1 1 SuperGroovySoftware 

PasswordJunkie is your complete password management system. PasswordJunkie is simple and easy to use. With PasswordJunkie you can easily manage hundreds of passwords. The PasswordJunkie password generator allows you to generate secure passwords encouraging movement away from same password everywhere strategies. PasswordJunkie quick search helps you . Free download of PasswordJunkie 1 1, size 6.84 Mb.

soft Xpansion Perfect PDF Reader 7 1 soft Xpansion 

soft Xpansion Perfect PDF Reader is a powerful alternative to Adobe Reader, offering additional features. With this program, you can fill PDF forms, comment and sign PDF documents, then save them as PDF files or send via email. You can also export pages from PDFs as images (JPEG, TIFF, GIF, PNG, BMP) or metafiles. . Freeware download of soft Xpansion Perfect PDF Reader 7 1, size 37.18 Mb.

Dekart Key formatting utility 1 17 Dekart 

Key Formatting Utilities prepare a USB key or smart card for use by Dekart products. The utility is powerful, simple and convenient to use. The formatting utility can automatically determine the formatting required by different keys or smart cards (over twenty different devices can be recognized and properly formatted. . Freeware download of Dekart Key formatting utility 1 17, size 54.18 Mb.

soft Xpansion Perfect PDF Premium 7 2 soft Xpansion 

Perfect PDF Premium is a comprehensive reader, creator, and editor of PDF documents which covers most of the functionality present in both Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat. It offers you the possibility of creating new PDF documents from Office files (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) and editing and customizing already existing PDFs. . Free download of soft Xpansion Perfect PDF Premium 7 2, size 54.22 Mb.

soft Xpansion Perfect PDF Editor soft Xpansion 

Perfect PDF 6 Editor provides a wide range of annotation tools. You can create new comments or modify existing ones, including their design. What’s more, you can also design and create PDF forms, as well as modify existing forms. And of course, you can fill out, print, save and submit PDF forms. You can even digitally sign PDF documents. . Free download of soft Xpansion Perfect PDF Editor, size 45.79 Mb.

Encryptafile 1 5 XenoSystems 

Encryptafile is an application that allows you to encrypt and decrypt text, email, files, folders, drives, and other like data using the latest industry standard strong encryption algorithms. You can also generate digital signatures to ensure no one has tampered with your data. Encryptafile also includes an easy to use password manager that will . Free download of Encryptafile 1 5, size 50.25 Mb.

Iperius Backup 4.1.0 Enter Srl 

Iperius Backup is one of the most flexible and complete software to backup and protect your files and your reserved data. Tape backup software, DAT backup, LTO backup software, NAS backup, RDX drives, USB backup, zip compression, aes 256 bit encryption, online backup, database backup (Oracle, SQL server, MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL), FTP backup, FTP . Free download of Iperius Backup 4.1.0, size 8.79 Mb.

Client/Server Comm Lib for Xbase 6.3 MarshallSoft Computing 

MarshallSoft Xbase++ TCP/IP and UDP/IP sockets client/server component for communication across a network such as the internet or intranet (LAN). CSC4XB uses the Windows API to communicate with other programs across any TCP winsock network.
Features of the CSC4XB library include:
Can be used to create both clients and servers.

Client/Server Comm Lib for C/C++ 6.3 MarshallSoft Computing 

MarshallSoft C++ and .NET client/server component library for TCP/IP and UDP/IP winsock sockets communication across a network such as the internet or intranet (LAN). CSC4C uses the Windows API to communicate with other programs across any TCP winsock network.
Features include:
Can be used to create both clients and servers.

MarshallSoft Delphi AES Library 1.0 MarshallSoft Computing 

The MarshallSoft aes Delphi Library (AES4D) is a toolkit that allows software developers to easily implement strong
encryption and decryption into a Windows Delphi or .NET application.

AES4D is a component (DLL) library that provides an easy interface to to perform encryption and decryption using the 256-bit Rijndael . Free download of MarshallSoft Delphi AES Library 1.0, size 304.09 Kb.

MarshallSoft AES Library for Visual FoxPro 1.0 MarshallSoft Computing 

MarshallSoft aes Library for Visual FoxPro is a reliable programming component designed to assist developers in creating encryption related applications.

The DLL comprised in the package comprises a wide array of functions that are able to implement the aes (Advanced encryption Standard) encryption algorithm inside any application.

MarshallSoft C/C++ AES Library 1.0 MarshallSoft Computing 

The MarshallSoft aes Library for C/C++ (AES4C) is a toolkit that allows software developers to easily implement strong
encryption and decryption into a Windows C/C++, Visual C++, .NET or Visual C# application.

AES4C is a component (DLL) library that provides an easy interface to to perform encryption and decryption using the . Free download of MarshallSoft C/C++ AES Library 1.0, size 450.89 Kb.

AES Crypt 3.08 Packetizer, Inc. 

aes Crypt is designed as an accessible encryption tool that uses the industry standard Advanced encryption Standard (aes) to easily and securely encrypt files.

You do not need to be an expert to use aes Crypt, nor do you do not need to understand cryptography.

Using a powerful 256-bit encryption algorithm, aes Crypt can . Free download of AES Crypt 3.08, size 0 b.

Passwordstate 5.1 Click Studios 

Passwordstate is a web-based solution for secure management of passwords, for both individuals and teams of people. 256bit aes data encryption, code obfuscation and enterprise scalability makes it the Enterprise Password Manager of choice.

Track Shared Password Lists -Track passwords for individuals, or create Shared Password Lists to be . Free download of Passwordstate 5.1, size 12.99 Mb.

AES Encryptor VisualBasicExpert 

aes Encryptor is an simple, user-friendly text file encryption program using the Advanced encryption System (aes).

encryption keys are based on the password that is registered with the program.
aes Encryptor
is written in Visual Basic.

. Free download of AES Encryptor, size 0 b.

Fox Protection 2.1.535 OICsoft Security.Inc 

Fox Protection is an easy to use, friendly interface secure software. With Fox Protection you can lock file, folder and drive, protect your important data and your privacy in seconds. Fox Protection supports the newly adopted aes (US Government's encryption Standard) secret-key encryption algorithm known as Rijndael which uses 128, 192 or 256-bit . Free download of Fox Protection 2.1.535, size 807.40 Kb.

Aes Encryption Web Results

Zip 2 Secure EXE

Utility to convert any ZIP file into a self-extracting executable. Supports AES encryption, can unpack automatically to a temporary directory and run a setup.exe after extraction.


A full-featured ZIP program with SFX and ZIP-64 support. Also supports AES encryption 7-ZIP format and integrated image-viewing.


This ZIP utility supports a huge number of compression formats including 7-ZIP. Also has AES encryption and a skinnable interface.

Tashilon Secure4Net

Implements the new AES encryption algorithm.

Intradyn: Backup and Archiving

Automated backup appliances, provide on-site and off-site disaster recovery backup and scheduled archiving. Network archiving appliance does 256 bit AES encryption before sending off-site.

AES Algorithm (Rijndael) Information

This is NIST's home page for the Rijndael block cipher, now the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). It has links to the specification and source code.

Nickellie Encryption Toolkit

The Nickellie Encryption Toolkit is a data and file encryption library that provides a COM interface to simplify development of Windows and Pocket PC software that requires encryption.